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A magazine for the scientist in all of us.
A magazine for the scientist in all of us.
261 backers pledged $8,174 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Citizen Science 3-time creator on

      Hi Jean-Michael, Your "loot" was shipped again after you verified your address on July 15. I'll ship another package on the morrow. I'm afraid USPS doesn't do international tracking and UPS/Fedex both charge 100+. So if this next one doesn't arrive, just let me know and I'll refund your pledge

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      Jean-Michel Moreau on

      I still have not received anything from CSQ. Can someone please contact me regarding this. I would like either a shipping confirmation or a refund....

    3. Missing avatar

      Jean-Michel Moreau on

      I have not received my loot from CSQ. Can some editor verify my address & account and let me know if my CSQ & T were mailed out?

    4. Missing avatar

      Rusty Gray on

      I am a bit jealous as I have not received my copy yet.

      Can I get a verification of my mailing address from one of the editors?

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      David Ehnebuske on

      It came in the mail! It's awesome. I've already read it all the way through. Nice mix of project descriptions, thoughtful commentary, and useful information leavened with a pinch of whimsy.

      Congratulations on a terrific start.


    6. Missing avatar

      Derwood Brent Harlow on

      Wow Nice Job Jacob and everyone.
      I just got the news that the quarterly was printed!
      Congratulations and maybe I will meet the deadline for the next issue of The Citizens Science Quarterly.
      I can't wait to see it in my hands.
      I hoped someone would do what you guys have done.

    7. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      Re: Quick Update: halfway to print

      Hey, great to hear that the first issue is almost to print. About the mascot though, I like the steampunk feel to it, but i don't like the owl. It reminds me too much of secret societies and stuff, and kinda weirds me out. Plus, the owl doesn't remind me of anything to do with science.

    8. Dinyar Rabady on

      Great idea! Btw, CMS ftw! :D

    9. Tony on

      I'm thrilled to support CSQ. I am all about Science and the pursuit of knowledge. I hope everything goes well for you, and I cannot wait to read the first issue.

    10. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    11. Citizen Science 3-time creator on

      @Bradley, I'd hold off on the claims of sexism. Anyone can write for the CSQ, those listed are just who agreed to write before the kickstarter began. If anyone wants to join the team, they just have to go to the following link:

      @Edgar: Thanks for the links. Hadn't heard of the first two but a long time fan of United Nuclear.

      @Jean-Michel:Thanks for contributing! When the kickstarter ends on Jan 2, you'll receive a form to fill in your shirt size and shipping address.

    12. Bradley on

      This is cool, but not a single woman among your 8 scientists? I just can't support that. Let's join the 21st century, dudes.

    13. Edgar Rolando Antunes Livramento Castelo on

      You guys could get a lot of material for your Magazine's experiments from these 3:

    14. Missing avatar

      Jean-Michel Moreau on

      So I just became a contributor. However I would like international shipping how do I give this information to the publishing group?

    15. Citizen Science 3-time creator on

      Peter, I've looked at magcloud before but decided against it since it's far too expensive and they don't support custom sizes.

      Bill, Thanks for the advice. I'll be sure to get in touch with the people involved with those magazines and see what we should do to avoid their fate. And no worries there, I ll pay to do this :D

      June, Thanks! As a full time student myself I know how sparse money is. When the kickstarter ends, it will allow us to ask the backers things like address and shirt size. And I look forward to your articles. Also the magazine is going to feature a healthy amount of art so feel free to submit artwork as well.

    16. June on

      I am a 'Backer!' I couldn't contribute more as I am full time student however I couldn't resist the t-shirt but it had to stop there. I am hoping the t-shirt is in Medium/small (as you didn't ask) and has the brilliant artwork that is on your front page. If I can contribute articles I will as I write quite well and have an art/design/medical background.
      Best wishes to you all for this potentially great work. :)))

    17. Bill Beaty on

      Wonderful idea! But it's critically important to do your research first: look what happened to "Science Probe" magazine. Why did SciAm's The Amateur Scientist fail? Figure out their major error(s), and avoid them.

      What were they? Your opinion will probably be different than mine. I see only one huge flaw: CL Stong loved science. Really loved it. Would have kept going without any pay or recognition. Nobody after him displayed this behavior, and that makes all the difference. The "ama" in "amateur" is critically important when you're not writing for a professional science audience. Don't do it for accolades, or for gaining community recognition for appearing all Scientifical. Stong's column was a "newsletter for unabashed science lovers," and there you have a known recipe for success.

      - Bill Beaty,

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      Peter Baumbach on

      Did you consider Mag Cloud? It is 20 cents per page, so it may be more expensive than your method. But it might be good for bootstrapping into your larger quantities later. Mag Cloud also has an iPad app.

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      Forrest M. Mims III on

      Great idea and very nice video. Some points to ponder:
      1. Who are you?
      2. Why not publish online instead of solely in print? The potential audience size is far greater.
      3. For the publication to be taken seriously, good editing is a must.
      4. Will this publication be devoted to real science? Or will it be mainly about science demonstrations? There's a big difference. I cover this in "Country Scientist," my column in MAKE magazine.
      5. It would be good to link to and even mirror THE CITIZEN SCIENTIST (, which I edited for 6.5 years until it ceased publication after June 2010. We published a huge amount of amateur science material by people with real names. No anonymous stuff at all.
      Forrest M. Mims III

    20. Citizen Science 3-time creator on

      Nick, I do apologize for my grammatical errors. I must admit, the details of grammar never were my strong suit. Though I do understand their purpose in literature. Could I perhaps offer you a position as copy editor?

      I can guarantee that more detail will be shown to the print magazine. Mainly because everything will pass by a friend of mine, Carolina (Bachelor of Journalism), who does this type of thing for a living.

    21. Nick Mailer on

      I notice a number of grammatical errors in your proposal, genitive abuses and so forth. This normally would be of little consequence, but when they litter an appeal for a literate organ, they become more serious. I trust the magazine, unlike the proposal therefor, will be properly subbed and will uphold professional standards of literacy? Exuberant but incoherent blog postings are a dime a dozen; a science magazine rightly demands a less cavalier attention to detail.

    22. David Shane on

      Sounds like a great idea. Scientific American used to have a section of their magazine dedicated to this sort of thing, but they gave that up long ago.

    23. Citizen Science 3-time creator on

      @mac: Sure thing.
      Roughly $1500 to print 1000* copies of a 32 page magazine(waiting on a quote for 54 pages).
      $150 for a label printer that can thermally print stamps and labels, addressing by hand and licking stamps isn't really feasible if you have to do 1000, thats probably optimistic but not unfeasible.
      $50 for the actual label cartdriges
      $250 for postage (this is a very rough estimate)
      $250 will go to kickstarter/amazon fees,
      $300 for the actual cost of the prizes(shirts, badges)

      *you may ask why 1k and not 250, wont it be cheaper? oddly enough, it isn't. The difference in printing 1000 and 250 is only $200.

      Note: we are looking at ways to lower costs even further and in the event we are successful, any surplus will simply be carried over to cover the cost of the next issue.

    24. Mac Cowell on

      Could you elaborate a bit more on what the initial $2500 is needed for?

    25. Eri Gentry on

      Good luck! I look forward to sharing issues with BioCurious :)

    26. Citizen Science 3-time creator on

      Yep. Specifically a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.

    27. Mike Linksvayer on

      Will the magazine be under an open license?