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EVE is open hardware. A server for connecting all your wireless devices to a single point, no larger than a box of playing cards.
EVE is open hardware. A server for connecting all your wireless devices to a single point, no larger than a box of playing cards.
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    1. Homer Hazel on

      Okay then, thanks for the information.

    2. Ciseco 3-time creator on


      Airmail is not tracked, I just cut this from royal mail website (below). Airsure and International signed for are tracked but are about triple the price.


      Economical, easy and fast. Reach customers anywhere in the world.

      Customers ordering from overseas ? Need to fulfil orders quickly? Then use Airmail. With over 1,400 scheduled flights and 85 airlines, our service is fast - and comes wiith compensation and free returns. We offer delivery to:

      Western Europe within three working days
      Eastern Europe within five working days
      the rest of the world in five to seven working days.

      If your item is lost or damaged, we provide compensation. Find out more about compensation. If you want additional compensation cover up to £500, find out about Airsure®. Where destinations are not available for Airsure use International Signed For™.

    3. Homer Hazel on

      I found a website for Royal Airmail that appears to take tracking numbers. Did you get tracking numbers? I have been getting some spam email telling me my package could not be delivered. I get all excited until I realize it is spam.

    4. Ciseco 3-time creator on

      Hi Homer,

      Now I'm back in the office I have looked back at the label database, yes yours went with everyone else's by Airmail. We will refund you if it fails to arrive, I would not expect you to be out of pocket in any way.

      Best regards


    5. Homer Hazel on

      Just today, I got an email from UPS telling me that my Magpi Magazine reward has been shipped. Around New Year I got a notification from FEDEX that my Cubieboard had been shipped. So far I have not received a similar notification from any shipper for the Eve-alpha. As I mentioned previously, I contributed at the 80 pound level for four radios, plus extra for the case and shipping to the USA. This level was never specifically mentioned in any of the postings. Can you, or someone please verify that a unit was shipped? I bought an extra Raspberry Pi just to have one for this unit. I don't want you to try to piece together something from extra bits and pieces you have laying around, that seems to violate the spirit of this type of funding. If you shipped it and I did not get it, then I will just write this off as a semi expensive lesson.
      Thank you.

    6. Ciseco 3-time creator on

      Hi Homer,

      I'm unsure what draws you to that conclusion. All of that level were sent out "en mass" via Airmail the week of the update. You will see from other peoples posts they have been receiving them. After 28 days we can claim for loss/delay in the post, at that point we can give you a refund or if by chance we have enough parts make you another.

      I hope this is ok?

      Best regards


    7. Homer Hazel on

      So, I will never have any way of knowing if something was shipped and got lost in transit or if it was never shipped.

    8. Ciseco 3-time creator on


      We haven't been giving individual shipping notifications.


    9. Homer Hazel on

      Yes, I have received all of the updates. I am one of the 80 pound investors that were skipped over in the updates. Only when I mentioned something was an " oh yeah" sort of update issued. I still do not have a shipping notification and I do not have an Eve-alpha.

    10. Ciseco 3-time creator on

      @Patrick as mentioned in your question on our forum, yours will be dispatched ASAP it was found to have a short so we caught it before shipping.

    11. Ciseco 3-time creator on


      To my knowledge most have gone as advised in an earlier update. I'll look into yours. The updates were notification of shipping. Have you not been receiving them?

      Best regards


    12. Homer Hazel on

      February 11, 2013. Escondido, California. No Eve-alpha, no shipping notice. Hoping for a Valentine's day delivery. Not a lot of hope, though.

    13. Patrick Young on

      Hi Folks,

      any idea when my Developers Dream is due to be sent?



    14. terry on


      got mine today in Ireland

      thanks cant wait to start to work with it


    15. Kevyn Watkins on

      Just wanted to update to say my EVE Alpha arrived today, am about to fire it up now to test her out :-D

    16. Kevyn Watkins on

      I pledged the £39 level, outside the UK, any update on how long till shipping?

    17. Homer Hazel on

      I live in the USA. Is there any idea how soon shipping will happen to the USA!

    18. Ciseco 3-time creator on

      Hi Carl,

      Yes you can use the xbee connector for serial or you could pick up SPI and a GPIO off the header, depends I guess what's best suited, I don't know the device personally but looking on Farnell it looks like bluetack and kaynar would have you physically connected in a few minutes. Would be great if you let us know on the forum how you got on as it's another radio device to share help with.


    19. Carl Woffenden on

      Hi! Just to clarify: I backed the two radio option (900 & 433MHz) which leaves the Xbee connector free at the bottom for me to add a 2.4GHz radio? Zigbee is a nice-to-have but my main interest is in adding compatibility with Atmel's Lightweight Mesh, for which I guess I'll need a more custom solution (Zigbit module to a serial connection).

    20. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the tips! I used a Dremel and problem resolved within a couple of minutes, just wanted to be sure that I did receive the right goods. Great board !

    21. Ciseco 3-time creator on

      Regarding cases please see update #37

    22. NialP

      I got the dremmel out and did a bit of handywork to incorporate the EVE DC socket into the case. Its no big deal, you just need a drill, hacksaw or dremmel etc to cut the extra slot.
      What everyone has to remember is that this is an Alpha Test Product, there are going to be things that dont work and those of us that bought into the kickstarter did so to test, troubleshoot and find issues and then post it in the forums along with any fix you have found or are working on, that way the other 399+ people who are also pushing the Alpha version of EVE to find its weaknesses (and also strengths) and then report and/or fix.
      Am so happy mine turned up today, thanks for getting them shipped out so fast! Love it! It arrived with my GPRS shield from Seeed and I have the perfect first project for EVE and my XinoRF, Will keep a build/program log on the EVE forums.
      Great job guys!

