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Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
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Kickstarter Account Linking Status

Posted by Cloud Imperium Games Corporation (Creator)

Greetings Citizens! We're pleased to announce that we've finished linking all the Kickstarter accounts that share the same e-mail address with RSI logins. If your address wasn't found you should have received an email with information on how to link your account. If you haven't seen it, please check your spam filters for this message. 

Remember, to access the online community (and eventually, the finished game) you will need to register an account through RSI at Your RSI account will incorporate your Kickstarter pledge and allow you to access extras and add upgrades. We look forward to seeing you there! If the email can't be located, please contact us at


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    1. Missing avatar

      Blues Spiritor on

      My RSI account was not linked correctly at all. I pledged on Kickstarter $60. for a Double package which would have allowed me to 'gift' to 2 friends at Christmas...also there is a $5. bonus for a Kickstarter pledge ( as opposed to an RSI direct pledge) After a previous glitch where I bought a 4 person package being negated without my knowledge....I did it again for a 2 person set package. All I got after many weeks was a $55. 'credit' on RSI account plus the $5. bonus being charged for and showing up independently. Way wrong and really sloppy. Sorry, but that's been my experience with Kickstarter. It still hasn't been corrected on the RSI account of January 4th. - In spite of the preceding I ( after an appeal from Chris Roberts to support Elite Dangerous on Kickstarter) ...have supported Elite with a 32 Pound UK/ 52 dollar Canadian pledge. I'm awaiting the outcome via Kickstarter. I wonder how many other people in the world also had similar experiences? Just sayin'. Great idea, Kickstarter,....really bad treatment when hard earned 'real money' is given for 'futures' and no current actual value. It's all a leap of faith and 'internet money transfer Trust' it not? Kickstarter would be smart to analyze this in actual reality.

    2. Joshua Voshell on

      My account is linked, I can confirm that by seeing on RSI's website that it knows how much I pledged however I don't know if they know my home address. I cant find a email asking for it ether.

    3. Jarikith - SpaceKatta Hero-U AGL589

      Still waiting, never heard back on my original Email, trying again now that we're past the holidays. Blergh.

    4. Jarikith - SpaceKatta Hero-U AGL589

      Still haven't received any info for linking my Kickstarter pledge with my RSI account, blergh.

    5. Kris Kennedy on


      Thank you, I saw that section but did not see anywhere to select the 'Shut up and take my money" skin.

    6. James Knight on

      Email worked like a charm.

    7. Missing avatar

      Lorenz Jugel on

      @Kris Kennedy: Look at Your Account -> Your Pledges, under the table with the pledges. There should be a section like this:

      You currently have $xx in your RSI Credit account. You will be able to allocate these credits to digital and physical add-ons at a later date. "

      I completely missed that the first time I visited the page and was about to post in this thread, but by sheer luck once again looked at it and whaddayathink, there it is.

      I think it's the greenish theme that makes stuff blend into the background or something. It's not the first time I've bungled things up on RSI.

    8. Missing avatar

      Robin Hiltner on

      The linking worked fine (my kickstarter email addres is different from RSI) but they got my pledge level wrong and changed it to a "digital only". I wrote an email to billing, hopefully they´ll correct it.

    9. Missing avatar

      Sven on

      What is the ETA on when we can select the add-on ships we purchased on top of the pledge level?

    10. Sam7001 on

      How do I add updates without paying again? I see that I have the correct credit on my account but I don't see a way to use that add payment.

    11. Peter Jacob on

      Just don't forget to toss monthly or so updates Kickstarter's way for those of us who can't keep track of the forums.

    12. Jeff J. on

      Looks like it worked, thanks!

    13. Alpharesearch on

      I did write to the admin email address and a nice customer representative had send me a link and all I had to do was open the link and press confirm... now I see my pledge.

    14. RogueDeus on

      @Porcupine: Thanks. It appears I am not linked.

    15. Porcupine on

      @RogueDeus: Look under "My account" / "Your pledge details" - if linked, you should see the amount you pledged appearing there.

    16. Kris Kennedy on

      Did the process change for getting the extra skins offered to kickstarter backers? I thought we were supposed to add extra money to our pledge and then we would get a survey to pick the special skins? Like the shut up and take my money skin. I checked on the RSI site and it's not available in the list. I haven't been on the site as much as previously due to a busy workload so I may have just missed something.

    17. RogueDeus on

      OK, it looks like I was able to register. How do I know its linked? Thanks.

    18. Palindrome Bob-XSF-I'm in AGL589-BG5.22

      I think only those whose email address from KS is different from the one at RSI got that email.
      ### Member of the Pinkerton Road Cavalry ###

    19. RogueDeus on

      The only email I have received is from this Kickstarter update. And the main RSI page is down. Only getting the cloudflare version.

    20. jack

      Didn't get the email but once the site stopped freaking out I saw it was linked.

    21. Palindrome Bob-XSF-I'm in AGL589-BG5.22

      @Philip Chao: KS messed up the link: copy that link into your email to-field and remove the 'http://'.
      @Markus Schulz: You should have received an e-mail from "Star Citizen" around November 13 titled "Register your Pledges to Star Citizen".
      ### Member of the Pinkerton Road Cavalry ###

    22. Missing avatar

      Scotty on

      Yeah where is the bloody link at the RSI that takes us to a page where we link our kickstarter pledge?

    23. Bobby Young on

      Didn't see a notice in my spam but do see my pledge has been moved over to

    24. Missing avatar

      Philip Chao on

      when clicking on the "contact us" link above, we are directed to a password protected corporate site, and cannot go any further. i need help to link my kickstarter pledge to my RSI account of a different email please!

    25. Alpharesearch on

      OK I just registered at your web page - for what do I need to look in my spam box (I do get quite a lot of spam) to complete the sign up?