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Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
34,397 backers pledged $2,134,374 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Michael D. on

      Does anybody already get the forthcoming Kickstarter end-of-campaign survey? Or how do i link my kickstarter plege to the RSI Account?

    2. Kasuko on

      So let me get this straight. I have now linked my Kickstarter to the RSI account.
      If I upgrade my pledge to the DIGITAL FREELANCER. That Freelancer will have lifetime insurance.

      If I ALSO pledge the extra amount for a Constellation ... that Contstellation will have lifetime insurance as well.

      and I have 12 months from November 26th to do so correct?

    3. Missing avatar

      kevin on

      @ellios I think what @shepard was talking about was more along the lines of "stealing" a parked ship. Where they did make reference to "capturing" which is simply a difference in vocabulary as I understand it.

      @agenttrap: I think you are talking about having 2 or more players on the same ship. Yes size permitting, but that ship will belong to one of them. And the part about saving an insurance policy for a ship you don't have yet the section on " Will my insurance carry over to ships I earn in the finished game?" Which says no.

      Though OT: how will alpha/beta transitions happen are we talking reset of persistent world, or roll over from alpha to beta to gold?

    4. Agenttrap on

      One more!
      Can you have dual citizenships? The same way some people have dual passports?

    5. Agenttrap on

      Two things, can I put down more cash for the game and receive lifetime insurance on a plane of my choice later? (Ergo I work hard and find a ship that I love and have it insured forever)

      Will you be able to share planes between alternate account/friends?

    6. Missing avatar

      Steve Oliver on

      I am a little worried that this game really sounds involved (like a second job). I am the upward swing of 50, will I need to have the twitch skills of my 20s to be able to do well in space combat? Is there an old fogie AI to help? lol

      I recommend a casual gamer section answering why Star Citizen appeals to a casual player. Questions like "Will a casual player have a fulfilling experience without having to play 30+ hours a week?"

    7. Ellios on

      @Shepard. Where did you get the idea that you can't steal an enemy ship? CR has already explained how boarding and tractor beams will work for this exact purpose.

    8. pclabtech on

      What ever you do don't watch the movie unless you are into comedy flicks

    9. Mickey Frklic on

      @YakeVlad -- Even better you can actually buy the games cheap from purchasing from -- good to catch up and try out while waiting for the real game.

      I just got back into playing Wing Commander 1 and loving it even though it's over 20 years old :/
      (which makes me feel even older)…

    10. Missing avatar

      YakeVlad on

      The answer to the question "What will the gameplay be like?" needs a better explanation. Many people who will be reading the Star Citizen FAQ may never have played Wing Commander or Privateer. Because of their age or the genre of those titles many potential players of Star Citizen would never have played them.

      Think about age demographics alone. By 2014, when the game is released, a 24 year old person would have been only 8 years old at the time of release for the last game in the Wing Commander series (1998) and would have been 3 years old when Privateer was released (1993). Thus, referring to those games as the primary description of Star Citizen will provide no meaningful understanding of the gameplay style to a large group of potential players (16-24 year olds).

      Instead, I recommend a brief description of the different gameplay aspects available, such as: "Star Citizen will feature a variety of gameplay options ranging from space flight and combat simulation to an immersive MMO. You will be able to explore the Star Citizen universe in a single-player, campaign-style mode with 50 missions, as well as a rich MMO mode offering cities and space stations located in 100 different systems for you to explore. How you play is up to you. Will you be a hot shot naval pilot, an infamous pirate, a powerful industrialist, an explorer, or something altogether different. The universe awaits and the choice is yours!"

    11. Shepard on

      Sympodius you can't 'steal' enemy ship. You can only destroy or capture it.

      Can you please advise on more specific information about the private servers. There is a lot of speculation.

      I'd like to see a FAQ about private servers.

      - What they will include?
      - Will they include an offline version of the whole persistent universe with Squadron 42 or will it be a minimum content to start your own modding?
      A lot of people are saying that with a private server module you will give everyone a copy of Star Citizen Persistent Universe and whenever update is published for Persistent Universe you will push this update to all the Private Servers.

      - Will you charge private server owners for future new updates to persistent Universe or will they be free?

