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Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
34,397 backers pledged $2,134,374 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Unlocked: Goss System & Tuesday Updates

We've reached the $3.4 million unlock: the Goss System! At $3.5 million you'll earn another system and learn more about the games' docking mechanics. Let's get there soon!

Goss System

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Ownership: UEE
Planets: 3
Planetary Rotation: Goss I 50 SED, Cassel (Goss II) 244 SED, Goss III 309 SED
Import: Food, Energy supplies
Export: Elements.
Crime Status: Low-Med.
Black Market: Kidnapping, Theft.
UEE Strategic Value: Blue 

Description: Generally regarded as one of the most visually stunning systems in the Empire, the Goss System is a binary star system situated in the forefront of a massive emission nebula. Permanent bands of turqouise, gold and deep orange paint the sky from any location in the system. 

All three of Goss' planets are inhabitable. The bulk of the system's economy comes from tourism, but Gossians pride themselves on being self sufficient. Long-haul traders will find few bargains here, as the system produces little worthy of export and gathers its raw materials internally, mining and harvesting resources from the inner planets as needed. 

The main destination is the lush, thriving resort world of Cassel (Goss II.) The surface is largely tropical rain forests dotted with stately pleasure domes constructed to support tourists and dozens of launch arcologies that house the descendants of the original Goss settlers. Goss I is a low-atmosphere world with abundant heavy metals. Scattered pockets of well-paid miners are a reasonable market for luxury goods and black market items, although the systems' strict export policies prevent shipping raw materials out-system. 

The Olympus Pool has dark side, too: the same nebula that delights tourists also acts as an effective curtain for several deep space pirate clans. Pirates are generally careful not to interfere in the tourism on Cassel... but the brilliantly colored sky is believed to hide multiple clan operations facilities and supply chain master points. 

WARNING: gravity effects of the binary star have rendered portions of the system untenable to starships not carrying Level 7 shields or above. Consult current gravity maps before attempting transit! 

Next, at $3.5 million: "Formerly the most distant UEE colony it grew to notoriety as the first contact point with the Vanduul. The attacks became so frequent that the settlers ultimately abandoned it." 

Kellog System 

As a bonus, here's concept art of yesterday's locked system, Kellog, showing the jungle planet Xis: 

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Citizen Card 

Here's the Silver Citizen Card, which is included with pledges at the $250 level! 

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Linking / Upgrading Pledges 

We're confident that most pledges from the backup site are now linked. However, we've also heard reports that a small number of pledgers have had issues with their upgrades not appearing correctly. Please contact Sandi if you are seeing either of these issues and she will update our database manually.

Final Push - Mission Briefing Video

Attention pilots! As of this afternoon, Star Citizen is the #2 best crowd-funded computer game project of all time. We have one more week to aim for that top spot! Here's Commander Roberts with your mission briefing:

AI Test Footage Video

You’ve been asking to see some in game footage, even if rough, so I thought I would share a little video that shows off some of the preliminary AI work that’s been done. Some of this was functioning in the Game Developers Online reveal and some of this has been done since in between the craziness of the crowd funding campaign.

This video isn’t as polished as I would normally put out so please be nice as we’re 24 months away from anything that would be called final, and even 12 months away from just a multiplayer alpha dogfighting build. The laser effects, explosions are all placeholders and there will be significant work done here, as well as some very cool shield effects I have cooking up in the background. My goal with the visual effects is to use a lot the techniques and looks used in film work, which are now possible with DX11 and modern day PCs.

But the point of the video isn’t to show the VFX or damage systems, which still have a ways to go but to demo some of the early AI work that’s been happening in the background.

The Squadron 42 / Star Citizen pilot AI will be the most sophisticated AI that I’ve attempted on any of my games. My goal is to take the ideas that I pioneered with Wing Commander and later games; distinct personalities, dynamic learning, signature moves to next level with the power of modern CPUs.

We’re a long way off from the final article, but as you can see from the video AI can already fly in formation, respond to commands and engage in combat. All the dogfighting you see in this video is AI driven!

On a technical side this footage was captured with FRAPS via a debug camera on a PC with an AMD Phenom 1090T processor, 8GB and an NVIDIA GTX470.

As things progress we’ll have much nicer implementation of third a person chase and orbit cameras to show of the action better. 

In an ordinary game's development cycle, this would be something we would share internally or with the publisher... but we're showing our backers instead, since you're the ones making Star Citizen happen! Expect similar videos in the coming months.

