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Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
34,397 backers pledged $2,134,374 to help bring this project to life.

Thank You! - End of Campaign Transition

Posted by Cloud Imperium Games Corporation (Creator)
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The battle is over and we - PC gamers, space sim fans, WingNuts, Lancers and the rest - have won. You've not only met every goal we set, you've exceeded them. Star Citizen will be released because of your dedication and your willingness to put your money where our mouths are. Our gratitude is immeasurable; we owe you our livelihoods and will not soon forget it. 

The question is: what happens next? 

Our intention has always been to make Roberts Space Industries YOUR site. It's not a public advertisement for the game; it's a private community for those who are making the game happen. We want your input on what we're doing and we want to share our plans with you; the occasional passer-by doesn't concern us. The plan was initially to immediately switch on a wall that would allow only you, our backers, to access features like the Comm-Link and the Spectrum Dispatches. Kickstarter has thrown something of a wrench in this plan: we can't change the site until the Kickstarter backers are integrated, which may take up to two weeks, otherwise we would be blocking thousands of backers from participating. 

Updates and features will continue, returning to a regular schedule in the next few days. The team needs a few days to collect ourselves and reform before jumping into the immense task ahead (after the last month, our husbands, wives, children and yes, pets, miss us!) We will also be launching new sections which have been in the works for some time: the Galactapedia will tell you more about the Star Citizen world, Engineering will introduce you to game mechanics that are being planned and Holovids will offer you video footage from the game as it takes shape. 

What about pledges? Good news: those of you who got in on the ground floor are covered. Your ships have lifetime insurance policies and for the next year you will have the ability to purchase further tiers or upgrade existing ones at the initial prices. That's not true of everyone else: if you want to back Star Citizen and participate in this amazing community, you still can. but it's going to cost you a little extra as of now, and you aren't going to have as many extras (no lifetime insurance, for example.) 

 One issue which concerns us is what to do with the funding tracker. So we're going to throw the issue up to you: in two weeks, when the wall goes up, what do you want to see done with the tracker? Without the 'push' of the campaign it probably won't update very dramatically. but it's always possible it will go up enough to reach future stretch goals anyway. Should we keep it, remove it or put it somewhere else? We'll let the community decide. 

We also have previously outlined the 'behind the screens' subscription plans available now. They're designed for users who simply want to give us a little extra support during the development - you're getting the whole story, regardless - but we will have some extra fun for our monthly contributors. 

We can't thank you enough for everything you've done for this project. Please see the next update on 'The Pledge' for our promise to you. The next two years are going to be incredible for all involved and we're thoroughly happy that all of you are along for this exciting ride.

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    1. Porcupine on

      This is nuts - I literally feel as a giddy new recruit standing on the bay floor of a giant starship in his newly issued flight gear in a crowd of many, looking around, anxiously waiting for his training to begin. No game is supposed to be _this_ much of a rush...

    2. Daniel Danielsen on

      Matthew: As long as you got the $30 tier or better, you can upgrade at the "old" prices once your account gets set up at the RSI page. Those who did not pledge for at least a Scout package can also throw money at their screen, but they will have to pay more and will not get some of the benefits associated with the now ended fundraiser (like lifetime insurance)

      Nothing has been finalized about tablets, but they will probably support iOS, Android and Windows RT equally.

      Life insurance is a basic insurance on your ship hull and the starter components. It does, as you said, not cover upgrades or cargo. You can get extra insurance for those. If something is not covered by insurance - including non-lifetime-insured ship hulls - when it goes boom, it is lost.

    3. Missing avatar

      Ronald on

      instead of leaving the pledge counter running: make multiple possible goals and let people choose to which goal their new pledges go. So if I wanted space whales I could let my money go towards that goal and if somebody else wants dinosaur toys in their cockpit they can let their money go towards that.

    4. Missing avatar

      André Sterlinger on

      Good luck guys! Can not wait too see the progression of the game and I have faith that you all will try not to fuck up so much :) Use my investment well and I hope to see you amongst the stars 2014, until then: Hibernation time!

