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A real world documentary about young, dedicated entrepreneurs building an internet startup in the Arab region.
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Samer Karam

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What's in Our Story?

For a place with such an amaz­ing tech com­munity of developers, design­ers, star­tups, entre­pren­eurs and just plain “do-ers”, it’s shock­ingly hard to know what’s going on all the time with the Lebanese and Middle East's tech­no­logy scene.

The most effect­ive way to find out about inter­est­ing star­tups, new tech­no­lo­gies, cool design stu­dios, great places to work, upcom­ing events, test­ing tech­niques, great new fonts, etc. is usu­ally an impromptu meetup with someone in the industry.

When we created Cinemoz about a year ago, ­we did a lot of research and spent a lot of time, from Lebanon ­land and abroad, to find out what was going on. For­eign magazines always had cool pro­files of inter­est­ing people, tutori­als on things that are new and might be use­ful tech­niques, list of stuff that was going on and things to get involved with.

We rarely read about or watch  any­thing inter­est­ing hap­pen­ing in Lebanon or the Middle East, but at the same time, we are con­stantly blown away by unique com­pan­ies being cre­ated here - people and projects turn­ing indus­tries on their heads. And we are proud to be a player in all of that. 

But there’s no plat­form for talk­ing about it yet. Exist­ing pub­lic­a­tions write about global gad­gets and pop­u­lar “apps you need now!” They cover huge sales deals. They pub­lish bland PR for big brands. It’s time for some­thing new. 

Time to hear a new story, one about young entrepreneurs trying making a difference.

We've got 18 days to go, and the funding of our Kickstarter project marks the beginning of an even bigger chapter. 

As always, thanks for joining us on this journey.