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Citizen Card & T-Shirt FAQs

Posted by Cloud Imperium Games Corporation (Creator)

We’re excited to announce that we’re almost ready to begin production on the Citizens Cards! We’re now collecting your shipping information so we can get these cool collectibles into your hands. Take a moment to read the FAQ below, then if you’re eligible for a card head on over to and hit the large red shipping box to begin the process! 


My Citizen Card Note: This is a mock-up of our Gold Citizen card made from solid brushed metal for our Vice Admirals!

Why own a citizen card?

Your citizen card is a memento for you, with your Unique ID# and chosen name. They are a tribute to your contribution to make Star Citizen possible. Cards are being made now as a one-off production because the foundation for this game can only be laid once in history and you all blew it out of the stratosphere with a record breaking crowdfund! 

How do I know which card I qualify for? 

The shipping form will calculate your aggregate (total) pledge amount and show your current card level before you submit it. Please look in your account page and you will see a big red box titled ‘Shipping Information’ to click on. (Please note: if you are ‘digital only’, there will be NO big red box). T-shirts, add-on ships, manuals, novellas, credits, one-year upfront subscriptions and any subscription pledges paid up until Feb 15th count. We are unable to include subscription pledges ahead of time as we have no way of knowing when you may cancel. 

What if I have digital only pledges and now want to opt in for a citizen card? 

Please send an email to 

What if I would like my card shipped later or no longer want it? 

Just do not fill in your shipping form. 

Does gifting reduce my aggregate/total pledge and hence citizen card level? 

Yes. Once the gift has left your basket it is no longer counted towards your total. If you were Mr. or Mrs. Generous and gifted out like Santa thus significantly reducing your total and now unhappy about this, please contact and we can search manually for your pledging history.

What are the card levels? 

White – Scout – $30-$59
Green – Bounty Hunter- $60-$124
Bronze – Freelancer or Colonel – $125-$249
Silver – Rear Admiral $250-$499
Gold – Vice Admiral $500-$999
Platinum – High Admiral, Grand Admiral $1000-2499, $2500-$4999
Black – Space Marshal or Lt Commander $5000-$9999
Titanium – WING COMMANDER $10K+ 

 What are the cards made of? 

Gold, Platinum, Black and Titanium Cards will all be made from solid brushed metal and samples look awesome! Silver Cards and below are made from credit card plastic. 

 Can I receive more than one card? 

Unfortunately due to production and shipping logistics of 100K+ fans pledging for multiple tiers, we are only able to send out one card per account. Having said that, should you really desire to have more than one card, you can create a second account and gift a portion of your purchases over to it. If you are outside of the USA this will double your shipping costs too. Please take note that once the pledge is gifted over to your other account that it will reduce the total in your first account. 

What name can I put on my card? 

The name you choose can be a maximum of 26 characters including spaces. European language characters are available but unfortunately no Asian characters. You may use your real name, in-game name or a combination of the two. (We know a lot of you would like to reserve your callsign/in-game name and we hope to be able to offer this to you all) 

Can I make changes to my name after I submit the form? 

No. Once you submit the form your card is locked in. 

I have already sent my information to Sandi, do I need to fill out the shipping form?

No. Sandi is missing a few responses so please check your spam filter or contact us. 

What’s the deal with my T-shirts? 

The deal is: If you have ordered T-shirts and ship them now with your citizen card, T-shirt shipping is FREE – you’ll also receive all your goodies sooner and in one package! If you don’t already have a T-shirt in your basket, you can purchase and get free shipping with your card. If you’re all digital and don’t want a card but you want a T-shirt then shipping is still free within the US and $5 outside the US. T-shirts outside of this shipment may not be delivered for a while. Production on the next batch of shirts is TBD as we are ramping up work on the game and we may make these two styles a limited production run. So just the $25 per T-shirt, instead of up to $40 (including shipping) for only 1 T-shirt to some countries! 

What quality are these T-shirts? 

High thread count, high quality cotton. 95% Cotton with 5% Lycra so the shape will last and your T-shirt will be comfortable to wear. 

How do I know my T-shirt size? 

T-shirts are all unisex, pre-shrunk sizes from XS – 4XL. Here’s the approximate sizing;
 XS Chest (inches) 30-32, Waist 28-30, Length 27
S Chest (inches) 34-36, Waist 30-32, Length 28
M Chest (inches) 38-40, Waist 32-33, Length 29
L Chest (inches) 42-44, Waist 33-34, Length 30
XL Chest (inches) 46-48, Waist 36-38, Length 31
2XL Chest (inches) 48-50, Waist 40-42, Length 32
3XL Chest (inches) 50-52, Waist 44-48, Length 33
4XL Chest (inches) 52-54, Waist 50-52, Length 34 

 What if I’ve already paid for shipping? 

If you’ve already paid for shipping this will show as a credit which can be allocated to the shipment of your citizen card. 

Can I use Kickstarter credits for my T-shirt/s and shipping? 

Absolutely! If you don’t have enough credit to cover the cost completely you’ll be able to pay for the remaining amount at checkout. 

 How much will shipping cost? 

Card shipping is free within the USA, $5USD outside of the USA. Add your T-shirt/s now for shipping with your card and shipping is FREE to anywhere on this planet. If you are digital only but would like to purchase a T-shirt, your shipping will be free within the US and $5 outside the US. This is a great deal as after Feb. 15th, T-shirt shipping will be $5-15. 

What happens if I don’t fill out the form by the deadline and still want my citizen card? 

We will still send you a card, however, the name will be blank and ID# generic. It may also be shipped closer to game launch to avoid someone from CIG going to the post office every other day. 

When is the deadline to fill out this form? 

