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Share the Lovecraft with your little monsters by coloring Cthulhu, Hastur, H.P. and more in this creepy and cuddly coloring book.
Share the Lovecraft with your little monsters by coloring Cthulhu, Hastur, H.P. and more in this creepy and cuddly coloring book.
Share the Lovecraft with your little monsters by coloring Cthulhu, Hastur, H.P. and more in this creepy and cuddly coloring book.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Sarah Mullen on

      Hi,sorry to be a bit of a pest, but I lost the coloring book pdf I received for backing the project.I tried to go back in the emails to click the link, but they all give me a 404. Is there any way I can get a working link/file?

    2. Missing avatar


      Hi, I know this is rather late but I never received my package and Canada post says that they have no record of it. It might have been left at the door to my apartment building and taken or deemed non deliverable and returned to you. Would you have a record of this?

    3. Jason Ciaramella & Greg Murphy 6-time creator on

      Also, for our international backers, it's always a good idea to check with your local post offices if it's been a while and you haven't received your pledges. In Mictlan's case, his local PO was holding on to his package (and they don't always notify you about it... which is silly.)

    4. Jason Ciaramella & Greg Murphy 6-time creator on

      Hey, Benjamin Richhart, your package wasn't shipped because we didn't have your survey/ shipping information. We've sent several requests for that info to you... perhaps you stopped checking that email account? Regardless, please shoot us a message with that info and we can get you your pledge rewards.

    5. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Richhart on

      Hey, I haven't received my order yet. I was just wandering when I'll be getting it.

    6. Mictlan

      Hello, I live in Mexico and haven't recieved any notice for either a copy of the coloring book or the black plush. My other two are eagerly awaiting for their brother :D

    7. Jason Ciaramella & Greg Murphy 6-time creator on

      RIP, we've sent you an email directly addressing your concerns. We're very sorry the cost of the Giant plush is more than you anticipated. Unfortunately, it reflects the true cost of the production and delivery.

    8. Rip Odebralski on

      Yeah, this is what I was trying to avoid. The email just came out for the large Cthulhu, I just missed it in the campaign and have been trying to purchase it ever since, but you kept telling me to wait, I tried to add it through pledge manager, if you remember, and that wasn't working. Now it's twice as much plus. Not interested if this is how you plan on doing business. Really not cool.

    9. Ricardo on

      Hi... just received my book :) and i was pleasant surprised with the stickers...

    10. Jason Ciaramella & Greg Murphy 6-time creator on

      Aneley, your book has shipped. I DMed you more details and tracking. Roger, we're communicating with Giant Plush backers via email. Getting it to backers in time for Xmas is certainly what we're working toward.

    11. Missing avatar

      Aneley on

      Hi, I pledged for a Coloring Book, I'm in Argentina, and I'n not sure if I should have received it yet or not... I can't find the place to check my shipping informacion but I haven't moved so it should be ok... I just want to know about shipping times since our customs here is a bit of a mess and I want to keep an eye out for it... Thank you!

    12. Missing avatar

      RogerRabbit on

      What's the word on the giant plush. When will we get an invoice for those. Would love to have it in time for Christmas

    13. Jason Ciaramella & Greg Murphy 6-time creator on

      Alistair, as of earlier this week, everything has been shipped except for the Giant Plush toys. I would expect your package to arrive soon, as we're starting to hear from our European and other international customers that they're pledges are arriving. Thanks for your patience!

    14. Alistair Burney on

      Hi based in UK and not received yet. Any idea on time line for delivery?

    15. Missing avatar

      Mr Jefferson on

      Got my books and Plushie here in Australia today.
      These are great, thanks :)

    16. Jason Ciaramella & Greg Murphy 6-time creator on

      Alejandro, 95% off all books have now been shipped. There are about 29 European orders and the Giant Plush Toys that still need to be shipped. Your books should be on its way.

    17. Missing avatar

      Alejandro Puchau on

      Hi! I thought the books for Europe had been sent already, but I haven't received mine :-(

      Any news on this?

    18. Andrew Fachau

      There's a song about it, just be grateful you can't hear me sing it... I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it... etc...

      I'll go now...

    19. Jason Ciaramella & Greg Murphy 6-time creator on

      Anthony - You're very welcome!

      Jason - All US Coloring Books have been shipped. All international books will be shipped by the end of next week!

      Roger - All plush toys except the GIANT C IS FOR CTHULHU PLUSH toys will be shipped by the end of next week. The Giant Plush toys are due to arrive in the US in early November, and will be promptly shipped out as soon as possible after arrival.

    20. Missing avatar

      RogerRabbit on

      I'm sorry if this has been asked and answered but are we still looking at October for the great old ones

    21. Missing avatar

      Anthony J. Fennell

      Thanks again for a wonderful product!

    22. Missing avatar

      Jason Saphara on

      I'm in the states and haven't received my coloring book yet--have all the states' books shipped yet?

    23. Jason Ciaramella & Greg Murphy 6-time creator on

      Tiff, it definitely will. It's coming!

