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Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
34,397 backers pledged $2,134,374 to help bring this project to life.

$5.4 Million – Spaceport Test Footage!

$5.4 million... that carrier is practically yours! To celebrate, we have a great new video that's hot off the presses. This is a very early test of moving from concept art of a spaceport to a 3D environment. You'll recognize the original concept art... and check out how cool it is to walk around it! Please note the fidelity of the environment and buildings is MUCH lower than what it will be in the actual game and a lot of the background city environment is missing.

Additionally, here are the much-requested Anvil Gladiator specifications:


Builder: Anvil Aerospace

Crew (max): 2

Mass (empty): 30,000 Kg

Focus: Bomber

The T3A Gladiator is the UEE Navy's primary carrier-based bomber. Gladiator squadrons are typically divided by specialty: a carrier may have both a Gladiator torpedo squadron and a Gladiator dive bomber squadron. A back seat is occupied by a tail gunner who also acts as radio operator.

Though a heavy-hitting bomber, the Gladiator has proven easy to modify and thus has become commonplace in the civilian market. The bomb bay can easily be converted for light transport. Many pilots choose to replace the rear turret's laser cannon with a tractor beam, making it an ideal craft for light salvage missions.

Upgrade Capacity: 8

Cargo Capacity: 15 tonnes


Modifiers: 2

Max. Class: Fusion

Thrusters: 1 x TR5, 8 x TR2


3 x Class 1: Equipped 3 x A&R AC-9 Laser Cannon

2 x Class 3: Equipped 2x Dogfish Proton Torpedo (TORP)

1 x Class 4: Equioped 1x A&R AC-7 Laser Cannon (Turret)

Unlock: Krell System

FIVE MILLION! At 5.5M you’ll unlock the Bengal carrier, add professional motion capture to Squadron 42 and get an exclusive RECORD BREAKER skin and 1000 credits for every backer! Then at six million (can you do it?!) we will launch with 100 systems, a full orchestral score and will make the first Squadron 42 mission disk, Behind Enemy Lines, available for free for all backers upon release (a 16-mission campaign in the style of The Secret Missions.)

You can watch the end-of-campaign livestream here.

Krell System

Ownership: Krell
Planets: 9
Planetary Rotation: Krell IV (PRIME) 5008 SED
Import: Unknown
Export: Unknown
Crime Status: Unknown
Black Market: Unknown
UEE Strategic Value: Black

Human shave yet to official set foot in the Krell System. Located on
the opposite side of Xi'An territory, Krell is home and namesake of a
traveling species that the UEE has had no formal interaction with. The
Xi'An, however, have had a tempestuous relationship with them for the
last seven hundred years, ultimately culminating in a devastating
century-long conflict loosely translated as the Spirit Wars.

Advice for travelers seeking to visit the Krell is few and far
between. It is entirely unknown what goods they might be interested in
trading, what they produce natively or what they would even consider
black market items. It's also unknown exactly how to reach them… or
just what reaction the Xi'An star patrols would have to a human
traversing their territory for the purpose of doing business with
their ancient enemies.

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Party Time! - 24 Hours to Go!

t's party time! Join Chris Roberts and the Cloud Imperium Games team live as they count down the last 24 hours of the record-setting Star Citizen pledge campaign! You can access the video streams and chat feeds via the Roberts Space Industries front page.

New Ships

For today and today only, we're making a number of the ship unlocks available for sale: the Gladiator bomber ($150), the ORIGIN M50 ($150), the MISC Starfarer Tanker ($17), the Retaliator Heavy Bomber ($250) and the Idris Corvette ($1,000.) Again, we need to stress: these ships are for sale to raise money to build the game. They are not unique to this pledge drive: you will be able to buy them (without lifetime insurance included) using credits you earn in-game when Star Citizen is released.

In addition, the UEE has captured a Vanduul carrier ship and we're selling the contents on the open market! 300 Vanduul fighters, which will never be available on the legitimate market, are now for sale. If you want one in the game you're going to have to hunt, disable and capture it

Finally, we know we're selling a lot of extra ships in this final drive… so: if we reach $5 million, backers will have lifetime free garaging for their ships. It's hardly fair to ask you to buy extra ships to reach our stretch goals and then turn around and charge you in-game credits to keep them around.