Please be sure to get your info. in by February 15th 2013! Remind your friends and help us get the word out!! 

When should I expect delivery? 

Early April 2013 (unless there are unforeseen productions delays). 

Customer Service Contact 

Please email;


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    1. Grant Bagwell on


      Emailed admin and billing but still not had a response back regarding the citizen cards - I had already added the postage amount to the pledge so don't see why I am being asked for it again.

      Could someone please respond with a resolution please?

    2. Missing avatar

      Ryan Dalby on

      I just signed up for my account on PSI, I'm forget to do things like this...a lot, is there something I need to do to get my Pledge to show up so I can get my card?

    3. Rob Fossey on

      Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:

      Roberts Space Industries (
      The e-mail address you entered couldn't be found. Please check the recipient's e-mail address and try to resend the message. If the problem continues, please contact your helpdesk.

    4. Missing avatar

      Mike Green on

      Does anyone know where the shipping credit appears? I pledged when the donations were being taken by the backup site, and it asked for shipping at the time, but when I try to set my shipping info now, it adds shipping costs to the total. I have emailed support, but maybe I missed something and someone here knows?

    5. Stefan Maxwell on

      Can't submit the form...

      Have emailed support!

    6. Jon C ~ The Lurking Writer on

      I pledged $250 for the REAR ADMIRAL level, and added the $15 for International Shipping. In my account on the RSI site, it says I have $15 additional RSI credit. It gives me the option to use this to cover the cost of the card and/or a t-shirt I might wish to order.

      My question is this:- if I use all of the credit to pay for the shipping of the card and t-shirt, do I then need to pay extra when the game (and the rest of the physical extras from the pledge level) is(/are) ready to be sent?

    7. Arjan Schokking on

      Hmm, hit red button, enter information, hit beam me up, end up at the reset form.

      I think you need to hire a better web programmer :)

    8. Dennis Sorensen on

      I pledged for the 'Mercenary' white card level, and would just like a confirmation, that 'mercenary' still goes on the card?

    9. Lisa B./Fun*Key Skate Gear Co. on

      Same problem, no red box and only showing 110 dollars of 215 pledged! And @Torolf, yes. No one said we had to do that to get our rewards. I did register over at RSI and pldeged a lot above to get more than one shirt. No red box, just asking who referred me???

    10. Lucius Voltaic on

      John, Andrew, it should look like this on your Account page:

      Torolf, why do you care?

    11. Torolf - Alchemist of the Obsidian Order on

      Do you guys have a system for getting the card information from those of us who haven't/won't register on the RSI site? Registering on the RSI site was not a condition for getting the rewards promised for the pledges.

    12. Missing avatar

      Thomas Gregory on

      Does anyone have an idea of when the Galactipedia, etc. on the front page are going to be unlocked?

    13. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      @John I also don't have the shipping box so I've sent them an email. I did have my account linked but I wonder if there was a problem somewhere.

    14. NotDomo on

      I would like to receive the card shipped later with the game. I have attempted to not fill out the Shipping Info, but it won't save/accept my card type+name without the Shipping Info.

    15. John Robertson

      I used your link to RSI website. I saw no "large red shipping box". I logged in with my previously generated password, was accepted but still no "large red shipping box". Am I the only one having this problem?

    16. Micartu on

      i've pledged for colonel level with phisical goods, i've added 60 dollars to have the phisical books that aren't part of my colonel level. in that 60 dollars there are even the money needed to send me all the package. now... inside the website i can use part of this 60 for the shipment of the card, but if i do this, in the future, when all the goods will be ready, the money won't be enough to receive what i've choosed. how i must to do to give RSI my address and the data to write on my bronze card, if i want to receive ALL the stuff (even the bronze card) toghether in nivember?

    17. Lucius Voltaic on

      I have $30 in my RSI credit account that I'd like to allocate to add-ons. But on my account page it just says "You will be able to allocate these credits to digital and physical add-ons at a later date." and on the add-ons page there's no option to pay with RSI credit. How do I proceed?

    18. Missing avatar

      Icematt12 on

      Any mention though as to what will be allowed for in-game names? Alphanumeric term or a first name and family name?

    19. Ben Drechsel on

      So I didn't pledge enough for a shirt originally, but now that I see the designs I want one, or both!

      Is there any way to add on a shirt now, or is it too late?

    20. Lastof on

      Ronald: I believe only the T-Shirts and Cards are coming now. Things like the USB Stick will be once the game is released (I mean, they can't send a USB stick of a ship in the game when they haven't finalized the design of the ships yet).

      William: Some people have said that it doesn't like Chrome, but have succeeded using a different browser. Try using one you weren't when you first tried and see if it works then?

    21. Ron Au on

      @Johan van Dissel You would most certainly be correct!:

      @Ronald (Nice name btw) From how I interpret it, "all your goodies" seems to mean all your t-shirts and your card. Of course they aren't going to send a game, novella, soundtrack or star system that aren't even finished :P If your aggregate pledge total was/is at least $125 though, you will probably receive all your goodies together in your collector's box when the game comes out.

    22. Missing avatar

      William cassey on

      Hi I tried entering my details but the site does not appear to be accepting them?

    23. Faraiya

      Am I correct in assuming that the difference between the Bronze Freelancer and Bronze Colonel cards is only the title on the left-hand side of the card?

    24. Missing avatar

      Ronald on

      I have a question:
      If I order a T-shirt with my card, then I get all my goodies sent early. But my USB-stick should have all the game data on it. How is this going to work?

    25. CrazedHatter - OO's Lunatic in a Hat on

      So what if you have more than one shirt on your pledge list?

    26. Missing avatar

      Tobias K on

      Cool to finally get an update on the cards.
      However Danish letters does not seem to work properly (æ ø å) in the form.