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Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
34,397 backers pledged $2,134,374 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

$1 Million Dollars on Kickstarter!

We'd like to thank the incredible Kickstarter community for helping us hit $1 million in pledges today. That's twice our original Kickstarter goal and it brings the combined campaign total very close to $3 million! It's incredible and humbling and we promise we're going to put that money to good use, building the game you're dreaming about.

The big news at the million dollar mark is that the largest playable ship is now the Idris-class corvette, a powerful capital ship that you can crew with your friends. We'll release more information about this warship in the coming weeks. In addition, all pledgers will get an extra 500 credits in the finished game to celebrate. Let the good times roll!

Our next Kickstarter goal is $1.25 million, where we'll be able to build hidden smuggler asteroids. Remember the rumors of a secret asteroid cache in Privateer that no one could find? Well, Star Citizen will have real ones for you to discover!

We'd also like to take this moment to show off the first of the "Citizen Cards" you've been pledging for. This is the Scout-level "white" card which everyone purchasing will receive  Note that this is just the digital mock up  we'll show you the finished cards when they're printed... and, of course, yours will be personalized with your name!

And the best news is there's still 10 days left in the campaign. So keep spreading the news about Star Citizen so we can add more playable ships, more star systems and more exciting features to the game. And a sincere thanks to EVERYONE who has pledged!

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Star Citizen versus Squadron 42 - Cast Your Vote!

Hello pilots! America has voted and now so can you. We’re taking the election theme to heart and offering you our own form of voting to help push us towards our stretch goals. 

The big question: which part of the game are you most looking forward to... the intense single-player action of Squadron 42 or the vast and complex open world of Star Citizen? You can cast your vote in the form of a limited edition fighter skin which will be available in the finished game. 

$5 will get you a set of military markings for your ship designating your allegiance with Squadron 42... or the same amount will get you an explorer skin, outfitted with the Star Citizen jump point logo. Unlike a real election, you’re welcome to vote twice! You can add your skins through the Roberts Space Industries site or by using the reward customization feature on Kickstarter! 

So get out there, pick up a skin and start recruiting your friends to call the Star Citizen world home!

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Poll: Additional Stretch Goals

As we enter the last two weeks of the pledge campaign, we’re continuing to look at ways to make sure Squadron 42 and Star Citizen are the game you want to play. To that end, we’re preparing to roll out a more comprehensive set of stretch goals… and, as usual, we would like the community’s input. What do YOU think we could plan to add to our campaign?

One big topic we’ve seen discussed is support for additional platforms: OSX, LInux and the like. Because of how CryENGINE 3 works we don’t yet know if this will be possible… but we’d like to know how strong an interest there is! If this is a deciding factor for you, select that option in the poll to let us know which platform you’d like to see supported below.

Localization seems to be another big request. We plan to launch the game in English, French, Spanish and German and support further options as time goes on… but would it help to see the game offered in additional languages? If so, which languages do you think should be added first?

Other options include more ‘rewards’ for players (ships, upgrades, credits, etc.), more gameplay modes and a bigger game world. An enhanced FPS mode would give you more options for the boarding actions (more weapons, customizable armor, deeper mechanics.) A tactical mode could allow capital ship crews to oversee fighters engaged in battle. Obviously those all sound great… but which is the most important?

Finally, possibly the most important option on this poll is “other”: please, tell us YOUR ideas for possible stretch goals! You can make your voice heard by posting here in the comments or by voting in the formal poll at the RSI Comm-Link.

Add-Ons are here!

You've asked and we've listened!

We've added instructions on how to do both digital and physical add-ons through Kickstarter on Star Citizen's home page.  We owe a big thanks to the folks at Uber and Obsidian for figuring out a smart way to do it inside the Kickstarter pledge system and to our community to pointing it out to us!

Here are the details on how to customize your reward tier even more.  -

Add the following prices on to your pledge using the Manage Pledge button at the top of the Star Citizen Kickstarter site.

Digital Add-Ons

  • Digital Electro Skin Hull Enhancement +$5
  • Add-On Ship: Aurora +$25
  • Add-On Ship: 300i +$55
  • Add-On Ship: Hornet +$110
  • Add-On Ship: Freelancer +$110
  • Add-On Ship: Constellation +$225
  • Digital Download: Star Map +$5
  • Digital Download: Full Star Citizen Soundtrack +$10
  • Digital Download: 42 page book “The Making of Star Citizen” +$10
  • Digital Download: 42 page book “Engineering Manual for Modders” +$10
  • Digital Download: Star Citizen Novella written by Dave Haddock, the man behind the Time Capsule and Spectrum Dispatch lore. (delivery TBA) +$15

Physical Add-Ons

Please note that shipping is required for tiers below $125 in the US. If outside the US shipping required if not already included with the tier.