AI Video

We'd like to share one last gameplay video with you as you make your final upgrade choices. This is a short video of the AI attacking and defending a Bengal carrier. It demonstrates intelligent collision avoidance - a dense asteroid field, other space ships, including a large capital ship plus offensive and defensive roles. Note that this is very early pre-pre Alpha. There was a bug with laser bolt speed in this build and they were incorrectly capped at a very low speed. That is not how they will behave in the game. But we thought the video was awesome enough to show you anyway!


You begged for shirts and we've finally listened! We've created two cool shirts for sale to backers in these last hours of the campaign: a Star Citizen "Citizenship Must Be Earned" design and a Squadron 42 "Cal is my Wingman" option They're $25 each. Backers over $1,000 get the Squadron 42 shirt for free and backers over $5,000 get both! Show your support for Star Citizen by adding it to your wardrobe!


We're pleased to announce that Star Citizen will indeed, come in a box! $125 pledges will get a green box while $250-and-above pledges will get a grey box personally signed by Chris Roberts! We have mockup art below:

Unlock: Stanton System, Stretch Goals & Name a System

$4.5 million dollars... it's going to be a tough record for anyone else to break! In addition to a new system (below) you've also unlocked extended hardcore flight sim controller support, playable destroyers, a Vanduul trading post base! Next up is $5 million, where you'll earn a tablet application, increased community updates and town hall meetings with Chris Roberts. Squadron 42 will boast celebrity voice acting with at least one returning favorite and a full 50-mission campaign, while Star Citizen will launch with 70 star systems and let you discover a hidden alien derelict base type!

Stanton System

Ownership: UEE (Corporate)
Planets: 4
Planetary Rotation: MicroTech (350 SEG), Hurston Dynamics (588 SEG),
ArcCorp (730 SEG), Crusader Industries (1554 SEG)
Import: Raw Materials, Manpower
Export: Weapons, Electronics, Computer Tech
Crime Status: Low
Black Market: None
UEE Strategic Value: Purple

The Stanton System is a corporate business park writ large: a series
of four massive SuperEarth planets terraformed for their resources.
Though built by the UEE proper, they have since been sold off to the
highest bidders support construction of the Synthworld. Some of the
largest corporations in the galaxy purchased rights to the worlds, at
a cost of trillions of galactic credits.

Despite the ridiculous corporate names, the transfer of the
SuperEarths was initially largely ceremonial; the population of
MicroTech did not suddenly belong to the corporation and each world
had its own dynamic economy. Since that time, however, the
corporations have begun consolidating power and generally moving to
bleed the planets dry.

The planets do act as corporate headquarters for the companies in
question and they are home to wholesale production facilities where an
eager merchant might find a good deal. MicroTech produces electronics,
including handheld sensors and computer software upgrades for
starships. Hurston Dynamics is a serious weapons provider for the
civilian market, ArcCorp builds fusion engines and Crusader Industries
constructs and operates slowboat colonies.

Next: "At the center of the system is a Classical Cepheid star, a
yellow supergiant that pulsates."

Name a System

The UEE Scientific Outlay has just reported in: five new star systems have been charted and the naming rights are available. We're offering five high-dollar pledgers interested in impacting the shape of the Star Citizen universe itself naming rights for these planets! For $5,000 you can pick the name of the system which will appear in the finished game in perpetuity and one of our designers will also work with you on building the system itself, to make sure it includes a few references and features that appeal to you. Please note that we have the right of refusal; your system name needs to fit in the spirit of the Star Citizen universe. This is the only time we will offer naming rights for systems - in the future, you'll need to discover a jump point and compete with other players to name a location, and you won't be involved in its design! You can pledge for a star system here.

Forum Issues

Unfortunately, a technical problem has forced us o take the RSI forums offline for the duration of the campaign. The software was not designed to the number of users we were seeing and it was dragging the entire site to a crawl. We will be switching to a vBulletin system in the near future and your existing posts are NOT lost. We will post links to alternative ways to engage with the team during the 24 hour end-of-campaign party tomorrow.

Pirate Ships for Sale & Announcing Subscriptions!

