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Brilliantly researched guideline gems and examples about specific and far-too-common ballot design problems.
321 backers pledged $20,761 to help bring this project to life.

Read now: How cool would it be to have a scholarship named for you?

Dear All, 

  Because you're the kind of people you are, I know you value good design. And now because you've backed the Field Guides to Ensuring Voter Intent, you know that design literacy is important. 

  There are about 150,000 job openings for designers in the US right now. That's why my friends Leslie Jensen-Inman and Jared Spool are starting a new kind of design school. They're in their last day of their own Kickstarter to raise funds to develop the school's curriculum.

 They have actually crushed their funding goal. But their stretch goals are amazing. In fact, how great would it be to have a scholarship at the Unicorn Institute named after YOU? Please back this project: Do it before 5pm US Eastern Standard Time on Saturday, February 22 and go down in design history. 

I think this is the most important thing to happen in design in a very long time. You'll want to be a part of it. 



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    1. Dana Chisnell Creator on

      Fair enough, Jeff. I can see your position. Thanks for commenting.


    2. Jeff French on

      Hi Dana,
      I do value design literacy, and was excited to back your project. I also am interested in seeing what Jared and Leslie are doing with the Unicorn Institute. That said, the cross promotion here, doesn't feel appropriate. The tie between your project and theirs is too loose, and while the relevance might be higher than most, I feel uncomfortable with projects I support treating this platform as a personal mailing list. Not sure whether I'm the minority with this opinion, but figured I may as well express it.