Star Citizen

by Cloud Imperium Games Corporation

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    1. Jalister on

      Very nice update, and I like the information regarding developers and publishers. Thanks for bringing Wildman to the attention of so many backers. I've been been a Wildman backer since day one, and I'm obviously a backer of Star Citizen.

    2. Gurney on

      Thanks for giving us this insight!
      Very interesting!

    3. DeeK on

      It's interesting to hear the dynamics between the publisher and developer. As a guy who just buys the game, it's not something I'm usually made aware of.

      Amazing that so much money is spent on marketing! I guess that's one advantage of crowd funding. No need to market to the crowd who have already funded the project. Another advantage, from the crowd's perspective; it's satisfying to receive updates on the project.

    4. Greg "Scorpio" Myers

      Nice update! It's great to watch these sit down conversations between great game developers. Chris Taylor is awesome and I hope Wildman gets funded...looks like a really great concept.

    5. René M Jensen on

      Yet another guy he is helping out :) its really nice of Roberts.

      Definitely hope Wildman gets funded as well.

    6. René M Jensen on

      Chris + Chris = ? AWESOME :)

    7. Mathias Boesen on

      Interesting read. I had no clue either on the developer vs publisher relationship these days.

    8. ThomasN on

      Thanks for the shout-out. I hope we all want to definately want to play another GPG game when it's done.

    9. Bil Irving on

      Couldn't agree with you more Chris (and Chris). The likes of EA and their endless annual patches costing £40 - £50 a pop have to die.

    10. James Bauer on

      I have already backed him. I have loved his games since back when TA came out so I had to do it :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Ian Rocha on

      Yeah, I already backed Wildman too. Less because of Name Branding and more because I found the game interesting.

    12. Diego on

      I did not back Wildman.

      I'm a Chris Taylor fan. He made total Annihilation, a quatum jump in the RTS archetype, and has to be recognized.

      I was not too happy, tough, about his stance against Planetary Annihilation. Those guys worked with him, and he, simply put, said RTS is no longer doable, and that's why he went small scale MOBA-ish.

      Well, if you're gonna do games because you think that's what the market want, feel free to do so. But why not do it with publishers? It's their game, making money.

      I like RTS. A LOT. I don't like MOBAs. And I think very few people will play a PvE MOBA more than a few hours.

    13. Grant Bagwell on


      Emailed info and billing but still not had a response back regarding the citizen cards - I had already added the postage amount to the pledge so don't see why I am being asked for it again.

      Could someone please respond with a resolution please?