  • Fold up glossy full color map of the game universe +$10
  • CD of game soundtrack +$20
  • Hardback bound 42 Page Book “Squadron 42 Manual” +$20
  • Hardback bound 42 page Book “Engineering Manual for Modders” +$20
  • Hardback bound 42 page book “The Making of Star Citizen” $+25
  • Spaceship shaped USB stick +$30

Ok, what do I do now?

When the Kickstarter campaign concludes you will receive a survey that will allow you to select how you would like the add-on money assigned.

For more details please check out the detailed instructions on the RSI site

There will be more stuff!

We'll be adding some more digital and physical items next week, and for those that would prefer to add on some of the new items on the RSI site as opposed to Kickstarter we will add those as options on Monday.

Thanks to all our backers for their amazing support so far! 

Have a great weekend everyone!

The Xi’An – General Questions

Where are they? 

The Xi’An Empire located along the border of the Eastern Systems is comprised of at least fourteen systems. The Xi’An government has not disclosed the exact number of systems under their control but it is assumed that they have more territory deeper into space. 

What kind of government do they have? 

The Xi’An Empire is a hereditary absolute monarchy. The title of Emperor passes down through the family line. The emperor has a High Council of Advisers, each representing a facet of the government. On each planet under Xi’An control there is a similarly structured Council that runs that world. Those Council Members report directly to their respective counterpart on the Emperor’s Council. 

How is their military structured? 

Service is compulsory. Every male/female is obligated to serve a term of service (fifteen years) in one of the branches of the military and are considered to be reserve members for the rest of their life. Estimates place the standing Xi’An armed forces at over sixteen million. This is not including the civilian populace, all of which effectively have combat training. 

Are the Xi’An aggressive? 

As far as the UEE has had established contact with the Xi’An, they have not been the aggressors in any wars that we know of. Based on information supplemented to the Ark, their history is rife with civil war and power struggles. Over the past five centuries, the Xi’An have adopted alternate methods to warfare, they prefer subtlety and manipulation to overt conflict. Analysts have concluded that it was through Xi’An influence that the revolution and subsequent overthrow of Imperator Messer XIX was able to succeed back in 2792. 

I know the UEE hasn’t had the friendliest history with the Xi’An, do they still hate us? 

In the darker era of human history, the Imperator and government often used the Xi’An threat as a means to terrify their own citizens and swell the power of the military. Although neither side declared open war, there were many casualties on both sides from covert operations, sabotage, and espionage. Due to their extended lifespan, there are Xi’An from that era are still alive. For example, Emperor Kray who negotiated the daring peace accord with Senator Akari back in 2789 is still in power. There are undoubtedly members of the Xi’An government who still regard the UEE with suspicion and distrust. The current Imperator has always been clear that our futures are intertwined. As more human Corps enter into tech-exchange deals with Xi’An companies, apparently they feel the same. 

Helpful Phrases (presented phonetically) 

Shē’sueren – literally “Hello and Greetings with Peace.” This is the formal greeting and meant to only be used among close friends or with trusted business partners or in the hope of establishing a bond. Use of this phrase in a casual manner or when approaching a situation with tension or duplicity will immediately marginalize you in the Xi’An’s eyes. One could argue that it’s a pledge of truth and honor as much as a greeting. 

Chac – A casual hello. To be used among peers or to subordinates. Use of this phrase from a subordinate to a superior or to a Xi’An of a higher caste than you will cause offense. 

Athlē-korr – “Safe Travel” a formal good-bye. Roughly the equivalent of Godspeed in ancient Earthen sea-faring days. 

Gath – Casual good-bye. 

It seems like their language is very socially constructed and tonal? What happens if I do make an error? 

A majority of the Xi’An can be quite forgiving when it comes to minor social infractions. They understand that, more often than not, it is not intentional and appreciate the effort to learn their customs. But if you find yourself offending a Xi’An, you don’t have to worry. They won’t get angry or try to kill you. The Xi’An find such displays of emotion to be immature. They will simply shut down and become curt, succinct, and intractable Most of these social rules only apply to the first several meetings. Once a bond of trust or friendship is established, the Xi’An are quite forthcoming and relaxed.    

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