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New rooftop farm education programs teach urban kids where their food comes from and why it matters.
233 backers pledged $16,088 to help bring this project to life.

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Thank you!

Posted by City Growers (Creator)

Dear Friends,

THANK YOU to each and every one of you for donating to City Growers' project, Growing A Greener City.  We are so thankful for your support.  Thanks to the commitment of 233 backers, together we've raised $16,088 in 30 days to create three new, long term programs at Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm for 360 kids to participate in free of charge!

The last students of 2013 will visit the farms next week. While we are sad to say goodbye to an amazingly productive and fulfilling growing season, we are looking ahead to next season with excitement.  The new programs that we've banded together to fund will deepen our impact on the kids that participate in them. 

We will be documenting the launch of our new programs - Honey Bee Education, Rainbow On Your Plate, and Growing Urban Farmers - in our monthly newsletter next year.  If you'd like to see how your donation is put to use, join our mailing list!  We would love to stay in touch and share our work with you.  

Again, thank you so much for your support.  Kickstarter has been an incredible experience and we are inspired by the encouragement we've received from each of you. We are endlessly grateful for this opportunity.  

In solidarity,

Cara & Nicki

We did it!

Posted by City Growers (Creator)

Dear friends,

Today was a very good day.  Thanks to your generous support, we are THRILLED to announce that we've reached our Kickstarter goal with 3 days to go!  We are brimming with gratitude.  Thinking about the 360 kids that will be able to spend next summer on the farms planting seeds, harvesting fresh vegetables, cooking healthy meals, getting their hands dirty, and becoming bee experts warms our hearts... we can't stop smiling!!!

Since a percentage of funds raised from our campaign goes toward Kickstarter's administrative costs to support the amazing work they do, let's keep up the fundraising momentum! Every additional dollar that we raise to cover these costs will bring even more kids to the farms.  So please continue to share our campaign with your networks during these last 3 days!  

Humbled and incredibly hankful,

Cara & Nicki

p.s. Check out Cara's article on Huffington Post yesterday!

One week left!

Posted by City Growers (Creator)

Hi friends!  Thank you to everyone for pledging and sharing our campaign!  We are inspired and energized your generosity and belief in what we do.  Here's what we've been up to since our update last week:

Busy bees from PS 85Q
Busy bees from PS 85Q

A class of first graders from Queens were delighted to discover, upon pulling carrots from the ground, that they can be purple and yellow and white, in addition to orange!  

High school students from Brooklyn enjoyed harvesting and munching on purple peppers from the learning bed.  Their teacher was pleasantly surprised to see them sampling vegetables that are absent from their typical diets, and now wants to pursue a school garden to encourage healthy eating. 

One student described the farm as the most peaceful place in New York City.  We agree! 

Harvesting carrots
Harvesting carrots

Thank you for helping us utilize these amazing spaces to teach kids about food and nature.  Together, we've raised 78% of our Kickstarter goal with one week left.  Please continue to share our campaign with anyone who may be interested in our work!  

With gratitude,

Cara & Nicki

I like the worms because they wiggle for me
I like the worms because they wiggle for me

Halfway there!

Posted by City Growers (Creator)

Greetings from City Growers! We’re moving closer to our goal thanks to your generous pledges, and are so grateful for your support! We have been very busy since we launched our campaign on September 26. Here are some updates from the farms: 

916 students have visited the farms in the past 3 weeks! 

66% of these students participated in our programs free of charge 

Students have been saving sunflower and tomato seeds (that some of you will be receiving this winter!) to plant next year. 

Lemon sorrel continues to be the MVP in the learning bed, prompting the following quotes: 

“I like eating leaves now!” -Kindergartner from Queens 

“I think they call it lemon swirl because it’s lemony and the leaves kind of swirl around.” -2nd grader from Brooklyn 

“I wish I could eat this every day.” -6th grader from Queens 

We’re halfway to reaching our goal of raising $15,000, and if the momentum continues, we’ll be sure to see these exciting new programs come to fruition next summer! There are only 14 days left, so please share this link with anyone who might be interested in supporting these programs for inner-city youth in New York City. Together, we can make this happen!

Peas & Love, 

Cara & Nicki