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Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
34,397 backers pledged $2,134,374 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Chaotic Entropy on

      Can you endorse "War for the Overworld", because clearly you as a project have a lot of sway and a large community. It really is a game that needs to be built and time is running short.

    2. Bil Irving on

      @Hans: That's not how I understand MP will work. As I understand it, the Elite game will act as both a client *and* a server, so you can effectively host your own game. What you wouldn't have in that instance is the evolving galaxy. There's no separate server component you run, but then there doesn't need to be.

    3. Hans Liebherr on

      @Ken Varley 2 and Bil Irving

      I see, Elite has added offline SP support since the last time i read the FAQ but still that doesn't change the fact that in the future once this game is left unsupported we will lose half of the its features cause we wont be able to host our own MP sessions (e.g. host our own server).

    4. Moody Hooves on

      I've enjoyed most of molyneaux's games to some degree, but Godus doesn't actually seem visionary in any fashion. The fact that molyneaux is always trying to push a boundary or try something new is why I forgive his over promising and often heavily flawed output and generally buy what he puts out. I'm just not seeing it with this one,

      Elite honestly just doesn't strike me as a project I have faith in for basic delivery, much less living up to its own hype. How many times have we heard that a new Elite was going to come out now? I'll be happy to buy it if a decent product comes out but I don't have enough faith that it will to offer them my money.

      One of the (several) reasons SC got my backing was because of Chris Roberts' personal track record and because of the much below promised level where I would happily pay for the game anyway (updated freelancer with a server and better net code and I'm there already) so if everything promised appears then I'll be insanely happy. I'll be perfectly content with far less and I believe the track record shows that CR will deliver something in between at the very least. Second, it pushes boundaries. As I stated with molyneaux, that alone is worth something.

    5. Bil Irving on

      As if to illustrate my point - it's December 21st and we're all still here. :)

    6. Bil Irving on

      @Khaleg: Nobody can assure you of that because nobody knows the future. Nobody knows what will happen with the game, or with Frontier themselves. Not even Frontier. David Braben has said though that they will come up with a solution whereby you can still play / patch the game even if the servers have been switched off. You can still download patches for FFE through several sources, so I see no reason not to believe him. The multiplayer server authentication is much more to do with ensuring that nobody has a "modified" ship or character info, to prevent cheating / griefing within the game.

    7. Khaleg on


      When i am refering to Elite and updates i dont mean content updates, i mean hot fixes / patches to update the game and fix possible bugs.

      In the Elite: Dangerous FAQ it says:

      Q:Will the game be DRM-free?

      A:Yes, the game code will not include DRM (Digital Rights Management), but there will be server authentication when you connect for multiplayer and/or updates and to synchronise with the server.

      Here i am reading that you will needed to authenticate yourself in order to use the multiplayer component and game updates (aka patches). Thus, yes, the game have DRM because to have a fixed, up to date game without bugs, you need authentication from a server.

      If in the future i need to reinstall the game and get the patches to have the latest stable version i will need that this authentication server and nobody can assure me that this server will be up for ever.

      Yep, the game do not have DRM, the patches, yes.

    8. Shane Schrupp on

      You nailed the reasons I backed this project. The idea that the games I back here at Kickstarter means my money is saying what types of game I want and it's sticking it to big publishers that control and ruin great game ideas might be my biggest reason though. The others are close second of course. ;)

    9. Ken Varley on


      Yes it's DRM Free. The updates might only relate to being connected to the evolving universe shard.

      There is also a single player offline mode, without the evolving universe.

    10. Ken Varley on

      @Hans Liebherr:

      Yes there is will be an offline single player. You just wont get the evolving universe from the online shard.

    11. Bil Irving on

      @Hans: You can play offline. You can host your own MP sessions with "groups", and the mod support is an open question - they would like to do it, but it will happen gradually.

    12. Hans Liebherr on

      No chance to play offline, no chance to host my own MP sessions and nod mod support? then I'm wont pledge.

    13. Khaleg on

      Yes, you're right, I supported Star Citizen for all that you have commented, but something else made ​​me decide. The promise of a DRM-free game. Elite will not be DRM-free, since there will be authentication to update it, so that while these practices are carried out, i never are going to support any game constrained by this.

      It's a shame but I remember when, in order to know if i would love a game, I would take a look to the content, now I look at how the content will be delivered and its conditions.

      Investing in games has become a walk through a minefield, because now, with all these DRM schemes and online authentication, all have become a permanent rental, and if the authentication servers disappear, you just will end without the game. I am so disgusted with this treatment to the consumer that I will never support any game that involves some authentication for its single player modes or to update the game.

      This did the trick for me, your promise of a DRM-free single player. I don't care if the multi player side is with authentication, because always will be needed a server in the other side, but single player and updates are a different thing.

    14. Ken Varley on

      Excellent support Chris :)

      Its great to see you all working together with the one common aim, getting PC gaming back on the map.

      Also, showing there is life without the standard publisher model.

      I have already backed, Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous and Godus. I hope more will follow suit and rally behind the PC community :)

    15. Missing avatar

      Grant Swire on

      Saw this and i am deffinatly supporting Elite: Dangerous now. My fleet will strech all of Gamedom!

