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A gorgeous Goddess Oracle Deck featuring the channeled paintings of the artist Claudia Olivos.
166 backers pledged $8,345 to help bring this project to life.

Close to FINISH line!>>LAST CHANCE FOR YOU to please

Posted by Claudia Olivos (Creator)

                  I am SO excited to report that our decks are on their way!!
The expected date of arrival at the studio is sometime the week of October 8! 
As soon as we receive them, we will begin packing them for you! We will work speedily like Christmas elves to get them out to you ASAP! If you are local to the Washington DC area... feel free to come pick up your goodies, would love to see you here!! <3 

LAST CHANCE for you to please:

*Change your address in your account by October 13
Go to your account, click on the blue 'View pledge button' you should see on the right of the screen. You'll get a pop-up with three tabs: Reward, Survey, and Messages. You should be able to edit your survey response from there. (Thanks Megan!)

*If you purchased an Altar box-  You still have time if you want to change your choice Goddess, but please let us know by October 3. 
FOR OLD TIME's SAKE: Below are prototypes of the cards... *getting emotional* Many of you will get one of these which now are 'the history' of these special Limited Edition Artist Run Oracle Cards,  soon to be a commercially run deck by none other than: Blue Angel Publishing (!) and YOU were part of it!!

Also, I want you to be the first to know that I am going to be working on ANOTHER deck! It will be different than this one, but always working with the Sacred Feminine energy that is SO needed in our hearts and in our world. The energy, guidance, love and nurturing from these images that came through of the Sacred Mothers and Goddesses is powerful and I feel so blessed and honored to be able to share this energy with you now also as Oracle Cards- wow! It will be beyond amazing to see other people work their magick with them!  I truly believe that between you and me, we are MAGNIFYING this energy in sharing it out to the world. We do it at a micro level, and sometimes we don't even realize the power of it all, but it is SO alive and I am so very grateful and excited!
Thank you, through this project,  I have not only grown as an artist, but also in my spiritual path. When I started this journey of painting the Goddess 4 years ago, I was a different person than I am today and I thank you, my supporters and collectors-YOU ARE AWESOME!!! 

It will probably take me another 4 years to put together another deck, so no worries, you will be ready for something new by then!  :)  

If you who are receiving a prototype card, please know that they have traveled to the foot of the Andes, the depth of the Pachamama in the Valle del Elqui where the energy of the Sacred Feminine is resonating higher in the Earth than it once did in Tibet. The new force and power has been transmuted to the antipode of Tibet to a mountain town in Chile, still sort of a quietly kept secret' by locals after a report by NASA confirmed that the Earth's magnet was felt there now and not in Tibet. Shamans and others believe Tibet is the Sacred Masculine and in Valle del Elqui it is the Sacred Feminine and the powers have now shifted - BLESSED BE!
Via the Prototypes, all the cards and images of the Goddess have that powerful energy within. I also traveled there with my brushes and collected water for several watercolors . So much to share I think I will start Vlogging in my sleeping YT channel soon.

Sending so much love & Joy,


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    1. Claudia Olivos Creator on

      Thank you Diana and Lillie and EVERYONE else! Especially those who like you, have posted sweet and encouraging notes for me! You have no idea how necessary and appreciated they have been! Thank you my Oracle Deck tribe!!

    2. Claudia Olivos Creator on

      Christine Smith- Noted and thank you and HUGS!

    3. Christine Smith on

      I know I'm a few minutes late. I have agonized over this like it's a world crisis. If it's not too late I would like Hecate on my altar box. If it is too late I'm totally fine with it! I'm a crazy person I'm so excited to receive my package! Blessings to you. I can't wait to see what you do next.

    4. Diana McCormack Mur on

      Dearest Claudia, how exciting ! You must be over the edge with gratitude and heartfelt feelings! I’m very proud of you and amazed by your commitment and work that you have put into this project!
      I do feel like these cards are so much more than ‘cards’ and already feel their energy!☺️
      Thank you for sharing the chronology of these cards travels and blessing from these sacred places.
      Can’t wait! Much Love and many Blessings,

    5. Missing avatar

      Lillie Collins on

      This is wonderful news! Especially at this time of unrest in the US news and the emotional memories surfacing of hurts from long ago, this is a good time for a beautiful Goddess deck to emerge! Yay! And I love hearing about the Valle del Elqui! This energy is so desperately needed and I deeply appreciate hearing of this shift. Thank you Claudia... <3

    6. Missing avatar

      Anna Jean Smith on

      How amazing your journey wth the cards both inner and outward to Pachamama!

    7. Claudia Olivos Creator on

      Thank you for your love and support Tasha and Amber xoxoxoxoxox

    8. Tasha Turner

      Great news. I’ve enjoyed following the cards progress. Blessed be.

    9. AMBER TABACCO aka MoonGypsy on

      Blessed Be, dear Claudia! xoxox
      i am so thrilled to know that before too much longer we will be holding your gorgeous and magickal creations in our grateful hands! You must be soooo excited, too!!! May your Divine Muse continue to guide your heart and hands! Namaste and always Blessed Be!