    24. Tiff

      I's still waiting on my board book too. I hope it gets here in time for the holidays, as it is a gift

    25. Fabien Lebrun on

      Great, can't wait to see the joy in there faces when they'll discover the books. My youngest daughter is a huge fan of "Kthulhu'k" (i can't blame her for the "k" at the end, she's so cute when she prononces it)

    26. Jason Ciaramella & Greg Murphy 6-time creator on

      Fabien, don't worry... books for our international backers are being sent to our overseas fulfillment partner to ship along with the plush toys, and so we can have better door-to-door tracking. So, they have not been lost at sea, they're just taking a little more time to get out the door.

    27. Fabien Lebrun on

      My daughters love the PDF version of the coloring books, but i still didn't get the physical one...
      I am from France, it may be long for me to get some parcels from the us but do you have any information on the shipping?

      Thank you and give us other Non euclidean KS

    28. Jason Ciaramella & Greg Murphy 6-time creator on

      Joe, thanks so much for your comment. I checked into your order and it seems we missed a few backers who selected board book add-ons. I've just set up your shipment, and you should receive a tracking # emailed to you within 48 hours, and you book should be in hand within a week.

    29. Missing avatar

      Joe Cwik on

      I haven't seen the status of the board books. Could we get an update on those in the near future?

    30. Kristen Cavanaugh on

      I received my coloring book and I am so in love with it! It makes me so happy and I look forward to spending lots of time coloring to relax. The quality and art is great - thank you!

    31. j3h on

      When you say plush...are we talking just the new Black plush (and reissues of that size), or are we talking about the G I A N T as well getting ready to ship soon together? (Excited for both)

    32. Jason Ciaramella & Greg Murphy 6-time creator on

      We just sent addresses to our fulfillment partner who is putting the shipping plan for the plush toys together. If you've changed your address, please message us ASAP so we can update that info.

    33. Sarah Meagher on

      Hi I had a question, we moved since we backed the project. I don't if you have already sent it, or not (if you have it probably will be forwarded, at least if it was through the post office.) IF you haven't sent it is there a way changing our address.

    34. Aeyt

      My Coloring Books arrived while I was out of town! I came home late yesterday to discover that my roommates had put the package in my room. I was so excited that I tore them open immediately. They look great. Now I just need to ship one to my daughter. One of them I'm taking to a coloring book party for adults, and the other is just for me! Thanks so much guys. Can't wait to get my black plush!

    35. Jason Ciaramella & Greg Murphy 6-time creator on


      Sorry, about that. We've just been working hard at trying to get ~1300 coloring books that came in this week ready to ship out to ~700 backers this week.

      We still don't have final shipping prices on the giant plush, so haven't added it to our shop yet.

      When it's available there, you'll be the first to know.

    36. Rip Odebralski on

      I've sent recent emails and messages but no response - Backerkit has never got back to me on the Giant plush error and it's been weeks.HRMPF! When will we be able to give you monies for the big guy?

    37. Nicole Tighe

      Hi guys, is there any update on when shipping may begin? If you could give us an update we would really appreciate it. Thanks!

    38. Missing avatar

      Joe Cwik on

      Thanks for the clarification!

    39. Jason Ciaramella & Greg Murphy 6-time creator on

      Joe, good question. The reason for not fulfilling Kickstarter backers with existing product was two-fold:

      1) We didn't have enough stock to fulfill all KS backers, and didn't want to pick and choose who gets product early and who doesn't.

      2) KS pricing (shipping) was factoring in being able to ship the core items (board book, plush, coloring book) all at once, rather than piece meal. Logistically, from a tracking and management and organization standpoint, that's how we had to do it.

      Apologies if that wasn't clear or if you thought you'd be receiving your plush toy sooner, but the delivery date on the Kickstarter was August, and we do still plan on get it to you by then.

    40. Missing avatar

      Joe Cwik on

      You guys stated in your latest email:

      "Production is underway on the next batch... anyone who pre-ordered plush toys during the Kickstarter will get the first ones off the line in the new batch, which we hope to have back in stock in August."

      Why would the Kickstarter people have to wait when we pre-ordered? Wouldn't you fulfill those pre-orders first since we've already paid?

    41. Thomas Sluis on

      @Karl, send them a direct message. Address changes have been locked down since it has moved to the fulfillment stage. You can't change it directly, Send them a direct message and they will be able to help you with it.

    42. Missing avatar

      Karl Ortman on

      My address has changed. Any way to update?

    43. Thomas Sluis on

      @Charles, Michael Read Update 22. Also check on Backerkit for the PDF's.

    44. Charles Valentine on

      Any updates on the PDFs?

    45. Missing avatar

      Michael Evans

      I was wondering if you started e-mailing out the PDFs yet. I just want to make sure I didn't accidentally delete it.

    46. Laurel Seymour on

      And nevermind... I just found it!

    47. Laurel Seymour on

      I never received my survey. I went through and told it to resend to me and I still never received it.

    48. Missing avatar

      Ed W. Wey on

      I have really enjoyed working with the sample pages! Did not expect the fun having my work displayed on the fridge would bring (as an adult)!

    49. Jason Ciaramella & Greg Murphy 6-time creator on

      Yup, that's right Joe! Look out for an update message from us tomorrow, followed by the survey.

      We'll then get those PDFs out to backers early next week. Thanks for your interest!

    50. Joe Mulvey on

      Hey Rhonda! Survey is going out tomorrow. Coloring Book PDF next week!

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