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Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
34,397 backers pledged $2,134,374 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Cath on

      I like it, very Firefly feel to it.

    2. Unclever title on

      Well the size of the winglets is a step in the right direction. You just need to reduce them to the point that it's too small to see them. :D

      The rest of it I can live with no problem.

    3. Joshua Ouille on

      It was sold to the backers as a ship geared for exploration and trading, Fluffy. If you go by this first rendering, the Freelancer is just an oversized fighter.

    4. Fluffy Fiend of the Obsidian Order on

      If you want a bigger ship, buy the constellation. This is the right scale for a ship that's smaller/cheaper than the constellation with less passenger space.

    5. Kyuu on

      It looks to me like the stairs are an integral part of the landing strut, actually. Shouldn't be a problem though; there'd still be a hatch, presumably, so its not like people could just walk right in.

      The design looks good but I think the scale is a little off -- either the guy is too big or the ship needs to be a bit bigger. Also, you should try to get a little bit of the more aggressive look from the sketch without sacrificing visibility. Otherwise, keep up the good work!

    6. Ellios on

      Honestly, I like how it turned out. I'm looking forward to seeing the inside. Hopefully they'll do another ship brochure like they did with the constellation. I am curious if you can lower the front landing strut without deploying the stairs. I'm assuming you can, but I can't really tell from the picture.

    7. Missing avatar

      H@rm0n on

      Aye i agree @Comrade Suhov : that new rendering looks much better and is closer to the original sketch/drawing we voted for :) / Link :

    8. Missing avatar

      Thor on

      It's a pretty accurate design. The size is exactly as supposed to be for Freelancer - similar to Imperial Shuttle ( check the 'Ships' tab at RSI website). So the size is accurate. The visuals are 'work in progress'

    9. Missing avatar

      avi thomas on

      I do think I preferred the furled brow of the sketch. The model looses some of the personality with it's more open design. Also, the guy looks to big relative to the ship.

    10. Missing avatar

      Comrade Suhov on

      Someone did a little photospot here and render do look better:

    11. Missing avatar

      Curaidh on

      @kevin: You do realize a 32-bit client can severely impact a game due to it limiting the memory that can be allocated to 4 GB? This has nothing to do with variables at all.

      The current ship model looks tiny. I thought the Freelancer was supposed to be for trading and exploration? Judging by the size of this, the cargo bay can't really hold much. This strikes me as odd.

    12. Missing avatar

      Godewijn on

      After reading other comments: I voted and I think it looks great and close enough to the design, although the wings maybe could be a bit bigger, but you'll always get things like this: please stay actively tweaking until you get it right: I trust you guys :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Godewijn on

      Don't worry about the cards :)

      Major thanks for the cool update and the links to the videos, and awesome to see the freelancer come to life: looking awesome!

    14. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      @kevin Apart from the cockpit, the design has stayed pretty true to it sketch overall. It's very clearly the same ship from the sketch. Besides, that was just a sketch, noone should have seriously taken it as 'this ship will look exactly like this.' I did like the armoured look in the sketch, but the open one looks pretty good too. Depending on how much modifications to your ship changes the look of it, you'll probably be able to get the armoured look as well. The neck will still probably be kinked though.

      @hooby The neck appears to be bent like that so the pilot and crew can walk into the ship without having to duck so much.

    15. Drew Molloy on

      I like the glass and the cockpit style and size, looks outstanding.

    16. Missing avatar

      kevin on

      @richardfyffe it's not so much that people are complaining that it is instant, but rather that they feel that the ship has drastically moved away from the thing that they (or at the very least others) voted on. It would be like choose between these 2 people, but once the votes had been counted this 3rd person who wasn't even an option actually won. Because I didn't actually vote (probably missed that update) I think that the ship looks cool.

      @hooby similar to above.

      I would still like to hear if no 32bit client was mentioned before the MMORPG interview because I think there might be quite a few people who might not be able to play it without potentially overhauling their motherboard (those are not cheap even in the line of PC gaming)

      @brandon a 32 bit client would not effect the overall game. Seeing as what that number actually means (bus size) which means that values will be potentially smaller, but if you look at the upper end of a 32 bit int/float (the kind of vars that a game uses) that probably won't be a problem, and in all reality it would not truly effect the 64 bit version because most of the time many game engines limit themselves to 32bit vars, or just concatinate addresses if needed. Not to mention the only way it would effect a 64bit system is if you grab the wrong installer, and even then.

