Star Citizen

by Cloud Imperium Games Corporation

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      Lorenz Jugel on

      This is only for those of us which haven't already been linked automagically, right?

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      Justin Baker on

      I know my pledge is recognized and has been upgrade on the main website. Will i still need to try to link the accounts?

    3. J. "Tech" Priest on

      I believe you're right. As long as you used the same email between your RSI and Kickstarter than you should be okay. Especially if you see your credits from KS and your tier that you chose from KS on your RSI account.
      This is only for people that used different emails.

    4. John Lacy

      It's showing my pledge on the main site, but not that I ordered a shirt, anything I should do?

    5. Shrike on

      @John: The extra money over your pledge from here is converted to credit on the RSI site. Eventually they will implement a system where you can choose to spend that credit on add on items, and it's then you'll pick out the shirt you want.

    6. John Lacy

      Gottcha. Thanks Shrike.

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      Bart Mooren on

      This is confusing, which custom link?

    8. MasterWandu on

      Hmmm... I had to read it 3 times to understand what the heck was going on! I think it could have been far better worded for clarities sake.

    9. Travis Bryant

      If I can already see my pledge on my RSI account page, does mean that I am good to go?

    10. Michael Sheperia on

      For those of you wondering why your citizen card isn't showing and why you have a credit on your card for the value of said card - DONT PANIC, I had the same issue and got a response from Cloud Imperium straight away when I queried it. Response was as follows:
      "Once the shipping form comes out you will be able to opt in for the citizens card and receive one.
      Sorry for the confusion but it won't show on your account.
      Best and thanks for your support! "

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      Haree78 on

      Right I'm getting confused, I created a RSI account around the time of the first e-mail request but I haven't had a pledge appear on my account even though I used the same e-mail. I have had a second e-mail since saying I still haven't linked my RSI account and now this update. Is there another step I am missing somewhere?

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      Jakub on

      Ok i have NO IDEA what link they might be talking about. any1 care to help?

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      BV on

      Also not sure what link this is referring to... I see Bounty Hunter in my RSI account with the physical green card... anything else needed?

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      MetalFatigue on

      This announcement is confusing.

      Do people that have their pledge showing on their RSI account need to do anything?

      I used the same email as the one from KS and I have my digital scout pledge already in the RSI Account.

      Official reply would be appreciated

    15. Rabain on

      The first email they sent to your kickstarter account email address has a blue image in it that says "Click here to go the RSI website to register your pledge". The subject of that email should read "Register your Pledges to Star Citizen".

      Make sure your email has images turned on and you have the correct email account open. When the link brings you to RSI site you will be able to either Register (if you don't have an RSI site account) or log in directly to your existing RSI site account. You accept the link and you are done.

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      Fingorn on

      Same problem here as MetalFatigue: I find this confusing.
      My Kickstarter Pledg is already shown on the RSI Site - so do I have to do anything? It seems, that the Pledge has already been merged.
      There should be some clarification in an update.

    17. Rabain on

      If you have already linked your account and you can see your pledge on the RSI site then you don't need to do anything with regard to this Update. They will send a further email or announce an Update when they are ready for you to allocate any extra funds on the RSI site.

      For example I also pledged for some tshirts but on the RSI site all I see is some cash credit balance and no list of what I actually want. They will send an email later when the site has the ability for me to assign that credit to tshirts. So currently I see a pledge tier and some cash credit on the RSI site. account

    18. Spyke Alexander

      Looks like this update was written badly. You only got the email if you *had not* linked your Kickstarter to your RSI account. They posted this on the forums:

      "We re-sent an email last night to those people who pledged on Kickstarter but did not get their pledge merged with our system. If your Kickstarter pledge is unlinked make sure to check the mailbox associated with your Kickstarter account. There's a handy-dandy hyperlink that will get you linked up auto-magically! "

    19. Paskarl (k0SH) on

      Confused too.
      Haven´t registered/ linked anything so far at
      Don´t have received any mail with an custom link so far.
      Have registered at now with my kickstarter used name/ mail address.
      Logged on to R.S.I site I can´t find my $30 pledge "Your Pledge Details".
      What did I miss??? :(

    20. Richard Farry on

      This may just be a blip, an unfortunate email that doesn't make much sense. But guys get someone who knows about usability on your team, and if you have someone already get them to check stuff! Even just looking at my pledge details is confusing, you've got a column marked digital only in a table and having it *blank* is supposed to indicate that yes it is digital only. What?

    21. Rabain on

      You missed the part where you received an email sent to whatever email address you use here at Kickstarter and had to click a link in that email to link your account to an RSI account.

    22. Paskarl (k0SH) on

      Thanks Rabian!
      I´ve mailed and asked for another mail of those ;-)

    23. Roland on

      What was the subject of the email?

    24. Roland on

      Mine is already linked in RSI, so I don't have to do anything I guess?

