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A smart, funny strategy game for your iPhone. Just in time for the election!
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Cards for Election War Room

Posted by Chris Law (Creator)

Hi All,

I wanted to give you all a quick update on a few things.

Unfortunately, we're a few weeks behind where we wanted to be on the game development so the Beta will come out sometime in September and the game itself will launch in October. This is a bummer but I'd rather hold onto the game longer in order to make sure quality is good than release something early.

I'll be sending out a survey for you to vote on cards next week. There are some cards that we're debating whether or not we should include and I'd love your input.

The goal of the cards is to give the players a choice between the more certain reward of campaigning in a state for a set amount of influence and the chance of a greater reward for more risk. They also give us a chance to add a lot of flavor to the game and help reinforce the theme.

Some cards are more powerful than others and we're toying around with either making powerful cards appear later in the game or toning down the power level and balancing them out.

The list of cards is at the bottom of this post.

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