      More info about private servers please.

    12. Missing avatar

      giant_snark on

      @James Yes, there will be female avatars. Here's something Chris said during one of the Reddit AMA interviews: "The goal is to let you customize the appearance of your avatar - at least in sex and the face. Maybe not as crazy as APB!"

    13. Missing avatar

      giant_snark on

      @Alexander The problem is that everyone who asks "is Star Citizen an MMO" really means "is Star Citizen like WoW or GW2", and the answer is "no".

      I think the "Is Star Citizen an MMO" section should clarify by pointing out that there are no levels, xp, or skill trees.

    14. Missing avatar

      giant_snark on

      @Sympodius Yes, it will, that's already covered.
      "Claiming on the insurance policy invalidates the hull code on your previous ship, so if it was captured or stolen the new owner will be unable to sell the ship at a regular ship dealer."

    15. John Urquhart Ferguson on

      Will insurance cover a ship being stolen?

    16. Ellios on

      @Starkillr: I seem to remember Sandi stating that subscriptions would be counted towards your total, so you should qualify for the gold card, but I'm not 100% sure.

    17. Ellios on

      @Joseph: Per the stretch goals, the largest playable ship at launch will be the Bengal class carrier, although I have no clue how you'd get your hands on one.

    18. Ellios on

      @David: The citizen card you get for pledging has nothing to do with your citizenship status in game, it's simply a nice physical reward. Getting a digital tier just means you won't get a physical card, your game play experience will be the same.

    19. Alex Valero "Danda" on

      So gifts won't have lifetime insurance? Too bad :(

    20. Missing avatar

      Alexander Brunius on

      Getting the answers right would be a good start... ;)

      The answer for "Is Star Citizen an MMO" would be: YES, and much more!

      An MMO is any online game that features a massive amount of players (normally 200+) in the same persistent world.

      And you even called the offline part of the game something else (SQ42) so that can't be confused.

      To qualify as being an MMO you have to fulfill the criteria, and Star Citizen does fulfill the criteria of being an MMO (unlike other games claiming to be an MMO even if they are not like World of Tanks).

      What makes an MMO an MMO is the persistent world, if I attack and destroy a NPC that NPC will be destroyed in all the other players (on the same server) worlds too, that makes Star Citizen an MMO.

    21. Missing avatar

      Andrew McKissick on

      And because I posted that on my phone I miss a space while pointing out a spelling error -_-

    22. Missing avatar

      Andrew McKissick on

      What about "Fleets"?

      From reading the "Instances" it looks like Multiple-Player fleets will be fairly easy to have and coordinate, but what if I want to run a fleet independant of other players? Will I be able to hire on NPC pilots? Will the NPC pilot AI be capable of handling the challenges of deep space? Will NPC pilots have deifferent skillsets and backgrounds that make them more competent in some areas but less skilled in others? What if I want to spend all my time in my private Yacht while drinking Romulan Ale with my buds and manage my Fleet grom there?

      Also, "Even" is mispeld... I mean mispelledunder the "Citizenship" section.

    23. Jaco Schutte on

      @BrandonBurton: This is already stated in the FAQ: "To play Star Citizen you need only to buy the initial game. There will never be a monthly charge for usage."
      Also, the initial announcement video shows CR playing the game using a console controller, so they will be supported.

    24. Jaco Schutte on

      @pclabtech : Oculus Rift support has been confirmed for a while now. There is even a post on the RSI website about Chris Roberts visiting the OR facility and testing the demo hardware.

      See games list here.

    25. David Kennedy on

      If we pledged enough for a Physical Citizenship Card - rewarding tier, will we have Citizenship in game?

      As an addendum: What if we chose the digital option for such a tier?

    26. David on

      Another question - what are the supported input methods? Joysticks, USB Flight Sim Yokes, pedals, etc?

      Is there a recommended ideal budget setup (e.g. Keyboard and Joystick) which will be sufficient to play every facet of the game? Or will boarding (for example) require mouse input?

    27. Missing avatar

      Joseph on

      How big will the biggest player ship be? What class would it be?