    25. Tad Simmons on

      Is this only for ones who didn't match up? I did NOT receive this mail, but my pledge was tied to my RSI acct a couple weeks ago...

    26. Missing avatar

      Patrick Dugan

      I checked my account on RSI and while my base level pledge shows up, the add-ons that I purchased don't. Will these be added?

    27. Paul Southcott on

      "You currently have $25.00 in your RSI Credit account. You will be able to allocate these credits to digital and physical add-ons at a later date."

    28. Missing avatar

      Fritter on

      If you already linked your accounts, you should be fine. If you want to check, just go to RSI, log in, and go to My Account. It should show your pledge amount, and your credit for add-ons below it.

    29. pbear on

      My KS pledge showed up at my already-registered RSI account sometime in mid/late December. Nonetheless I got this e-mail. This e-mail does not seem to contain a _custom_ link, just a plain one direct to the RSI webpage. Since it already seems linked properly, I guess I wait till they announce when we can allocate the additional funds over the base pledge amount toward different add-ons.

      tl;dr — if it's already linked you're golden.

    30. Raffy on

      Hello I did the $30 pledge and my accounts are already linked so that's great. The only issue I have is I didn't receive an email for my citizens card physical reward yet.

    31. High Admiral Doji on

      I don't remember if I included my physical address in any email or even here on KS. Don't they usually request your address in a survey email after the KS drive ends? I'm a little worried because my HDD also crashed after the drive ended and I don't know if I already answered or not.

    32. Trubaduren on

      I agree. I added the 15 extra bucks for shipping when I pledged, and now that stands as 15 credits on my RSI account? It's a bit convoluted this, so I can understand people's confusion. I'm sure many would appreciate some official clarification.

    33. Gerard Braad on

      > Please check the e-mail you have registered with Kickstarter for a custom link to attach your pledge to a Roberts Space Industries account.

      Excuse me... Not sure what is meant here... I have not received a message, email or survey.

    34. Ron Au on

      Translation, if I understand correctly!:

      Attention Kickstarter pledgers! If your Kickstarter account has not already been linked to a Roberts Space Industries (RSI) account, please check your e-mails for the e-mail address that you have used to register on Kickstarter. It contains a customised link that will allow you to create and link your Kickstarter details to the RSI website.

      You will need to do this so we can ship your Citizen Cards and any other physical goods you may have pledged for... and so we can give you access to the game and other extras when they are released!

    35. Grant Bagwell on

      No email received regarding linking and have e-mailed on Friday 21st Dec. with all details of RSI account and kickstarter pledge but still not linked together.

    36. Missing avatar

      Endothermic on

      No problem linking back when I got the email but like Doji I never got and email or survey asking about a shipping address nor did I enter one when I made the RSI account.

      I'm guessing there will be an addon option on your account later for international shipping so that everyone isn't left with $15 credit on their account, and when they do that there will probably be somewhere for us to enter an address as well.

    37. Akin on


      Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one confused!

      I haven't recieved any additinal email with any kind of link in it. Some people say that if I got this one email I have to do something, some say it was sent to everyone, some say it was only sent to those with a problem, some say that if I log into RSI and my pledge level and extra credit shows up, I don't have to worry...

      soooo... uh, anyone ACTUALLY know what's going on? My pledge level and additional credit do show up on the RIS account page, so I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do...

    38. Dusty on

      My RSI account has my KS pledge already-registered I take it I'm good?

    39. Lewis Green on

      I am so lost, I can’t tell if they have my information or not, my pledge is linked with the RSI site correctly .. I wish someone from RSI could verify this be emailing me :S

    40. TerraPosse on

      Another confused pilot here. I've twice tried to set up/link my KS pledge and RSI account and was told my user name & email already exists. Emailed RSI and am still awaiting a solution.

    41. Brian Seehafer on

      I never received an email to link anything either. A little confused... help pls.

    42. Agenttrap on

      I am supposedly linked, but I still dont have access to the backer areas. It says I have cash in the game, but I cant do anything with the additional cash as well...

    43. Peter Baltzer Hansen on

      i am still not linked... even though i already have an account on rsi...

    44. Missing avatar

      Oldman Winter on

      This is a Kickstarter update message so it gets sent to everyone on Kickstarter automatically.
      My account is already linked.

    45. Missing avatar

      Emaze on

      Got an account, but haven't received an email with a custom link... How does the backer section even look like? Can someone post a screenshot? Much appreciated.

    46. Missing avatar

      Alex Hague on

      Suggestion #1
      Tell us ~when the email would have been sent, the address it was sent from and what the subject was. Trawling through a spam folder without specific information is not realistic.

      Suggestion #2:
      Provide a page on RSI where we can enter our kickstarter email address and have the message resent or be notified that we have already successfully linked an account.

      Cheers :)

    47. Dominik Pich

      no email here

    48. mintu on

      my pledge is linked with the RSI site , but no email, where do i enter my adress?