    5. Missing avatar

      -zuni- on

      I pledged over $500 so that I could have a say in getting the sim that I would like to play in. Looks like I will be getting everything I want and more. Nice when a plan works out!

      I remember being with Warbirds (WWII sim) years ago almost from the beginning and it was a glorious three years as a sim fighter pilot. Since then, I have been waiting to throw myself into a space sim where I saw there was a similar committment by the development team. Not only do we have that, but we have a mega committment from us players to go with it.

      With Chris Roberts' high standards and us helping him keep those standards - we have just made a committment to something that will become a fine hobby in the years ahead. Congrats to all, and see you down the road and in wide expanse of cold space!

    6. J. "Tech" Priest on

      @omnifarious.. I'm not sure what your concerns are since it was a little vauge. Could you let us know what you are disappointed with?

    7. Missing avatar

      DataKill on

      Well I also have had massive problems to add some more to my pledge via the RSI site.
      I hope that all transactions finished after the countdown will count.

      Well does anybody know how they will merge kickstarter pledges and rsi-pledges into one account?
      The form on the RSI site did not shown the right sum for the new add-ons in e.g. ("Avast Matey" and "Digital Wingnut" and "Digtal Freelancer" and so on), does anybody have some info regarding this?

    8. Missing avatar

      Brian Srivastava on

      Keep the funding tracker public, and covert it into pre-order stuff as the game gets further along. Those goals can be for immediately after release, but you can use it to showcase what goals you have, and how you've met them etc.

      Kickstarter is still a tricky thing, and you're talking about a game to be released in a couple of years. There are probably a lot of people who want to support you who don't know about kickstarter, don't want to take a risk on a kickstarer project this far out, don't have money yet but will by the time release comes along and so on. You'll want to welcome them with open arms as you get further down the road and have more to show.

      The big challenge going forward for you guys is in recognizing the contributions of people who were able to risk a bunch of money 2 years before your game releases, while at the same time not making them into some super special club where no one else can get in and making everyone else second class citizens.

      You may find as time goes on that you have an imbalance in your programming/art/design/music teams etc. So you can adjust future stretch goals based on who has the most time to do various things. Who knows, between now and 2 years from now some completely new thing might seem like a great idea that no one has thought of yet and you'll want money to do (some tie in with mobile devices maybe or tie in with other kickstarter games or god knows. Wouldn't it be cool if every kickstarter game you backed gave you something cosmetic in every other kickstarter game you back? Might be a terrible idea, might be something Kickstarter decides to support between now and then).

    9. Nicholas Reeve on

      So excited for this game, can't wait- I look forward to playing the alpha with an Oculus RIFT, joysticks in hand, cruising through systems on trade runs. It'll be a long year waiting for this game, but it'll be worth it in the end!

    10. Missing avatar

      Brian Rossman on

      I'm almost hoping that this project gets delayed until mid December of 2014, that is when I'll graduate and can probably bum it up for a few months playing games at that point.

      I really, really like that fact that we'll still be able to upgrade. Once I figure out how the multiple ships will work on an account I might look at adding a Constellation added.

      Looking forward to the alpha. And it would be really cool if we got a playable sandbox early on. Something like a single astroid belt with a single ship that starts at load. Just enough to play with the physics and controls and be able to provide more feedback than just watching a video.

    11. Matthew on

      I have three questions though, I only had enough money before this ended for the digital scout, I never even dreamed you would allow us to buy the addons let alone upgrade our tiers afterwards! Is it going to be exactly like it is now? Cause I'd love to throw my money at you when I get some more (:

      Will the tablet companion app be iOS or Android? Or both? And could it possibly work on a phone too? Either way that will be amazing.

      And the last question is.. I'm not sure if you've finalized this yet, but how does the lifetime insurance work? If I have a non insured ship and I die once is it just.. gone? And I'm guessing I lose all my cargo and upgrades on my lifetime insured ship once I die..
      Thanks for making (what will be) one of the greatest games of all time!!

