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Wear You Live is a civic-minded design and apparel line focused on creating unique ways for anyone to talk about their city.
Wear You Live is a civic-minded design and apparel line focused on creating unique ways for anyone to talk about their city.
919 backers pledged $36,176 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Denise Lum on November 26, 2011

      Hi CityFabric, I have not yet received my (5) tees/totes. Do you know if they are on the way? Just want to make sure they didn't get lost in the mail. Thanks!

      P.S. Congrats on the online launch!

    2. Missing avatar

      Amy Finlayson on November 23, 2011

      Awesome!!!!!!! I'm happy again!!!!! :)

    3. CityFabric 2-time creator on November 21, 2011

      Hi Amy,

      Your shirts are in the mail! We had a few $45 packages that were held up but they are now happily on their way. Thanks again for your support!!

    4. Missing avatar

      Amy Finlayson on November 21, 2011

      I have also not received my (2) shirts yet..... is there someone I can contact? I

    5. Ethan S. on November 14, 2011

      I haven't gotten my shirt yet (I'm in Texas). Who should I contact, or are there tracking numbers?

    6. Missing avatar

      deleted on October 26, 2011

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    7. Missing avatar

      cazuma on October 8, 2011

      I'll be going to San Diego for ASLA and will be keeping an eye out for you guys. Congratulations on the award!

    8. Marie Fornaro on September 8, 2011

      whoa I just watched your video for the first time and it was AWESOME. I'm so stoked for you!!!!!!!! P.S. When can I come be your new director of merchandising and apparel?

    9. Missing avatar

      Kate S on September 7, 2011

      Can't wait to see the posters!!

      Any plans for adding international cities?

    10. Kristen I Schuldt on August 30, 2011

      SO excited for this project!!!!

    11. CityFabric 2-time creator on August 30, 2011

      Hey guys! Thanks for keeping me on my toes.... but no new city today. Keeping things transparent, there are 2 reasons....
      1. Being the last day, it would not really make sense to announce a new city (more will come soon though!)
      2. I did not plan on making up $2500 over the last 3 days and have already begun the manufacturing process.
      3. Because of the awesome support and success, we WILL be able to add new (post-Kickstarter) cities down the line....
      4. You can sign up for our newsletter on to receive updates!

      Thanks again for your continued interest and support! Its means a whole lot.

    12. Eric Damon Walters
      on August 30, 2011

      I'll throw another Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul) vote in. :)

    13. Benjamin Royer on August 29, 2011

      hey hey hey, over $32,000 now - are you adding another city for passing the mark?

    14. CityFabric 2-time creator on August 29, 2011

      Thanks again to everyone for all the support! With 1 day left and almost 31K we could not be happier right now..... and in answer to many of your comments, MANY MANY more cities are planned to roll out over the next year.

    15. Kenneth Melich on August 19, 2011

      Glad this project is being funded so well. Can we get PORTLAND up in here please?!

    16. Jeffrey Johnson on August 19, 2011

      BTW. Well done so far! > 2x the target goal :)

      Really looking forward to the print!

    17. Manuel Monserrate on August 19, 2011

      Looks like Minneapolis needs to pony up some dough.. 11 days to go, plenty of time to make it!

    18. Benjamin Royer on August 19, 2011

      WHAT CITY?!?!?!? : )

    19. Benjamin Royer on August 18, 2011

      Very cool! Looks like another city is getting closer - Yay!!!

    20. Deborah Spiesz
      on August 15, 2011

      This is an awesome idea! I would love to have a Minneapolis.

    21. Jessica McCann on August 14, 2011

      I would like to cast my vote for Nashville as the next city :) Us Nashvillians love our city! Hook us up!

    22. Missing avatar

      Maarten Broekman on August 11, 2011

      Ignore my question about the prototypes. I was looking at the wrong Flickr stream.

    23. Missing avatar

      Maarten Broekman on August 11, 2011

      Do you guys have prototypes of all the cities listed? I was looking for Boston, but didn't see any. Also, if you're open to European cities, how about Amsterdam?

    24. Missing avatar

      Julien Challet on August 11, 2011

      why not Paris or over european city ?

