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It's movie time!

Posted by High Country News (Creator)

Hi All. Just a quick update. You remember the Kickstarter campaign that you contributed to way back 10 months ago or so? In it we made mention of producing a supporting video or two along the way if we received enough financial support. Thanks to you, we did.  

Last April I traveled back to Nicodemus once again to produce our first video. I went with Mara Ferris. You may recall Mara, Gen 9 Productions, as the producer of the original campaign video. Mara produces videos for non-profits and is an amazing talent. So anyway, the process isn’t fast. But we are finally at the tail end and will have a video ready to go in just a few days. I’m not sure how this works. Just one more thing that I’m new at. It’s not true that you can’t teach a very old dog new tricks, but it does take longer. HCN will have it in their hands in less than a week and they’ll likely publish it in conjunction with the next story - which I am still anticipating being late January. If I can send you a link before that, I will. If not, I’ll let you know when it’s online.  

I think that Mara produced a great product. Especially considering that she had to work with me. To say that I am not photogenic is an understatement. (I’m grateful for trick photography.) Anyway, we’re thinking that we’ll submit it to a film festival or two and if it does well, which I expect it will, we think we’ll have a good platform to launch another campaign so that we can continue producing videos. I’m pretty hopeful, but we’ll see.

I hope your holiday season is fun and peaceful….and includes an abundance of spiked eggnog!

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