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Walk [Your City]'s video poster

An open-sourced "guerrilla wayfinding" project focused on helping anyone create safe and healthy walkable environments. Read more

Raleigh, NC Public Art
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This project was successfully funded on April 29, 2012.

An open-sourced "guerrilla wayfinding" project focused on helping anyone create safe and healthy walkable environments.

Raleigh, NC Public Art
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About this project

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Update: We hit $10K which means multiple languages!

Funded in 8 Days... Let's keep it going!               New Goal - $10K & 600 Backers to build a community

Walk [Your City] - The Facts

What? An open-sourced online resource for anyone to auto-magically create their own guerrilla wayfinding sign to export, print and install. (We hope to add community feedback/dialogue to the platform if there is strong enough support) 

Why? Walk Raleigh, our initial guerrilla (unsanctioned & self initiated) wayfinding project, has resonated with so many people, both home and away (even the BBC came to town!), we had to make it accessible for more and more people. It has even been adopted as a pilot educational program in Raleigh, N.C. Wait, whats guerrilla or tactical urbanism anyways?  

Why Open-sourced? We believe this should be a basic resource for any urban interventionist, municipality, citizen or organization passionate about making walking a safer, sociable and healthier way to get around the community. 

How? By using existing digital resources and the newly released "google maps" walk tool, we will develop a simple point and click sign-making experience for even the most novice of computer-user. Anyone will be able to auto-magically download their own sign. 

When you say City, you mean? We mean cities old and new, rural and urban. I grew up in a city of 13,000 people and now live in a city of 400,000 - funny enough, they are both dealing with very similar growth/development issues that focus on walkability around town.   

Did we Ask for Permission?No, we asked for forgiveness, but we suggest you get in touch with the city. It should be noted that we did offer to take down the signs at any point for any reason. Because we used zip-ties to hang the signs, absolutely no damage was incurred to the city street poles. 

Who? Matt Tomasulo of CityFabric is a designer, urban planner, civic instigator and active community member. He launched CityFabric last summer via a successful Kickstarter project titled Wear You Live. The Walk Raleigh project was the first step in closing the civic and social engagement loop of CityFabric's "civic-minded products fueling civic-minded projects" mission.  

The Walk [Your City] Signs

The Sign Components

  • Minutes by Foot - Calculated using google maps "walk" tool, currently in Beta. (The average walking time used is 20 minutes per mile)
  • Destination - Public/Open Space, Commercial Area, Civic Landmark or Amusement 
  • QR Code - links to pre-curated route on google maps when scanned with a smartphone. 
  • Directional Arrow - "leading the way"
  • Color - Based on the type of destination use (i.e. Open Space = Green)  

Walk Raleigh Timeline & Press

  • Jan 18 - Installation
  • Jan 19 - Contact by City (Bike/Ped Commission) 
  • February 6 - Featured on The Atlantic Cities
  • February 10 - Featured on local news - WRAL
  • February 21 - The BBC Video launches (most watched BBC video in the US that day and top 3 over the weekend)
  • February 22 - Local press New Raleigh and the News & Observer
  • The Atlantic, Scientific America and Sierra Club feature updates and new articles
  • February 23 - Signs come down "deemed illegal" - Featured Scientific America, The Sierra Club and the N & O 
  • February 27 - The Atlantic feature follow up
  • February 26 - City staff works to get Walk Raleigh on Council Agenda
  • March 3 - Launch digital petition to restore Walk Raleigh signs
  • March 5 - Collect 1255 signatures in 3 days to reinstall signs. 
  • March 6 - Walk Raleigh "Guerrilla Wayfinding" on The Urban Times
  • March 6 - Raleigh City Council unanimously approves Walk Raleigh as an "Educational Pilot Program for the City
  • March 16 - Chattanooga adopts the signs to install mid-April 
  • March 25 - N & O "Tarheel of the Week" - Tomasulo's Bio
  • March 28 - Matt Launches Walk [Your City] @ CityShare in Chattanooga

WALK [YOUR CITY]Cityfabric Limited Edition Tee** (Currently 15 Cities Available - see site for cities)

**We will also offer non-city BLANK Tees with the WALK [YOUR CITY] print for anyone that does not want a tee!

Get just the tee for $45 pledge

Get both the Tee & Journal for $60 pledge

Why Walking You Ask? 