Unlocked: Kellog System

Truly amazing - three systems in three days (with a new ship to boot!) At this rate we're going to need to be printing bigger maps. Here's your $3.3 million added system, the 43rd in the game, Kellog:

Kellog System

Ownership: Developing System

Planets: 6

Planetary Rotation: Kellog II 390 SED, Kellog VI 78,538 SED

Import: Criminals, Food

Export: Antimatter

Crime Status: Very Low

Black Market: Narcotics, Biological Goods

UEE Strategic Value: Blue

Description: Located near Vaduul territory, the Kellog system is home to a stark dichotomy.

Kellog II ("Xis") has been designated by the UEE Subcommittee for Development & Expansion as a Developing World to a primitive species. A lush jungle paradise world, Xis would be otherwise ideal for human colonization. There is a small market for medicines and other organic goods collected with some risk on the planet's surface. Flo-pets, the focus of a brief exotic animal fad among Earth's upper class, were initially illegally trapped here.

Meanwhile, the outer planet in the system is the infamous QuarterDeck PrisonWorld, a maximum security penal facility home to hundreds of thousands of hardened criminals. The UEE allows prisoners at QuarterDeck to work their sentences in a full-process antimatter refinery; the fuel is thus available cheaply and raw materials involved in its creation are sometimes at a premium. Bounty Hunters should note that QuarterDeck's booking officers are known to pay a reasonable rate for captured criminals.

D&E dictums specify that the system is not to be tampered with and so the other planets have also been declared off-limits for mining and exploration purposes. The small army of police and guards that monitor QuarterDeck ensure that no one interferes with the planets or the species on Kellog II. Should they catch someone, they certainly don't have to take them too far.

Next, at $3.4 million: "Binary Star System. Nicknamed the Olympus Pool because it is situated in the middle of a wildly colored Emission Nebula. Popular vacation/resort system."

Starfarer Unlocked and Sunday Afternoon Updates

We'd like to begin by wishing everyone a happy Veterans Day (or Remembrance Day) to everyone today. We're continually honored when we find out about men and women in uniform who have chosen to support Star Citizen and we can't thank you enough for your service.

The big news today is that we've reached the $3.25 million overall mark and, as promised, we're releasing the details on a new ship: the Starfarer tanker. Hopefully this description will help explain what all this extra money is going… expanding the Star Citizen world beyond the boundaries of the original Privateer or Freelancer and letting us make it a more vibrant, living universe. Keep going: you'll get another star system at $3.3 million!


Builder: MISC (Musashi Industrial & Starflight Concern)
Crew (max): 2
Mass (empty): 125,000 KG
Focus: Tanker / Refueler

The MISC Starfarer is the galaxy's standard fuel transporter. Starfarers are ubiquitous on both sides of the fueling process: their massive tanks allow for both the collection of space borne fuel from gas giants and extrasolar sources as well as the transport of active fuel from refinery stations to the primary market. Though the stock model lacks refinery equipment, the Starfarer does have docking mechanisms allowing it to conduct in-flight refueling operations with most spacecraft classes.

The most common Starfarer modification ships liquid foodstuffs in the same tanking system. A visually distinct long-haul bulk goods version mated to an alternate cargo chassis also exists, although it has proven far less popular than the more rugged Freelancer lineup. An armored tactical variant, the Starfarer Gemini ("Star-G") is produced under contract by Aegis for use by the UEE military.

Upgrade Capacity: 8
Cargo Capacity: 75 tonnes
Modifiers: 4
Max. Class: Anti-Matter
Thrusters: 2x TR4, 8 x TR2
2 x Class 2: Equipped 2 x Behring M3A Laser Cannon
1 x Class 3: Equipped 1 x Talon Stalker Image Recognition missiles
1 x Class 4: Equipped 1x KP M2A Laser Cannon (turret)

Similar to… Diligent, Clydesdale

Citizen Cards

Today you can see the bronze Citizen Card provided at the $125 level. Users can choose between a "Colonel" and a "Freelancer" card, a way to display their support for two of Chris Roberts' earlier franchises. We think the cards start looking a lot cooler as they look more metallic… so just wait until you see the real metal cards available for higher pledgers!


We know a lot of you old spacehands aren't fans of social networking and that's entirely understandable. That's why we always try and post the latest news to RSI first. Still, we're proud of the fact that we're almost to 10,000 "likes," which is a metric that speaks volumes to outsiders… so, if you haven't liked the Star Citizen Facebook page, we'd truly appreciate it.