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Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
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Citizen Card Update / Pledge Linking

Posted by Cloud Imperium Games Corporation (Creator)

Greetings, Citizens,

This Friday, February 15, is your LAST CHANCE to sign up for your customized Citizen Card! Please visit the Roberts Space Industries website and click on the red Shipping Information box in your My Account section to access the shipping form. The cards are going into production very soon and we need everyone’s information now in order to create custom cards featuring your preferred name! If you do not fill out the shipping form by Friday, your card will no longer be unique - so don't delay, get your card now!

If you have not created a Roberts Space Industries account, check your e-mail today! New messages went out this morning to all unlinked Kickstarter backers. These e-mails contain a custom link which can be used to import your Kickstarter pledge to the RSI system, allowing you to sign up for your customized Citizen Card. Your linking message will have been sent to the e-mail you have registered with Kickstarter. If it is not in your inbox, check your spam folder. The subject is “Register your Pledges to Star Citizen.”

For more information, please see the Citizen Card FAQ.

Please note that we are currently working through e-mail support requests regarding Citizen Cards. As long as you have contacted we will get to you and you will receive your custom card, regardless of the deadline. Because of the volume, this may take several days; there is no need to send a follow-up message. If you have been having an issue with the form or would like to change/upgrade your status, please try again: we’ve rolled out an enhanced version that allows for further changes today!

We’ve had several requests in recent days to upgrade the bronze and silver level cards from plastic to metal. We’ve investigated this and it is possible for a limited fee - only if there is enough interest for a full production run and to cover manual labor cost of fulfillment. This would also create a delay in delivery date. As such, we’ve decided to poll the community. If you are expecting a bronze or silver card or you would upgrade for this, please fill in the poll at Roberts Space Industries.


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    1. Eduardo Alvarez on

      @MechPilot, @Steven Chin: from my understanding, that is not correct. Digital only versions do not get physical rewards. For example I have the Scout pledge which is a digital copy of the game but it includes a physical Card, there was also a Digital Scout pledge level: which did not include the card. Along with 2 more versions of the Digital Scout for a few extra $ towards the end.

      It was up to the backer to choose a pledge that got them a card or not; unless you were one of the later backers, In that case you can think of the card as a special thank you to the earlier lower tiered backers that wanted one.

    2. Missing avatar

      Richard Leggett on

      Yaaa I upgraded to a metal card ..many thanks ..very happy :)

      can hardly wait

    3. Terry Bonds on

      Aye, I'm keeping mine digital only as I have no need for anything physical being sent my way. They do look very good though.

    4. Missing avatar

      daquack on

      I will stick with Digital Package..saves them a few pennies on shipping me trinkets.

    5. Jaco Schutte on

      Digital packages do not include physical items, hence no card. If you switch your pledge from digital to physical, you qualify for the card again.

    6. Steven Chin
      @MechPilot it should include it, under "what are the card levels" the sixth headline, it says $30-$59 get the white card

    7. MechPilot on

      So what the hell, people that paid $30 get a physical reward, people that paid 35-37 do not? Get ya coming and going lol

    8. Lastof on

      @Styggron: I believe it is $5 to ship the card, then $10 to ship the rest of the stuff on release (which makes the $15 in total). So the $15 you added should cover all the shipping.

    9. Brian Murray

      @William Click on the Red shipping box under Your Account. If the box isn't there or if the info isn't already filled in once you click on it, then it didn't work. I had to switch from Chrome to IE to make it take my info.

    10. Styggron on

      I pledged at Freelancer and saw shipping was $15 for outside US. I thought this was all inclusive and included SC and the card. I wasn't sure so I put in some extra $ to keep $15 in my account for the physical shopping. Is this correct or is the card postage $15 and then the Freelancer pack is $10 postage ?

    11. Industrial Scribe on

      You have my Axe,

      and my $10 :)

    12. Missing avatar

      dao2 on

      Upgrading would be awesome! I was pretty bummed out after hearing that I would get the plastic when there was the spiffy metal ones :/ I would have loved to upgrade but I just couldn't shell out that much for one that was in the metal, for $10 I would jump at it though! I didn't even think to request it but thank you for the people who did request so it came up and thank you for considering the request!!!

    13. Patrick on

      Nice! Didn't even know this was an issue, but if the option to upgrade makes it, I'd be happy to add another $10 for a silver metal card!

    14. TheChosenOne on

      $10 is just to much so no.

    15. William C Crawford on

      I fill out the form and hit 'beam me up' and then the page refreshes, blank. How do I know if I've actually managed to enter my information or not?

    16. Missing avatar

      Rudolf P on

      I'm one of lower levels not included on the poll, but I'd gladly pay larger fee to upgrade to metal card. I have childhood fascination with space exploration and ID cards, courtesy of 80s and 90s scifi.