    12. Missing avatar

      Philip Chao on

      @Omnifarious you're such a downer. you're complaining you can't play a game because of a game controller? cry me a river!

    13. Tom Minton on

      Ah... Congratulations RSI and to everyone that helped fund this game.
      Now I can get back to my life.. at least for 2 more years..

    14. Jonty H. Campbell on

      I hope the graphics are very scaleable way down for those who like to game on modest laptops...

    15. Missing avatar

      Artis on

      is there any possibility to edit the amount i ve pledged for example increase the pledged amount?

    16. Ervig on

      @developers You have 6 million in cash... put it to good use now :-)

    17. Missing avatar

      Felix Schlang on


    18. mikkonator on

      @Omnifarious Your vague mumblings are a bit omnifarious, what's your deal?

    19. Kevin Felker on

      Oops, that was the kick starter. Total was like 6.23 Million US$

    20. Missing avatar

      Deathman20 on

      Excellent guys! Thanks for the many updates that you pushed out and actually showing us how much you care about the backers. Can't wait to see what you can do with the time and money you've received. Again Congrats!

    21. Dedy Sofyan on

      @CR: been trying "hard" to add another pledge for my cousin on the RSI site (with 7minutes left, despite the numerous 500 internal server error messages) and managed to check out (beam up) before the Maintenance page went up.

      I believe there were also many people who may have had the same problem trying to pledge during the last minute.
      I hope that last-minute pledge still counts though :D

    22. Kevin Felker on

      $2,134,374 was the final count at the end of the drive.
      It will go up if people add to.

    23. Haidn Foster on

      Awesome - so excited for this project. A clarifying question for you guys: does this mean backers who purchase additional ships within the next year time frame will still receive lifetime insurance, etc.?

    24. Missing avatar

      Omnifarious on

      I, quite frankly, am disappointed with the existence of yet another interesting game that I will not be able to play due to the short-sightedness of the game's creators. I really enjoyed the Wing Commander series and was really looking forward to figuring out how to get a modern 'analog' joystick hooked up again.

      I guess it'll have to wait for a different and better project to come along.

      Congratulations on your huge total. I'm sad I can't be happy with you.

    25. Missing avatar

      JoeCool on

      Awesome, never thought it would make $6,237,708
      Just awesome.

    26. Rekindle Games on

      This is fantastic, Great Job! The last few days have been, intense, to say the least. We are looking forward to the next couple years and watching this game develop!

    27. S. van Hengel on

      Njoy the champagne you deserved get to work. ;)

    28. Missing avatar

      SpitEoll on

      In the end, how much has been raised ???

    29. J. "Tech" Priest on

      *salutes* Mission Accomplished Commander Roberts. Time to Head Home Sir. We have a long journey ahead of us. Congratulations to all and everyone involved with the campaign. We couldn't have done it without you and especially without all my fellow backers. Without your dream and our dreams and our respect we would have never been able to do it. Thank you and thanks to all of you.

    30. Koshinator on

      Congrats on this stellar accomplishment... Now, I've got to go freeze myself and get thawed out in 2014....

    31. Missing avatar

      Jean Mertz on

      This is so awesome. 6+ mil for this great game in a great genre. Besides the obvious what this money buys us (a great game in two or more years), I hope it also wakes up traditional game developers that sci-fi isn't dead yet, and more sci-fi games (or a sci-fi MMORPG) is something we really need right now.

    32. Cameron Larson on

      Congratulations all around I'd say, both to the game devs and the gaming community. This should be one hell of a game. Cheers

    33. Missing avatar


      Congrats to all of you at Cloud Imperium Games!

    34. Erio on

      Good luck for the next steps ! I can't wait to play this game, even if i can move my vessel in a 100 units sized box :P

      I'll be waiting for the next updates and alpha ! Good luck and thanks for having this amazing project !

    35. Darkk on

      Yeay *cries like a baby*

    36. Kevin Felker on

      Thanks for all your sleepless nights! Now go pet your dog and wife.
      Hear from you in a few days.