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Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
34,397 backers pledged $2,134,374 to help bring this project to life.

Insurance FAQ and Update

Welcome back, citizens! For those of you in the USA we hope you had a relaxing holiday weekend and that you were able to take advantage of the grace period for pledges at Roberts Space Industries.

Today we've posted an update on the game's status and a FAQ about the ship insurance provided to anyone who pledged before November 26th. You can find that all here.

If you pledged through Kickstarter alone, please remember to create a Roberts Space Industries account. Once the Kickstarter end-of-campaign survey goes out we will link your purchases so that they appear there. It's where you'll eventually be able to interact with the community, purchase additional tiers and add-on and then ultimately download the game and any digital elements you purchased.

In the coming weeks, we will continue to bring you in game fiction as we have previously, the schedule is Monday for Kid Crimson, Wednesday for various info bursts from the Star Citizen galaxy and Friday for the latest Cal Mason episode.

We will be sharing development updates as they happen, and will also give all our backers a “Weekly” report.

We hope to have the new forum software integrated with the old forum content by next week, so you can be using a much more friendly and powerful forum system,

We also plan to bring a one hour live webcast for our subscribers on a weekly basis, making this available to the rest of the community afterwards via our YouTube channel. Wingman, the Lamp and Sandi will all feature, as well as questions from the community about the game and interviews with various team members. We will start this webcast once we moved into our new office space in Austin next month.

Finally once all the Kickstarter Star Citizens are integrated, which will take a couple of weeks as we await final data from Kickstarter, we can bring up a “backer wall” and switch on things like Galactapedia, Engineering and the Holo-Viewer.

A lot to do, but it will be fun and we’re glad to have you all on the journey!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Evil Ryan on

      I'm in the same boat as Wesha: "I used a different email address on RSI website than my kickstarter address. How do I link them together?"

    2. Missing avatar

      Col. Bluegrass on

      Wingman, the Lamp and Sandi sounds like a sitcom

    3. Darkk on

      Thanks & keep up the good work :-)

    4. Zach Marshall on

      Right... easy life thank you for the update however went to the link to create my account and hit a wall. Apparently my email has been used previously? Okay easy fix check email spam folder and main account. Nope, no email thanks guys can't log in.

      Thank-you for auto logged you account and I cant wait to see the forums and look at the interface (yay!) but without sending out the password oh well I don't care life is too short.

      Anyone else caught by "email has been used" this please go here to reset your password;…

      Once you reset you can get in.

      Its even got a memory lane area for wingcommander !!!

    5. Missing avatar

      Thor on

      Survey is supposed to be out most likely during the week of Dec 3, 2012

      @John - the insurance thing was one of the main reasons people contribured so much $$$ to SC. RSI most likely would not achieve all the goals if not for the people who overextended themselves. To be honest, there is a big difference paying $60 for a game vs. contributing hundreds or thousands of hard-earned dollars. In the end, there gameplay will be identical to all. It will just take a day or few days to play few hours a day to earn enough in-game money to afford insurance. Just like real life; want more service or gadgets, spend your $. Not everyone has too much $. Then - earn it. In this game - earn it.

    6. Wesha on

      @Kyuu: Nothing in the third paragraph implies that. It says that the surveys will be sent soon, but it does not mention any details about linkage.

    7. JTD121 on

      So, when/how will the KS pledges be linked to the RSI pages? Will it be gradual, taking a few weeks, as I've read? Or will we have to manually link them?

    8. Missing avatar

      nin on

      Really not a fan of the whole insurance thing.

    9. Missing avatar

      Alex Cooksey on

      Can I add to those who request that updates still come through kickstarter - I've backed too many projects to start mucking around with lots of different websites tracking the progress of the various projects I've backed.


    10. Simon M on

      Can't wait to see all the new things added.

    11. dcal on

      And the legend of the Lamp grows! Thanks for the update

    12. Missing avatar

      Jerry Ozbun

      I wish I had known about the RSI method before I backed here - but this is going to be an amazing game!

    13. Sina Mashek on

      Oh man, I'm so excited. You have no idea! or maybe you do. <3

    14. robert guess on


    15. Kyuu on

      Or, if its not via the survey, you'll certainly be able to contact them somehow to get your pledges linked. Don't worry people, there's at least a year to sort all this stuff out. We'll get taken care of. =]

    16. Kyuu on

      Not to be rude, but... did you guys read the update? The answer to your question is right there in the third paragraph. They will send a survey out after the Kickstarter data is final (probably a couple weeks) and they will link Kickstarter pledges to your RSI account. If you used different email addys, you will let them know via the survey. Does this clear up the confusion?

    17. Stefan Maton on

      I've pledged twice: Once through the RSI site and another time via Kickstarter... how is this handled? I'd like to get my 2 pledges ;)

    18. Missing avatar

      SpaceVoyager on

      I already have an account at RSI, but the mail I used to set it up is different from the one here at KS where I pledged. How will you link the accounts and do I need to change the one at RSI to the same mail as here?

    19. Ellios on

      I have to say, I've really been enjoying the Kid Crimson and Cal Mason episodes. Its great that they'll be pushing them out on a regular basis, should help tide me over until the "backer wall" comes up.

    20. Missing avatar

      Endothermic on

      At the moment you can't, i've asked on the site and on here since there is a form to merge the backup pledges with those from the site however it didn't mention kickstarter.

      Was simply told if they have trouble merging any of the kickstarters (i.e since they don't find an RSI account with that email) then they will figure something out then and let us know.

      I'd say it might be with this survery about what addons your spending your extra money on, they'll probably just have a field on it to input what address you used for the RSI account.

    21. Wesha on

      I used a different email address on RSI website than my kickstarter address. How do I link them together?