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This is a game that is way too scary. It will feature at least one scene where a loud noise happens and, like, totally scares you.
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Less Than a Week to Go

Posted by Cameron Kunzelman (Creator)

Thanks to all of you! Please continue to share this thing around with the people you know and love.

A note on the game: all of the core systems are in place. It is just a process of building each screen by hand and then writing the game now, which is nice (that work is more a time issue than a "how can I figure this out?" issue for me). What I am saying is that I'm totally on schedule to have the game released on time and I can't wait until all of you can play it.

Here is a gif of some stuff happening. You can see the greyscale effect that allows you the interact with something as well as the ability to turn the lights on and off that the player will have on some screens. The framerate is a little weird, but that's a GIFcam issue; in actual play the game is SMOOOOOOOTH.

Once again, I extend some superthanks to all of you.


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