    28. Missing avatar

      LifeExplorer321 on

      Will there be the option to turn on/off subtitles/captions? Will those subtitles cover everything in the game that is voice scripted?

    29. pclabtech on

      I would SOOOOOOO love it if the game worked with the Oculus Rift! I could see looking around your cockpit / open space with that.

    30. Lucius Voltaic on

      "Is Star Citizen an MMO? No! "

      Well, it's not a traditional MMO, but it definitely has a massively multiplayer online element. A flat "No!" might give the wrong impression.

    31. The Echo Inside on

      Additional potential questions, which I'm incredibly interested in and couldn't get an answer to during the pledge period/livestream:

      When will information on modding and/or the Engineering manual be made available? (Even just for when some outlines would available, would be great, so that we can get a head start)

      Will the mod approval process be active before the game is released? (So maybe some user made content gets included with release? Or maybe a contest for same, without the full approval process being active?)

    32. David on

      A number of additional question to please consider answering:

      1) Will players be able to create multiple different 'characters' within the persistent Star Citizen universe? E.g. a military pilot and a civilian merchant? How does this interact with pledge ships - do they get allocated between a player's characters?

      2) Will there be a feasible path to a successful non-combat career in Star Citizen? For example, as a trader or explorer who has no interest in fighting? Will this require hiring NPC/PC escorts (and will that be an option)?

      3) Can the FAQ include an indicative timeline for development of the various Alpha and Beta releases?

    33. Gunnar Hellenstam on

      An explanation of how the delivery of purchased ships will be handled could be nice. I wrote an E-mail and asked, and when I posted the answer I got from Ben on the forums I got a lot of positive feedback. It seems a lot of people were wondering the same thing, but hadn't got around to voicing the question. Here's the answer I got from Ben:

      "Hello! The additional ships will be delivered as codes so you can use them with any account (as well the ships that come with different tiers, so you can combine them into one account.)

      Ben Lesnick
      Cloud Imperium Games"

    34. Starkillr on

      How will the gold citizen card be handled when considering the subscription pledge? I intend to do at least 12 mo which would put me into the $600+ territory. I will pay the sub upfront if means securing the gold card :).

    35. Missing avatar

      James Allen on

      Here's on I haven't seen answered yet: Will Star Citizen include female avatars?

      Previous titles in this series (Wing Commander, Privateer, Freelancer) have all been lacking in catering to the lady pilots out there. My wife and daughter have both backed this project, so we're all hoping the ladies get their own avatars this time out! I suspect there are plenty of other women gamers out there that will also be looking for this feature.

    36. Douglas Ally on

      I bought multiple non-digital ship packages each containing a copy of the finished game and Alpha/Beta access.
      1. Will I receive a USB stick of the game for each pledge for a package including one?
      2. Can I create a separate personal account and gift myself a ship or two? (Intent is to keep PvP and PvE accounts separate)
      3. If I gift a ship and a copy of the game to a friend, can I keep the credits from the package in my personal account?

      Thanks, you guys are awesome! Hope this helps improve your FAQ.

    37. Missing avatar

      Brandon Burton on

      I noticed you didn't post any information about pay-to-play or buy-to-play income methods. I -- like many others -- do wonder what must be paid (if anything) to play online. I also noticed the FAQ didn't mention anything about controller/game-pad support. I like the draft, but I think the points above should be questioned and posted.

    38. Missing avatar

      Ray Engle on

      Noticed at least 1 typo/spelling error "Even" was spelled "Wven" in the paragraph about citizenship.

    39. Missing avatar

      Josh on

      A separate update mentioned something about garages for multiple ships and the stretch goal that gets backers free garage space for any extra ships purchased as add-ons during the kickstarter campaign. Can something about that be added to the FAQ to clarify it?

    40. Missing avatar

      JDWarner on

      Minor typo: Under "Citizen Cards" the first sentence of the final paragraph reads "Our cut-off date for manufacturing the cards will [be] when the Kickstarter users are integrated." The correction is in brackets.

      Comment: I hope this sentence is further modified so there is a small amount of time - say, a week or so - AFTER the Kickstarter pledges are integrated, when we Kickstarter backers have the ability to lock in our final Citizen level with increases or add-ons.