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A smart, funny strategy game for your iPhone. Just in time for the election!
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Game update coming soon

Posted by Chris Law (Creator)

We have been working on an update for you that has a couple of key things in it. Apple says that the update is available so you should be getting notifications soon about it.

Here are the things we added:

Player names on the game board

We had a lot of feedback during Beta that it was difficult to figure out which side you were. We kept playing around with different things like increasing the highlight and visibility on your side, decreasing it on your opponent and even putting a ring around your side. However, none of them really worked as well as we wanted.

This time we went back to the drawing board and just put the player's last names directly underneath the icon. It's much better so far and I'm looking forward to ironing out that rough edge on the game.

Much better win screen

The current win screen is um... bare bones shall we say... and people had similar complaints about not being able to remember who they were let and feeling no sense of accomplishment when they finally did win.

So we beefed this up a lot. Now you can not only get a better sense of who won but also see stats about how much money you earned & spent, how much of the popular vote you got and how many cards you won. 

This should help you understand just what went right for you on your path to victory.

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    1. Paul Wilson

      The win screen looks great. We will see when we win the popular vote but loose the electoral college.