    16. Roto2esdios on

      Well you convinced me. Godus was not in my list, but I'll try because I have much faith in your words, and because I really really want a good game like Peter used to make.

    17. Tomduril on

      Wow, that is quite uncommon - I like your style! Promoting two other Kickstarter projects (ok, well after you have been funded) is unusual. Especially in the competitive industry of game development. If Kickstarter brings out the best of the industry (and I mean behavior and not people) than it has already achieved something great. Also it is nice to see that a "young" industry like computer gaming already created a network of people that know and respect each other!

      Backing both projects (about the same time that I backed SC).

    18. Juan Rial on

      Thanks for the reminder, Chris. Backing E:D was on my todo list, but I haven't been too good at managing it lately. ;)

    19. darker70 on

      A very classy gesture, I have backed Elite:Dangerous but feel the campaign has not been up to SC's standard and may falter I just hope we get a Xmas surge but if it is missed they need to show something solid and try again later maybe a dual crowd source which in the end smashed it for SC.

      Josh Parnell and Limit Theory shows how a Kickstarter can gather pace,and test the dev/devs as they scamper to add more stretch goals and Like Chris and his team constant interaction with the great unwashed really goes a long way for example Josh responded to 18 people in one of his KS comment's nice ;)

    20. Mikko Hekanaho on

      GODUS looks like an updated version of the old Amiga Populous. Elite however will receive some of my money. Even though Braben had somewhat of a rocky start with his kickstarter, his later videos have shown to be rather good in my opinion. I also like how he speaks to his backers like they are intelligent people and he's not one tiny bit condescending.

    21. Timo on

      I would have already backed godus if they would implement the creatures from black and white 1 (not B&W2. I iked the unpredictable creatures from B&W1 much more)

    22. Bil Irving on

      This is a great update, and thank you so much Chris for being so magnanimous & generous with your backing of Elite. It's a real shot in the arm for a campaign I've followed since day 1. I want to play both games & I'm a backer of both SC and E:D.
      On the "Braben not delivering" thing, it's a gross over-simplification. Elite was coded by David Braben and Ian Bell by themselves while they were at Uni. Frontier Elite 2 was coded entirely by Braben, single handedly. First Encounters was coded by fledging Frontier Developments team including Braben, but then the publisher destroyed it. Completely *destroyed* it. You can understand why he's been unwilling to go back to the publishers since, with an Elite 4.
      Kickstarter (a new thing in the UK, E:D campaign was launched on the day of Kickstarter launching in UK) provides the means Chris describes above for the first time ever - develop and publish Elite 4 without betting the entire future of Braben's company on a game that may or may not sell, and the publishers wouldn't understand or they'd try to change. This way, they can gauge interest (it's been a long time since Elite), and raise funds for development at the same time, to create the game they & we want. It's a fantastic system.
      Additionally, it's important to remember that Kickstarter is not a pre-order system. You're paying to fund the development of the game. The issue of how much it costs is entirely up to you. Personally, I've pledged over £300 for Elite: Dangerous because I've waited 20 years for it to be made & I *know* I'll play it for years to come if they make it. Some pledge more, others pledge less, but the important thing is how valuable the existence of Elite 4 is to *you*.
      So take a look at the Dev Diaries (1 and 3 show early gameplay footage), and other things on the E:D site and make your decision. I think it's going to be amazing, and if it's funded, 2014 is truly going to be a great year for PC space sims.

    23. James Diss on

      I've bought into the Molyneux hype multiple times and always come up wanting. If he produces something from the kickstarter worth buying, then I'll probably consider it, but he's exhausted his good will with me based on pre-release speculation.

      Likewise, David Braben has dangled Elite for many, many years while producing casual games and seems to have nothing more than the overall concept outlined on the kickstarter. While this is completely in line with Double Fine's 'Give us cash and we'll do something', they've actually produced something in the last twenty years. That being said, I'll probably kick in, because I spent summers with BBC B Elite, but bandying around names as though the mere mention should raise the money isn't going to work. Not only are we donating because the top-down business model is whack, but the traditional pump and dump of marketing is distasteful.

      I have faith that you can deliver on your promise, Mr Roberts. I don't have faith in messrs Braben and Molyneux.

    24. isotone on

      Very nice gesture chris!

    25. Stuart Hunt on

      Some of the criticism on here is harsh, especially the ones that criticise the use of Kickstarter. This route gives them freedom to make what they want, helps them finance it AND (crucially) find out beforehand if demand is actually high enough to make it financially viable. These games most likely wouldn't be made otherwise, and saying the developers should cough up the money themselves seems a touch naive!

    26. C on

      I already backed Elite:Dangerous, but just went back and upped the pledge to try help them make it.
      It does look really good and certainly room for both of these games to exist.

      Fair play to Chris for using his reach on here and mentioning them, really nice of you to draw attention to them.