Because everyone is a pedestrian! 

It is our belief that everyone should have the choice to be a pedestrian in their community. Walking is not scary, but in some cities and places it can seem that way. Beyond the obvious personal health benefits, with more and more pedestrians on the street, the healthier our places become socially, economically and environmentally. 

But with the benefits of walking obvious, why aren't our city's sidewalks filled with people? 

Well, one of the greatest obstacles to pedestrian friendly communities is actually public perception, and the visibility of walking as an alternative means of transportation.  So, through this project, we'd like to kickstart the conversation and help anyone make signs to share how many minutes by foot it is to navigate their block, neighborhood or city...

Why Raleigh Is Our Testing Ground? 

Raleigh, like many growing metropolitan areas, is dealing with more and more people moving to town. (Raleigh doubled in size from 1990-2010 census) When cities grow this fast, they deal with a lot more people living a lot closer together. 

Walk Your City is about encouraging healthier communities in transitioning cities by simply changing the perception. The more people are on the sidewalks, the safer and pedestrian friendly our urban landscapes become 

It is also our hometown!   

See You On the Sidewalk! 


Special Thanks:

with Walk Raleigh Development & Design 

  • Nicole Alvarez
  • Darryl Jones 

with Walk [Your City] Video & Site Development 

  • Scott Heath


  • We added the Journal option on April 13 and could not change the writing under the $45 level. If you would like a Journal and Tee, you can pledge at the $60 level!

    Last updated:
  • Our values are in line with the "open source way" (exchange, participation, rapid-prototyping, meritocracy & community). The project will be accessible and adaptable for anyone to use. We do not currently plan on the site being an open coding platform, but are not ruling it out.

    Last updated:
  • Not a problem! BLANK tees with text are available! We are offering the "WALK YOUR CITY" yellow print tee on the same smoke colored blank tees.

    Last updated:
  • The money is going directly to the building of the online platform; coding, designing and executing. Despite how simple the idea is, there are a lot of working parts to make it all come together smoothly.

    As Mark Twain once wrote "I would have written you a shorter letter if I had more time"

    Last updated:
  • We added the $25 reward later in the program and could not change the text for the $45 reward. Just to clarify, as we do in both the $25 and $60 reward levels, the $45 reward level is only a tee shirt and the $60 reward level is a tee shirt and journal.

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    CIVIC-MINDED HIGH FIVE /// Its like buying us a beer, but we are putting it to work! You will be listed as one of our incredible backers on the site.

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    "PLACES ARE FOR PEOPLE" Stickers /// (2) Walk [Your City] stickers, staking a claim for pedestrian safety and well-being. (meant to share with a friend!) + listed on our site as an incredible backer.

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    WALK YOUR CITY "Walking Journal" by Bound Custom Journals and Stickies. Capture your walking journeys in this Kickstarter limited edition back-pocket journal. (Get the JOURNAL and the TEE for $60 below - Add 15 for Int'l Shipping)

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    Limited Edition WALK YOUR CITY, Authentic Plastic Sign /// (just how we made the original) Pedestrian pride turned wall art! + some stickies! (Add $20 for Int'l Shipping)

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    PAY IT FORWARD /// All the above - You are really helping us make this happen!

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    CIVIC ADOPTION /// A city wants to make their own network of signs & become a civic sponsor. Suggested starting pledge level if your city plans to make their own signs through our online template. (does not include printing) + a bunch of stickers!

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    CIVIC VISITATION /// A 1-Day Workshop and strategy session with me (Matt!) to design, produce and implement the Walk [Your City] project in your city. (Includes an initial 50 printed signs) + a bunch of stickers!

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