    17. Missing avatar

      kebrus on


      i think thats exactly what makes that design stand out, it's more organic and coherent with the rest of the ship design, the design is good as it is, it still needs some texture work but i believe when they get it to run on the engine it'll look much different and actually better, usually engines have their own characteristic style (i can even tell from what engine a game comes from only by looking at a screenshot) and cry engine has these really good ambient occlusion shadows that will give this ship a very distinct and cool style, but like i said, it needs better textures... all in it's time though :)

    18. Richard Fyffe on

      Looks fantastic, I'm excited to see the game come together. Ignore any idiots who don't understand that games don't suddenly appear, perfectly done, over night. Maybe this'll teach them a thing or two

    19. Mele on

      I like it but the engines are too long

    20. Cyco-Dude on

      less glass = less field of vision. it is not what you want, trust me.

    21. Missing avatar

      hooby on

      After reading some of the comments, I wanted to clarify that I personally believe it is a VERY GREAT thing how you give out early (euqals unfinished/not final) information and involve fans in the process.

      Don't give up on some of the other people... they will come to understand what "a sketch" (also called "a rough" sometimes) really is, and how 3D artists are creative people too (and not just robots who convert 2D drawings into identical looking polgyon models). Maybe they will even realize how exactly that entitled and complaining behavior is the cause why many publishers go for total communications blackout, and never tell fans about anything that is not completely finished and set in stone yet.

      I rather continue to have you very open and straight-forward with information - even if everything is still early WIP.

      As for the ship: I think it might look better, if the cockpit was lowered a bit, so that the ship's "neck" was straightened. I made a very fake rough unskilled edit to show what I mean:

    22. ThomasN on

      Josh Wilson interviewing Eric Peterson was a really cool. It had content and I felt that nobody wanted to BS you with PR guy speak. Thanks!

    23. Missing avatar

      H@rm0n on

      Well im not getting the freelancer anyways! , but I voted for the freelancer design #2 ( 75% votes ). And IMO it looked way cooler in the sketches compared to this 3d model. Like @Comrade Suhov said " cockpit looks oversized making whole ship look tiny. Also, there is way too much glass" and I can only agree with him on this 1. So imo make the ship more like the #2 drawing (75%) voted for. A bigger ship/smaller and more sleak cockpit and less glass. But keep up the spirit :)

    24. BitWrangler on

      Where did the wings go?

      Dont make us select one design over another when neither design is finished.

      I wonder how #2 will look when it's finished?

    25. Missing avatar

      Comrade Suhov on

      Are you sure that is a snake?

      But back to topic: cockpit looks oversized making whole ship look tiny. Also, there is way too much glass.

    26. Manolis Krestas on

      @Lisa C. Berger Like the Thorax in Eve online ? :P

    27. Brandon on

      Sure hope there is no 32bit client, it would needlessly hold the game back.

    28. Missing avatar

      shaouli on

      WOW --- ITS THE WEINER-SCHNITZEL-MOBILE! or a keen imposter of the Brazilian blind snake.

    29. Greg "Scorpio" Myers

      Wow, The Freelancer looks great!

    30. Missing avatar

      kevin on

      So there will not be a 32bit version of the client/game? Was this mentioned before.

    31. Dawn_

      Wingman XD

    32. Missing avatar

      NPSF3000 on

      Don't rush the cards, I'm still waiting to see if I'm going to up my pledge! :P

    33. Lisa B./Fun*Key Skate Gear Co. on

      I appreciate the design work but.....ahhh...umm...ok-just gonna say it. Here is the reason I voted for the flatter ship design #2. This ship now looks way too much like a giant vibrator/ b.o.b for any woman to seriously fly. I see why the guys like it. They will now all have FREELANCER ENVY!! LOL

    34. Gurney on

      Wow, the Freelancer is amazing!

    35. Missing avatar

      MeisterKS on

      Very exciting! I'm quite happy that you guys are keeping a steady flow of information for the general public, it does wonders for your image.

    36. Missing avatar

      Brandon Burton on

      I was very happy to see that you guys were offering Citizen cards, and hoped on that. It's sad to see that I'll have to wait to get one, but it's worth it! I'm really happy to see my ship's progress, thanks!

    37. mikkonator on

      This is uber sweet as usual.