    23. Ciseco 3-time creator on

      Hi svangool
      We have been rushing so much to get the boards out before the Christmas break this issues slipped my mind.

      We did look into getting completely custom case's but it would have been far to expensive to have the case moulds changed for just a run of 100 cases on top of the custom printing.

      When building the pre-built boards we thought it was better to solder as many of the parts as we could, including the DC Jack.


    24. Missing avatar


      "EVE case, for your Raspberry Pi + EVE to fit inside". So I was not being stupid. The Eve board DC-supply connector is blocking the casing.

    25. Missing avatar


      Was I stupid to asume that the Eve case would be able to be the box for both the Pi and the Eve board?

    26. AO(N²) on

      Have you guys started shipping? Can I still change my address?

    27. Ciseco 3-time creator on

      @Urs & @Nial
      As I said in the last update, not to worry we already have it noted down.


    28. Urs on

      Please make sure to send me TWO cases! Pledged 45£ (20£ + 2x11£ + 3£)

    29. NialP

      I made a £50 pledge - £39 for the 2 radio option and £11 for the case. I have just filled in the details but there was nothing there about the case so I submitted anyway guessing that you will know who donated by the amounts as you have just written.
      By the way, Thanks for this great opportunity to be part of the Eve - Alpha, cant wait to get the gear and get cracking...

    30. Ciseco 3-time creator on

      I'll have an update going out shortly once finished sending survey's.
      Basically i've already got notes for the extra cases, your correct its easy to spot extra £11's
      and as there were only 44 out of 400 there was no need to confirm with everyone on the survey's.

    31. Missing avatar

      Michael Ardai on

      Just ordered a Pi, and have my EnOcean modules ready to go.

    32. Missing avatar

      Mike Griffiths on

      No sign of an "extra case" option on the Kickstarter form - just confirmation of address and frequency for radio modules.

      I suppose spotting that someone pledged an extra £11 is not too difficult so you should be able to spot who wanted that additional item.


    33. Ciseco 3-time creator on

      Hi Lee,

      Super hacking skills, kudos. Great to have you involved in the project. Been ages since I last saw Domotiga, it's got lots of device support now. I've had my head in our radios for so long it seems.



    34. Lee Tickett on

      Great project. I'm in! I have been playing with the Raspberry Pi in conjunction with various "mesh" devices since the day it was released. CurrentCost, Homeasy, JeeLabs, Enigma2, Sonos... I found the best software solution till now was Domotiga. I hope I can help with the software.

    35. terry on

      just got my raspberry pi in post today,,cant wait to EVE Alpha on it and hack my velux electric windows,,and lost more plans to conrrol with the pi/EVE ,,, here are a few ..outside LED strip lights,,fish pond lights and pump, upload music to my car , start the car to heat it up in winter time in the morning. there is so much you can do if you just think about it

    36. Mark on

      @CISECO - You're welcome. I really wanted to see this one succeed. My main interest is in industrial test and monitoring. Hopefully, we can squeeze this module and a Pi into the internals of a machine under test and be able to use the on board sensors (and others) to pass data to the radio transmitters which we can then pick up and analyse on other computers.

    37. Ciseco 3-time creator on

      Many thanks Mark

    38. Ciseco 3-time creator on


      That's excellent, yet another platform that's already running.


    39. Missing avatar

      Morten H. Nielsen on

      Do you know ago control?

      Might be someone to play with. :-)

      Best Regards

    40. Ciseco 3-time creator on

      Cheers for the heads up, I've posted a few lines :)

    41. Missing avatar

      Mike Griffiths on

      The Guardian "online" has a piece on the UK end of Kickstarter this morning - there are already a lot of comments with links to projects but it can't hurt to add one to this...

    42. Ciseco 3-time creator on

      Hi Helder,

      There's more choice and better prices for USB based GSM dongles than modules so we chose not to put one actually on board and keep the space for where modules cost less than dongles (zwave and enocean). EVE as an overall environment to support GSM, 3G, 4G etc. oh yeah, just try and stop us ;)

      Best regards


    43. Missing avatar

      helder on

      great project Miles and is nice finally to see some Europeans projects coming on board hehehhe, i just made my pledge ;-) i hope i gets funded!!! 8 more days to go!!

      and just can't wait to get my hands on one of them hehehe but i would like to question and if answered negatively then make a suggestion Miles, have you thought of including a GSM module as well?! even if is as add on feature it would certainly make this card more awesome than already is hehehe!!!

    44. Ciseco 3-time creator on

      Mike, I agree. The weekends are almost non existent and the week steadily picks up somewhat. I believe Matt is doing an update today. I'm in the office tomorrow, so will see what I can do.

      Best regards


    45. Missing avatar

      Mike Griffiths on

      Encouraging but slow progress towards the funding goal since last Friday.

      Can I suggest a good quality blog post running through the basic objectives of the project and identifying several specific use cases that might be explored (particularly use cases for software rather than hardware enthusiasts)? Then supporters like myself will have something fresh to post to forums and "tweet" about - helping to push things along in the final week.

    46. Billy Rosendale on

      So close to your goal and only 9 days to go - THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!

      The EVE of great things...

    47. Mark on


      To clarify the multiple rewards choices issue raised here I can clarify the process by which Adapteva's Parallella successful Kickstarter project, dealt with the same issue. When the project closed, they sent out a form by email asking backers to confirm their personal details and the rewards chosen. At this point you were able to add items such as carriage and (i think) extra cases, etc I believe this is a standard part of the Kickstarter process.

      I hope this helps all those asking this question.

      Good luck to Ciseco (who, incidentally, are just a few miles down the road from me!) and I look forward to playing with the kit I have pledged for.

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