Pirate Ships

Big news: we've added a special tier and add-on to appeal to players who'd like to start the game as a pirate! You can now add a Drake Cutlass fighter to your existing pledge or you can pick up a new copy of Star Citizen that includes the Cutlass. The package includes a tractor beam and a docking collar so you can start raiding commerce right off the bat! And if you live outside the law, you must look awesome: we also have two $5 pirate skin options, which you can preview right here on the Cutlass! You can pick them up here on RSI or by adding the appropriate funds to your Kickstarter pledge. This package is available only through the end of the pledge drive, so if you'd like a Cutlass with free lifetime insurance, pick it up now!

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Over the past month we’ve had a lot of requests from users who simply want to support the game. Some can’t afford to spend $250 on a higher pledge tier right now but would like to help out every month for a small amount. Then there are those that have already backed for a good amount but believe so strongly in the project that they want help make sure we can deliver as much content and functionality as possible by adding a monthly contribution. We’re honored and humbled by this.

We welcome the support as every extra dollar allows us to flesh out the world with more ships, locations and features. If just 10% of the community helps out in this manner, we would be able to afford 6 additional team members. This would mean more artists to build ships and systems, game designers to flesh out missions and an additional person or two to service the community more effectively.

But we needed to sit back and figure out how to do this in a way that doesn’t violate our core principals. To that end, we want to make clear that there will NEVER be a subscription needed to play Star Citizen. Once you have backed you should not be have to spend extra money to play the game. Similarly, Star Citizen will never be ‘pay to win,’ so we are not going to offer a subscription plan that gives some users special equipment or additional money or any kind of edge in combat. We feel strongly that everything that affects gameplay can be earned in game via your actions.

The only thing left is telling our story: letting you follow the development of the game. But here’s the thing: we’re already doing that. It was part of the promise we made when you pledged for your copy of Star Citizen in the first place and, again, we aren’t going to change any of our plans because it might mean more money. If you’ve paid for the game, everything at the site is yours for the next two years: the Comm-Link, the Spectrum Dispatches, the RSI Museum, the forums and the live chat… as is everything we haven’t rolled out yet, but will: engineering updates about the game mechanics, “holovids” of the gameplay as it takes shape, access to the Alpha and Beta and much more.

Instead, we’ve created an extra set of rewards and ways to follow our development for interested subscribers, divided into two levels: Centurion ($10/month) and Imperator ($20/month.) These are things that we’re confident we wouldn’t have done without the extra money and the time it allows us. Here’s the rundown:


  • The ability to participate in the live monthly team “show and tell.” We will answer twenty questions from subscribers (selected via voting system.) Subscribers will watch the update live as it is being recorded.
  • Jump Point, the monthly digital magazine of Star Citizen. A 4-6 page monthly newsletter which includes updates from the team and new in-universe Star Citizen fiction from the writing team.
  • Access to “The Vault,” a collection of Star Citizen artwork that would otherwise never be seen, including ‘paths not taken’ discarded concept art for the true collector.
  • An exclusive catalog of Star Citizen subscriber merchandise.
  • Your name in the game. We can’t tell you where you’ll find it, but if you subscribe for at least 12 months your name will be located somewhere in the Star Citizen world!
  • Centurion decal for your ship
  • Everything listed above, plus…
  • Visit Cloud Imperium and see how the game is made! Imperator-level subscribers will be allowed one visit per year (scheduled in advance) to the Star Citizen development offices in Austin or Los Angeles.
  • Three wishes – Chris Roberts will personally reply to three of your questions a year.
  • Your name on the wall-of-honor at Cloud Imperium HQ if you subscribe for at least 12 months.
  • Jump Point: Year One, a printed collection of Jump Point issues provided to anyone who subscribes for the entire first year of development.
  • Imperator decal for your Ship.
We’re excited about making these two development subscriptions available immediately, but once again our ambitions are a little bit ahead of our site’s capabilities. As such, we’re asking interested subscribers to purchase the Centurion or Imperator pledge from our main page. This will bill you for the first month. Once the crowd funding phase has ended we will then spend the time needed to properly implement a recurring charge through all our supported payment methods, which we will have up and running in time for your second month’s subscription payment.

We are eternally grateful for all the amazing support you’ve given us so far and we don’t expect any more from any of you. This is completely optional and is all about your desire to see that Star Citizen is the richest game possible from the outset.