      If i'm honest I wasn't keen on the continual "pledge X more and we unlock this!" method during this Kick Starter. Obviously it's all about getting the most money you can from this phase as possible, and it obviously worked ..
      However, I think Elite are going about it a bit more subtly and would rather have people pledge if they find it and like it, rather than shout about it at every opportunity.
      Unfortunately, it seems the subtle method doesn't work as well on here.. but I think that's the British way :)

    27. Marek Haase on

      That is really nice coming from you Chris and I'd love to follow your lead but there are few things that are not allowing me to do so.
      As matter of principles I dislike Apple for the way they do business and the only thing I can do is to vote with my wallet. 22Cans seems to be a company that is using only Apple equipment and focus on this platform. I don't like it at all despite the fact that the project itself is tempting.
      Elite on the other hand is too expensive in my opinion. Thirty pounds for a digital version of a game and without any middle men is a little bit too much (same reason I don't buy any new EA games nowdays).

    28. Tom Page on

      Definitely backing Elite - but Godus looks like a total cash in. Pull your socks up Peter.

    29. Fozza on

      @British about 2 hours ago
      Unfortunately God games are not my cup of tea (so to speak).
      Regarding Elite Dangerous, I'm with MechPilot (his comment from 8 hours ago): the way the project was presented was deterrent at best.
      It didn't feel like a proper project, and could have been summed with "It's from the guy that made the original Elite, it will be procedural and bigger, give money".
      GL to them in any case.
      Hey British you are right in that the first video needs a bit of work maybe what we need is a Chris Roberts briefing video special on the homepage!

      Either way if you spends some time looking through what Elite Dangerous are trying to do and look at some of the game engine videos (the viper escorts defending the anaconda freighters for example) you should see this is a game that has to be made.

      I Love being part of the SC community and know the Elite Dangerous project is something we can also get behind.

      Come on Folks! "Bringing the Space Sim Genre Back One Universe At A Time....."

    30. karlchen on



      That's incredibly awesome and beside "bringing back the SpaceSim, telling Publishers what to do" it's something I want as a customer to see! ;)

    31. Rafael Salomão on

      Way to go Chris!
      I backed both Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous on the 1st day. I really want to play both games. Its gonna be 2 diamonds!

    32. JHewett

      And that, my friends, is a perfect example of someone who possesses a full measure of genuine class. Bravo Chris *Applause*

    33. Senekha on

      A very nice, fair and well written update, Chris. Already pledged Elite 43 days ago :-)

    34. Kyle Symes on

      Such a champion thing to do Chris! Thanks!

    35. British on

      Unfortunately God games are not my cup of tea (so to speak).

      Regarding Elite Dangerous, I'm with MechPilot (his comment from 8 hours ago): the way the project was presented was deterrent at best.
      It didn't feel like a proper project, and could have been summed with "It's from the guy that made the original Elite, it will be procedural and bigger, give money".

      GL to them in any case.

    36. Missing avatar

      jonathan on

      I have already backed both games as well as star citizen and would like to see them all succeed xp hope you other backers from star citizen will aid in the backing.

    37. Fozza on

      @Chris Roberts - This is why you have legend status, well this and your appearance in the Briefing Video ;)

      @Rasmus Krogsager - Have a quick google search for Elite or Frontier and you'll soon see why it is so important that this game gets made as well as SC - - Also there is a paypal site for none ££ pledges

      Come on folks - "Bringing the Space Sim Genre back one Universe at a time!"

    38. Rasmus Krogsager on

      I already backed Godus, and I really hope it reaches the goal.. Never heard of Elite, and I'm afraid I'm going to have to pass on that one as I have already blown my budget :(

    39. Ivan Dubois on

      Sorry i cant pledge in pounds

    40. lennelei on

      Thanks Chris, that's a very nice update! I was already supporting Elite as it's *the* game I'd like to play again (hopping SC could replace it ;) and I think I'll support Godus, not really because I want to play it, but simply because it's xmas ^^

    41. John Purcell on

      Chris, you are a top guy! I wan't both these kickstarters to succeed.

    42. Thomas Rufer on

      Longtime backer of elite:Dangerous, but didnt know about GODUS. Backed there also :) I loved Populus!

    43. Thomas Bernstorff Aagaard on

      Chris, you are correct about why I support this game. Love the PC, love spacesims and love the more direct involvment in det process.

      In regards to x-wing.... I hope this game is so succesfull that it will get Lucas arts to realise that they ned to make a new x-wing game... or even one were you can travel the star wars galaxy and trade, finght for the impire or rebels or what ever you like... but that would offcause pretty much be copying you game :-)

    44. Andrew Barnes on

      Chris, that Project Godus link you've posted goes to your OWA - might want to edit it!

    45. BigDumbJay on

      You're right, Chris. I'm now backing both of these projects. I've been a fan of you, and Moleneux for years.

    46. David Warschauer on

      you rock chris! come on guys, godus needs your help!

    47. Missing avatar

      DamianS on

      For ED, I think the fundraising petered out when the 20 pound pledge levels ran out. People aren't willing to put up 30 pounds when they see that 10000 people just got the same thing for 20 pounds. I know I'd be to pissed off to pledge if I hadn't already got in at the lower price.

      Anyway, please give Leviathans Online some love. Flying WW1 ship combat woo:

    48. Missing avatar

      albozo on

      Great post, Chris!