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EVE is open hardware. A server for connecting all your wireless devices to a single point, no larger than a box of playing cards.
EVE is open hardware. A server for connecting all your wireless devices to a single point, no larger than a box of playing cards.
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400 backers pledged £20,964 to help bring this project to life.

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Less than 48 hours to go!!

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To all of you who have backed OpenPi, our latest kickstarter, a MASSIVE thanks from us all at Wireless Things for making OpenPi our biggest and most funded ever project.

There's still 2 days to spread the word, so if you haven't yet had a chance please support our project, or share the link with your circles!

Thanks again for the support everyone, we can't wait to see what you do with your OpenPi!

Best wishes, Will, Miles and all of us at Wireless Things

A massive thank you, and news on our latest project!


Thanks you so much for backing our previous Kickstarter, here's news on our latest Pi based project

It would be great if you backed us again, but if this is not for you - please do share it amongst your friends, family, dog, cat or anyone who listens :)

OpenPi - a Wireless Computer for Inventors, makers and coders

"...a really affordable and flexible way of making just about anything with the Raspberry Pi." Russel Barnes - Raspberry Pi Today.

Shipping and support

Hi Everyone,

Almost all the EVE's have now been shipped, there's just over a dozen left that we shall ship this week.


More people are talking and coding on our forum, emails on KS don't get anywhere near as many eye balls. It would be good to keep conversations in the one place because we can then all see and share


We are just deciding what to use and will kick this off soon as a way to better create shareable information.

Selling your EVE

There have been quite a number of people asking if they can buy an EVE. As all were made individually just for KS supporters, there's no where to buy them (you are a member of a elite club owning one). If you want to sell yours, mention it on the forum and someone should be up for a deal.

Best regards


£190 level begins shipping

Hi everyone,

Today we began shipping the £190 level rewards. Those of you, will be receiving the new XinoRF  before others can order them. This year we intend to create a whole dynamic picture around this board and it's smaller deployable sister the RFu as nodes and sitting in the middle will be the EVE idea. We have an exciting development to announce soon that uses EVE at the heart of a global not for profit project. Rapid Electronics are soon stock the XinoRF, which is fantastic news. Other distributors will hold them soon also, all have asked when EVE will be ready for wide spread sales.

It is your pledges that have created this!!!! We are planning something to commemorate all of you as being there right at the very beginning :)

We think from advice fed back from some of you guys, we should launch something like an EVE wiki (any advice on what to use would be a real help). From this we can all discover what was good and what could do with tuning, to this end I would like to confirm we are committed to producing the next evolution of EVE in around April/May time. it will be totally backwards compatible because it will be based on the very same circuit as now. It will be more modular so some radios can be plugged in and out, rather than fixed in place. This will yield greater flexibility and something that can be produced more easily. EVE as it is now has been labour intensive to build because of the different combinations people chose (17 we counted).

Once we have all the rewards shipped we can get onto the fun stuff of making some progress in the software side of things.

Best regards



Sorry guys,

The last update mentioned the £190 level and above, but two people have reminded me the £80 level has all 4 radios also.

So to clarify in better terms, all rewards with 4 radios have been pre modified and will start shipping this week.