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'Cinema Insomnia with Mr. Lobo' is an independently produced television series which is about to celebrate it's 10 year anniversary.
'Cinema Insomnia with Mr. Lobo' is an independently produced television series which is about to celebrate it's 10 year anniversary.
124 backers pledged $11,140 to help bring this project to life.


Dixie and Mr. Lobo have been working hard editing a brand new CINEMA INSOMNIA Holiday Special featuring the film THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS. I promised myself I wouldn’t do that movie unless the episode could be EPIC. This will be a major milestone in the show for Miss Mittens as she will be giving birth to a litter of Baby Mittens. We will premier this episode at a Special Screening party on December 17th!


A benefit for Cinema Insomnia’s 10 year Anniversary Season and a celebration of the Holidays and your generosity! Join Mr. Lobo and the lovely Dixie Dellamorto for very special screenings of the ALL NEW 2010 Cinema Insomnia Holiday Special in a lush Private Home Theatre. Enjoy the wacky and offbeat 16mm film collections of Sci-fi Bob Eckman and Scott Moon which will be projected on an outdoor screen (weather permitting)! Special door prizes will be given as well! 7pm – 1am

Yummy Snacks and Sparkling Sodas will be provided but we ask that you bring your own alcohol as we’re fundraising and can’t afford the stuff.

As you may have suspected, this is a last ditch effort to raise our pledges for kickstarter. The party will be at a private residence in Fair Oaks, California and we must ask for a separate kickstarter donation of $20 or more per person as invitations are limited to around 30 people. Any cash donations will be passed on to a third party to post on the Kickstarter deadline on the 18th.

If you wish to attend, make a $20+ donation or increase your existing donation by $20 or more and message us for your invitation and secret password. Please hurry, because only the first 30 people will get to attend.

Email for More Information


Special thanks to ROBERT ACKERMANN for once again increasing his pledge, bringing his total up to $420 from his original donation of $275. This brought our total to $3,333 which made Dixie very happy because she has the OCD. Robert also made a great suggestion for increasing pledges. Many people do their online purchases with paypal instead of Amazon which is employed with Kickstarter.


You can make Paypal payments direct to Dixie and I at and we will forward them to a third party for kickstarter. Please when making a paypal donation use the “Personal/Other” option for type of purchase, as it saves us from their fee.


A dear friend who we met during the making of VIRGINIA CREEPERS, LYNN SHIPP made a donation of $35, bringing our total for the day up to $3,368! THANK YOU, LYNN!


We’re quickly approaching the halfway mark of 15 days. If we are not at $5000 or more by this time our chances of making our goal will seem slim. Our momentum has slowed and we’re hoping that the party and other efforts will turn it around. This might be a good time to mention that we have zero donations for ONE DOLLAR. If just a handful of the hundreds of thousands of fans pitched in at this level we’d already be done with this campaign and back to the business of making movie shows! If you’ve already pledged and you can manage it--up your donation by a buck or two…every dollar makes a difference! Mr. Lobo truly appreciates all of you for getting us this far…We can make it all the way! I truly believe this! And remember to spread the word!

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