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This is a game that is way too scary. It will feature at least one scene where a loud noise happens and, like, totally scares you.
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Posted by Cameron Kunzelman (Creator)

First of, thank you all so much. This kickstarter has gotten so, so much more love than I would ever have imagined and all of you are amazing people. Your amazingness, and therefore your inherent value to me, is matched to the amount of money you have given me!

At some point in the next few days I will put up a new batch of stretch goals. It was difficult to imagine the first few, mostly because what I am concerned with doing here is making a small-scale game and then releasing it for everyone to play in a timely manner. Making too many promises introduces bloat. Bloat takes time to craft. I don't want to push the release date. This means that the number of things that I can add to the game is fundamentally limited by time, so anything else I add to the game in a stretch goal fashion will be sort of minimal.


So there are a couple things that I'm excited about with the kickstarter, one of which I can't really talk about until I hammer out some details. The other, however, IS RIGHT AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST. As you might have seen on the project page, a Ghost Cowboy with Bloody Boots and a Writhing Flesh Horror are characters who/that will appear in the game. I asked Joe Culp, who I previously worked with on Alpaca Run, to draw up some good 1990s-style art that really reflected that period's love of making art that has nothing to do with the game it is depicting. He drew it; I colored it in. A dream team.


It would be great if everyone would share this project through Facebook, Twitter, HAM Radio, Beam Emitter, Electron Microscope, Linkedin, and all of those other social networks soon to be eaten by the great machine (TUMBLR).

Also remember that at the $10 reward level you can get MP3s of the official soundtrack for this game. I've already heard the theme--IT IS WAY TOO SPOOKY FOR ME TO DEAL WITH THERE'S BELLS AND STUFF AAAAH AAAAAH TOO SCARY

Once again, thank you all, and there'll be another update sometime soon!

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