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Brilliantly researched guideline gems and examples about specific and far-too-common ballot design problems.
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PDFs available for Vol. 05 - 08!

Posted by Dana Chisnell (Creator)

I'd say that making four new Field Guides has been like delivering quadruplets, but a) I have never had 1 kid let alone multiples at one time, and b) it actually took a lot longer than human gestation normally takes. It also took more people. 

Starting in May 2012, with your backing and support from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Field Guides team did some of the most important research in elections when we went out to look at voter education materials, county election websites, wayfinding in polling places, and strategies for communicating with voters across channels. 

The Field Guides team started out as Dana Chisnell, Whitney Quesenbery, and Drew Davies. But it very quickly grew. Cyd Harrell and Ethan Newby were the main brains behind the county election website research. And we had a phenomenal research assistant / intern in Andrea Fineman. I also want to thank Sandy Olson for helping us recruit and schedule participants and coordinate with moderators. 

But that's not all. Turns out that not only can you crowdsource funding for a project, you can crowdsource the research, too. Ever done a project where there were 30 co-researchers? We did, and it was fantastic. Thank you all for all the help! (There's a list of the people who we know contributed at the bottom of this update. If you helped us out and your name isn't included, write to right away and I'll add you!) 

Here are the new titles, linked the the PDFs for your downloading pleasure: 

Vol. 05. Choosing how to communicate with voters

Vol. 06. Designing voter education booklets and flyers

Vol. 07. Designing election department websites

Vol. 08. Guiding voters through the polling place

I hope you like them. They go to press Friday, June 21, 2013. People who got a boxed set as their reward will get printed copies of these shipped to them. 

By the way, remember when President Obama mentioned long lines at the polls in his victory speech and said, "We need to fix that!"? Well, by executive order, he formed the Presidential Commission on Election Administration to do just that. The first public meeting of the commission is on June 21, 2013 in Washington, DC. All of the commissioners and the chairs will have copies of all of the Field Guides. Seriously, excellently, deliciously, AWESOME. 

Thank you, generous backers! Keep up the good work.

Dana Chisnell

And huge THANK YOU to our wonderful co-researchers: 

• Jacqui Adams • Kate Aurigemma • Karen Bachmann • Josh Bright • Alessandra Brophy • Sara Cambridge • Kamaria Campbell • Krysta Chauncey • Donald A. Cox • Jenn Downs • Andrea Fineman • Rachel Goddard • Jenny Greeve • Boaz Gurdin • Doug Hanke • Kristen Johansen • Josh Keyes • Samantha LeVan • Erin Liman • Beth Lingard • Karen McGrane • Michelle Milla • Andrea Moed • Rosa Moran • Yelena Nakhimovsky • Ashley Pearlman • Beth Pickard • Whitney Quesenbery • Josie Scott • Paul Schreiber • Rebecca Sherrill • Callie Wheeler


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