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Help launch Wayne Hare's new series, Civil Conversations, exploring the African American experience and race in the West!
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Civil Conversations - The Movie!

Posted by High Country News (Creator)

Well this is a pretty good way - for me anyway - to start the New Year. Mara Ferris and I (mostly Mara!) finally finished the video about Nicodemus and Civil Conversations. We filmed back in April. Eight months later we're finished! Anyway, it's here and the password is HCN...because nobody would ever guess that.  

We submitted it to HCN this afternoon and have no idea if they’ll accept it as is. They pushed hard for a very short version. Five minutes or less. But as Mara and I moved through this we just decided to produce the best video that we could whether it be 5 minutes or 25 minutes. We ended up with about 11 and a half. Neither of us could figure out a way to tell the story in less time than we allocated. I don’t normally give a sneak preview, but you haven’t received anything for your investment for a long time. So I figured I owed you. One of our goals in producing this is to enter it in some film festivals. If it does well, then we’ll see if we can raise money to create two or three a year. We’ll see. Stay tuned. Also, I’ve also finally submitted my story on the Dixie School District in Marin County CA. Again, we’ll see if HCN accepts it pretty much as is…1,500 words too long. But they’re VERY good words!

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      Heather Larronde on

      I enjoyed that bit of history. Thanks a Wayne! (And Mara!)