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A gorgeous Goddess Oracle Deck featuring the channeled paintings of the artist Claudia Olivos.
166 backers pledged $8,345 to help bring this project to life.

They are hereeee!!!!! :)

Posted by Claudia Olivos (Creator)

The decks arrived yesterday, late afternoon!

Welcome to the world Sacred Mothers and Goddesses Oracle Deck!
I sat with them for a long time, the cardboard boxes that is. I could not get myself to open them. At first, I thought I would open them live for you- but when Sergio told me he was too busy in the studio to join me, I knew that Goddess wanted me to do this on my own and I began to prepare a Sacred space and ritual to welcome them!

Here are the boxes when I first saw them.... I was on my way to the kitchen and *yelped* in delight when I saw these at the front door (we have a glass front door).

I Saged and cleansed the boxes and welcomed them home. I sat with them until night time, when I finally pulled out a knife to open a cardboard box. I did it by candlelight... the whole process was so Sacred. 

I made an altar and held Sacred space and then opened the first box.

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It was amazing, frightening and I cried and cried. I am glad I didn't do it live because I caught a spelling error and fell apart from all the emotion.  But, I know that the most important thing is the quality of the images and the cards, booklet and box and they are AMAZING!! The colors are correct, the gold edging turned out very nicely, the cards are thick and sturdy as is the box and the book. I hope you will LOVE them. 

I have tons that I want to say to you, but I also have TONS to do to get these moving your way ASAP ... so I made a couple of videos and will make more soon to share with you.

This is the: "they are here!" video.....

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And here is a more detailed look at the box, deck and guidebook too! Please note: >>it is only ONE spelling error, not two as I say on the video. Openness is spelled correctly, I was wrong- yay! :) but I am rushed to get this out to you and my video editing skills are not speedy...  ;)   This is a longer video thus could not embed, please watch on YouTube:

*so excited* !!!

Loving you,



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    1. AMBER TABACCO aka MoonGypsy on

      Dearest SiStar, Claudia! Namaste and Blessed Be! To say that i am thrilled and excited would be a MAJOR understatement! You have really outdone yourself on every level! Everything is so stellar, i can't begin to express the beautiful inspiration i feel when looking at all the pics and vids. These cards are so filled with Magick...
      i can feel it right through my monitor! Your soul just radiates with the Love of the Goddess--and truly you honor Her. And i feel very privileged to have been a part of this grand Kickstarter campaign. i hope one day we hug in person and share stories of our Goddess filled lives. Blessed Be, dearest SiStar! May your Divine Muse continue to guide your heart and hands. )O(

    2. Joanne Fenton on

      The cards turned out so beautiful and I think they are even more special this way. I love that you shared so much of the creation process with us. It is a part of me already before I even receive it. I cannot help but love it and welcome it with love and gratitude. Thank you Claudia, and sending you much love and blessings.

    3. Missing avatar

      Lillie Collins on

      Your excitement is contagious! Now I'm jumping around and so excited to see this gorgeous deck! They are sooo beautiful! I think of the typos as making this deck even more special. They will be rare! And a reminder that we are all human after all, and nothing is ever perfectly perfect. Thank you for being an amazing channel and being so loving and kind, and opening up and sharing it with us. Glad to hear your finger is no longer in pain, although sorry to hear it is still damaged. Life is what happens, even when we try to make our own plans? LOVE YOU! <3

    4. Judy Baker

      I loved the energy, spirit and love you blessed this deck with. Anxiously awaiting my beautiful decks.

    5. Diana McCormack Mur on

      I am sooo excited! Thank you so much for this truly mystical experience. I can see and feel the Sacred Spiritual energy that you call in and emit to the cards. So much more than cards... anxiously waiting! Going to be watching for the mail everyday until they arrive. Much Love & Many Blessings for you, Claudia,!❤️🙏🌹🦋