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Morpheus allows filmmakers of all skill levels to achieve shots never before possible with their GoPro, smartphone or small camera.

The Morpheus Stabilizer will be available for pre-order here after the campaign ends.

This next clip was shot using just the Morpheus Stabilizer and the GoPro Hero 3...

Here's a timelapse clip that we shot using the Morpheus Stabilizer and the prototype motion control add-on kit...

This next clip was shot using just the Morpheus Stabilizer and the iPhone 5...

For nearly 4 years, we've gone through extensive prototyping and development. 

With a lot of input from our friends, we went through a process of over 60 iterations in an effort to achieve all of our goals.  Simplicity, low cost, professional build quality, and versatility evolved as this labour of love took shape.

Finally, we came to a design which we feel confident with taking to the injection molding phase.  The pictured Morpheus units are a combination of machined aluminum and printed 3D prototypes, along with a few micro-machined components. We expect the molded versions to be a lot stronger and sexier than our printed prototypes.

What is Morpheus?

Morpheus is a stabilizer, tripod, dolly, crane and slider, that is extremely, lightweight, compact and easy to use.

With Morpheus you're now able to capture dramatically steady shots with your GoPro, smartphone and small camera. The hand-held stabilizer uses a patented zero friction gimbal and patented magnetic steering to make controlling and shooting with Morpheus effortless with a single hand.

 Here's a short clip of the magnetic steering in action...



Using Morpheus' articulating legs it's easy to create a level, solid base for your camera. The clamping legs enable you to mount your camera virtually anywhere.

The wheels kit allows you to use Morpheus as a table dolly and create circular or arcing shots thanks to the steerable wheels.

Simply add the aluminum rails and wheels kit to Morpheus, and you've got a super smooth and lightweight slider.


Morpheus quickly and easily folds up to fit in the palm of your hand, making it a breeze to travel with. Weighing just 300 grams, you'll hardly notice it.

What cameras will Morpheus work with?

All GoPro models with or without accessories.

Small Cameras under 300 grams are ideal however, heavier cameras can be supported by adding optional weights to the accessory ports.

All iPhone models

Unlike other stabilizers you don't need to remove your case or wide angle lens adapters to use Morpheus. We have tested in excess of 20 different smartphone/case combinations on Morpheus without issue.

This behind the scenes shot from "The Run" shows you how we quickly rigged Morpheus (inverted to get a ground scraping shot) on 1 meter long 15mm carbon rails for that epic slider shot.  The rails setup we're including in the rewards will be a single piece, 24" long in black anodized aluminum, which includes the rails profile, center tripod mount ability and four micro-adjustable feet.  You can rig up your own setup using 1/4" smooth carbon tube, 1/2" copper pipe, or even cable for some truly interesting shots.


Stretch Goals

A massively huge thank you to all our backers! We've been absolutely overwhelmed by all the support, and by how quickly we were able to reach our goal. We are so grateful to all you backers who were responsible for this, not to mention, we're extremely excited to get Morpheus in your hands.

We've decided to introduce 3 cool new stretch goals as a way to say thank you to all our backers, and to sweeten the rewards for everyone who pledges.

If we reach 60K... Every backer will receive a limited edition Morpheus poster (11 x 17")

If we reach 85k
... Every backer, who has pledged at least $125, will receive a Morpheus carrying pouch.

If we reach 100k... Every backer, who has pledged at least $125, will receive a limited edition Morpheus t-shirt, along with a 4GB Morpheus USB key. You will also get to choose which Morpheus mount appears on your t-shirt (GoPro, smartphone or small camera) as well as your size :)

We're really excited about reaching our new stretch goals, so be sure to share the campaign with everyone that you think will be interested.

Production Timeline

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, the molds can be purchased.  Preliminary design work for molding is already done, so we expect to first test models from the molds in 12 weeks (beginning of March 2014)  Once mold tweaks are complete (1-3 weeks) we will start to see finished product at or before April 2014.  Because we are making 100% of Morpheus in the US and Canada, we will not have any long shipping delays.  We have already sourced a supplier in Canada for the micro-machined components so the risk in going to manufacture is very low.

Why We Need Your Support

Morpheus won't happen without your support. We're looking to the Kickstarter community for assistance in financing the molds.

Is Morpheus Patented?

Yes. Our first patent is already granted and 3 more are pending.

Who We Are

Cinevate was born way back in 2005 in a garage. It was there, Cinevate owner Dennis Wood built himself a depth of field adapter for his home video camera. Dennis decided to share his invention on a forum, and it wasn't long after that the flood of requests came pouring in from other filmmakers.

We're not in the garage anymore, but we're still creating innovative solutions for filmmakers alike. We're a small, close-knit family who is passionate about filmmaking and films.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Although we always strive for perfection we're realistic at the same time. Even with the best planning and intentions, things just plain go wrong sometimes. What we've learned over the many years we've been in business, as we deal with various challenges, is that honest communication is key at solving any problem. Another key to our past successes at overcoming challenges is the passionate and empathetic individuals that we have working here at Cinevate.

Cinevate has a proven track record in delivering very high quality products to the film/photo industry. Morpheus will be manufactured entirely in the US and Canada, reflecting our existing commitment to domestic manufacturing and economic development.


  • The rails component will be one piece anodized black aluminum, 24" long. In the video you can see we just borrowed some carbon rails from our collection and sandbagged them in place. The aluminum component we have designed integrates the rail profile and will be machined for tripod center mounting, including four adjustable feet for table mounting. Because it is an aluminum extrusion, the weight limit should be in excess of 10lbs. In dolly mode, Morpheus is more than capable of supporting a 5 lb camera. The Morpheus wheel design allows virtually any rails to be used so you could for example build a longer rig with 1/2" copper plumbing pipe, or use cable. The wheels have a table profile that makes them usable on any flat, smooth the car hood we used in the video. We're excited to see where the creative minds out there will take this!

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  • Yes! The handle has a 1/4" 20 thread integrated so that a simple pole with a 1/4" male thread can be used. This is the same thread found on the bottom of every camera with a tripod mount. We used a boom mic pole and a small ball head in the video to get both the crane shot, and also the low angle running shot. I'm running behind Ashley with the camera flying just inches above the ground. "The Run" took all of about 2 hours to shoot with nothing really planned other than the modes we wanted to demonstrate.

    As we show more of the magnetic steering system you can really see where the magic happens on a jib shot. Morpheus is completely free to stabilize itself on its gimbal, no hands required, at the end of the pole. Keep in mind that the GoPro has no stabilization, and we added none in post. What you see is right off the camera.

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  • Morpheus is a mass balanced stabilizer so the results when running or walking with the unit are pretty amazing. Our patent on Morpheus addresses some very unique features. Among them is the gimbal design and magnetic steering system. The gimbal requires micro-machined, extremely accurate internals for what is effectively a frictionless design. It is dead accurate, and actually quite simple. The reason the footage in "The Run" clip looks so smooth, as I run behind Ashley, is because the gimbal and magnetic steering system are isolating my movements from the camera. This is referred often to as "flying the camera" due to the smooth silky footage that results. During "tripod" or "dolly" mode the handle can be popped out of the unit and set aside. Because an iphone5 is so light, about 110 grams, any touches to steer it will be seen in your video. Every other stabilizer out there requires touch input to steer..we don't. The magnetic steering system is adjustable, and keyed to the handle. So when using the system, Morpheus will follow the handle. It will do this while being isolated from your movements by the gimbal. With a few minutes of practive, magic happens. How cool is that?

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