    25. Missing avatar

      Andre Bach on August 11, 2011

      Here's a vote for Detroit to be added!

    26. CityFabric 2-time creator on August 9, 2011

      Jeffrey, once our project is complete on Aug. 31 we will send out a survey through Kickstarter for you to fill out your city and size!

    27. CityFabric 2-time creator on August 9, 2011


      You got it. Up your pledge by $25 and shoot me a follow up email so its documented.

      Thanks so much!

    28. Jeffrey Johnson on August 9, 2011

      I backed the print. When do I choose the city?

    29. Benjamin Royer on August 9, 2011

      Greetings!!! I would like to up my pledge to get an extra t-shirt, is that possible. Right now I have the t-shirt and tote & I really want to add another t-shirt. Do I just add $25 extra to my existing pledge?
      Hey - and THANKS for the exciting project! I live in the San Francisco bay area & I used to live in Minneapolis too - I see you are getting badgered by the lot there- >:~)

    30. Missing avatar

      Tom Higgins on August 9, 2011

      Pittsburgh's in... I'm in.

      Congrats Matt!

    31. Ariel Nereson on August 8, 2011

      Okay, just backed you with Pittsburgh! Now, let's see Minneapolis!! (I promise I'll back you again, and send you a bunch of new backers as well from the City of Lakes!)

    32. CityFabric 2-time creator on August 7, 2011

      Thanks Bobbi, we really appreciate it!

      Check back early next week for some exciting project updates!

    33. Missing avatar

      Bobbi Cass on August 7, 2011

      Congratulations Matt & Company. You deserve to have been funded. Onward & upward!!! Now, try to add Pittsburgh if you can.....

    34. Missing avatar

      James McPike on August 5, 2011

      You should add Detroit.

    35. CityFabric 2-time creator on August 4, 2011

      Thanks for all the comment love! Seems like i need to get on the ball with the Twin Cities!

    36. Beth on August 4, 2011

      Congrats! How about Louisville KY?

    37. Manuel Monserrate on August 4, 2011

      Congrats Matt! Great to see you guys were able to blow away your existing goal!

    38. Brian Fosse on August 4, 2011

      Yay - Atlanta is on the list! Can't wait to see the ATL design.

    39. Missing avatar

      Noah Bratzel on August 4, 2011

      Add another vote for the Twin Cities

    40. Lane Phillips on August 3, 2011

      Here is my vote for Minneapolis/St. Paul.

    41. Missing avatar

      Adam Harries on August 3, 2011

      Would it be possible to do one for London, England?

    42. Rachel Om on August 3, 2011

      Please get Long Beach, CA!! :)

    43. Zack Davenport on August 3, 2011

      HUGE thanks to everyone that has helped! This is just amazing to see us at 114% with still 27 days to go!

      Off to have a beer to celebrate!

      —Zack (The CityFabric Intern)

    44. Denise Lum on August 3, 2011

      Congrats! This is an awesome project. Can't wait to get my 5 totes/tees! :)

    45. Nick King on August 3, 2011

      So happy this got funded!! I'd love to see a Minneapolis added to the list :)
      Great Idea guys, Congratulations!

    46. Heather Smith on August 3, 2011

      My first Kickstarter Backing! These are fantastic, nicely done! Can't wait to sport my Seattle Tote in the fall!

    47. CityFabric 2-time creator on August 3, 2011

      Thanks everyone!! We achieved our funding in less than an hour after our feature! We are planning to release more cities soon and keep the funding going!!!

      NOLA and B-MORE are definitely on the list.... and non-blue tees will be available (black with white ink and grey with black)

      Thanks to everyone for their support!!!!! We could not do it without you!

    48. Jared Montz on August 3, 2011

      Saw this in the Kickstarter e-Newsletter and immediately decided to back it! Great idea and I hope it is very successful for you! It appears you will raise way more then your goal, congrats! I am assuming we give you our shirt size and city choice after the project gets funded?

      I am getting Chicago but please let me know when New Orleans gets T'd!! Thanks!

    49. Missing avatar

      Amy Hathaway on August 3, 2011

      am I seeing this right? Have we already passed the $13K mark?

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