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A pilot for Cinema Saville: A network television series consisting of a new hour long comedy film weekly. It's like The Twilight Zone- Only Funny.

What's "Cinema Saville" all about?

Imagine a weekly series of great original movies with compelling characters, soaring soundtracks, scintillating cinematography and potent plot lines. Not to mention the general hilarity that is the trademark of filmmaker Jeremy Saville. That's "Cinema Saville" in a nutshell.

Tell me about the pilot?

The Pilot episode revolves around a James Bond like farce involving a shady British lawyer, a Russian mobster, and of course the requisite beautiful women. The story culminates in a trial at sea that pushes the absurd to the limits while fully engaging the viewing imagination.

What's My Goal?

My goal is to raise the necessary funds to shoot the pilot episode. From there I'll deliver that to a cable/satellite network (Wealth TV) where I previously had a television show "The Jeremy Saville Comedy Hour". The executives at Wealth TV have already expressed great interest in reviewing the Cinema Saville pilot . One of the top people at the network has already read the script and said, "I love this script! It's like watching a movie in my head." Once they've signed on then we work out the contractual details, and I go into production with 12 more episodes for a total of 13 for the season.

What will I do with the money?

The money is to pay cast and crew as well as other expenses including food (for me, I mean a brother's got to eat. Just joking) and all associated production costs. In order to get the quality personnel I need to work with I need to offer them some payment, the promise of great fame to actors and deferred pay to crew members is not enticing enough. Especially in a business where people are constantly trying to get cast and crew to work for free. Hey I did it when I started out, but this is a professional production, and professionals get paid, period.

That being said $7,500 is a ridiculously low amount to produce a high quality television pilot, but I'm gonna do it, because that's the kind of guy I am, and also because some amazing friends have already volunteered to donate some incredible locations and resources, as well as some of their time to volunteer for the production itself. Not to mention one friend, a renowned Hollywood Film Composer who has graciously offered up his services on the soundtrack.

So you're wondering what kind of filmmaker I am?

Please feel free to watch a few of the shorts I've done to see if you like my work. I wouldn't want you to support something that you didn't really believe in. There's a few brief clips from some of my work in the above video , but I encourage you to watch full pieces to give you a bit of an idea of my sensibility. Cinema Saville technically as well as plotwise will be far improved over these, but here's a few that should make you laugh. Enjoy!

SWITCH Be Yourself Letting Go Gay Date

Thanks for your time, and PLEASE follow my journey where I will be checking in daily, and updating you with informative articles and entertaining video pieces. Please feel free to comment on what you see cheer me on. Thanks so much for coming. Together we are making dreams come true.

All the best,



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