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Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
34,397 backers pledged $2,134,374 to help bring this project to life.

Thank You! - End of Campaign Transition

Posted by Cloud Imperium Games Corporation (Creator)
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The battle is over and we - PC gamers, space sim fans, WingNuts, Lancers and the rest - have won. You've not only met every goal we set, you've exceeded them. Star Citizen will be released because of your dedication and your willingness to put your money where our mouths are. Our gratitude is immeasurable; we owe you our livelihoods and will not soon forget it. 

The question is: what happens next? 

Our intention has always been to make Roberts Space Industries YOUR site. It's not a public advertisement for the game; it's a private community for those who are making the game happen. We want your input on what we're doing and we want to share our plans with you; the occasional passer-by doesn't concern us. The plan was initially to immediately switch on a wall that would allow only you, our backers, to access features like the Comm-Link and the Spectrum Dispatches. Kickstarter has thrown something of a wrench in this plan: we can't change the site until the Kickstarter backers are integrated, which may take up to two weeks, otherwise we would be blocking thousands of backers from participating. 

Updates and features will continue, returning to a regular schedule in the next few days. The team needs a few days to collect ourselves and reform before jumping into the immense task ahead (after the last month, our husbands, wives, children and yes, pets, miss us!) We will also be launching new sections which have been in the works for some time: the Galactapedia will tell you more about the Star Citizen world, Engineering will introduce you to game mechanics that are being planned and Holovids will offer you video footage from the game as it takes shape. 

What about pledges? Good news: those of you who got in on the ground floor are covered. Your ships have lifetime insurance policies and for the next year you will have the ability to purchase further tiers or upgrade existing ones at the initial prices. That's not true of everyone else: if you want to back Star Citizen and participate in this amazing community, you still can. but it's going to cost you a little extra as of now, and you aren't going to have as many extras (no lifetime insurance, for example.) 

 One issue which concerns us is what to do with the funding tracker. So we're going to throw the issue up to you: in two weeks, when the wall goes up, what do you want to see done with the tracker? Without the 'push' of the campaign it probably won't update very dramatically. but it's always possible it will go up enough to reach future stretch goals anyway. Should we keep it, remove it or put it somewhere else? We'll let the community decide. 

We also have previously outlined the 'behind the screens' subscription plans available now. They're designed for users who simply want to give us a little extra support during the development - you're getting the whole story, regardless - but we will have some extra fun for our monthly contributors. 

We can't thank you enough for everything you've done for this project. Please see the next update on 'The Pledge' for our promise to you. The next two years are going to be incredible for all involved and we're thoroughly happy that all of you are along for this exciting ride.

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    1. Aaron Labertew on

      @ Patrick - didn't realize it costs money to send e-mails o.O And those of us that really like this game really love the updates and extra lore and back story. Like others have said, if you don't like the updates, turn them off in your settings.

    2. Missing avatar

      Thor on

      There are as many opinions as there are people. I'm glad there are more positive people than complainers.
      The goal has been achieved! Most people gave more that initially wanted (including myself).

      Just a note - I really like the website and the updates are not spam, I really enjoy them. They can be turned off in your settings if one wishes... Let others enjoy it!

    3. Missing avatar

      Blessed Cheesemaker on

      Woo-hoo! I'm really excited by Star Citizen! I'll be interested in exploring new systems, and mining asteroids as soon as it is available!

      I'll also be interested in pledging more later, and upgrading my ship...I was afraid to pledge more and have my wife ask why the credit card bill was so high. I think I can sneak in another charge in a couple of months!

      Many thanks for your hard work on this!

    4. Raphael Walz on

      Congratulations, you've inspired quite some trust in all your backers.

    5. Missing avatar

      Ryan Hamm on

      Almost $70 per backer is pretty impressive for a video game.

    6. Missing avatar

      Patrik on

      It seems like so much money is wasted by writing update-mails (sometimes more than 2 a day....), documentation, etc....... I'm not at all interested in how the stars in the new universe look or what their name is. Please just use the money to develop a great game... and if it is really a great game, the rest will come by itself...
      Just seems so much money is wasted by writing stupid texts every day...

    7. Lisa B./Fun*Key Skate Gear Co. on

      I thought I read that Chris said that THEY are integrating Kickstarters, but have to wait until pledges clear..and of course Amazon and KS take there percentages. I was wondering too and was going back and forth like a the crazy game chick I am trying to decide through which site to pledge.

    8. James Fincham on

      Congratulations guys. Great result. It was a well run campaign and I'm looking forward to the final result.

    9. Shane Schrupp on

      Just do a stacked bar or pie that shows both amounts together?

    10. Missing avatar

      Michael Stocker on

      Blablabla.. won't say much, just:

      Can't wait to fly those ships :D

    11. Missing avatar

      gorg_graggel on

      Final crowdfunding numbers: $6,238,563 raised from 89,668 backers.

    12. Missing avatar

      Alex Bartho on

      Hi. I love your game and have pledged quite a lot.

      That said, your website is REALLY REALLY hard to navigate, very messy and unpleasant on the eye.

      Would it be possible to replace it with a much simpler, cleaner, clearer design? I literally can't bear to navigate it for more than a page or two before it gets to me.


    13. David Kennedy on

      Very happy to be a part of the RSI Star Citizen Experience!

      Hopefully the kickstarter transition goes smoothly, but I did have a concern. What if we had pledged with kickstarter, but also made an account @ thinking we had to do the merge ourselves before the end of the campaign? I hope such people don't cause you guys headaches or grief =/

    14. Darryl Knott on

      @Claus Nielsen, Thanks.

    15. Spyke Alexander

      @Thomas: You are reading it correctly. Anyone that pledged *at all* before this all closed will be able to continue to add add-ons and upgrade their pledges to higher levels at the current prices. Any options available to anyone that aren't part of the initial crowd funding will have different options and/or more expensive options.

    16. Missing avatar

      C. Nielsen

      just over 6.2 million

    17. Spyke Alexander

      Final backing was a little over $6million in total.

    18. marcomads on

      i'm just honored to had my part in all this with so many dedicated people :)

    19. Darryl Knott on

      I wasn't home, anyone know what the final backing went up to?

    20. roffelito on

      Star Citizen is going to be huge! Please let the pledge tracker continue to tick -- This has all gone so fast (how many emails did I receive every day, with news of new goals being reached?). Why not keep it running? I bet we could reach even higher!

    21. Lisa B./Fun*Key Skate Gear Co. on

      @Cgristian...not only crazy enough to slap down 4x what i would spend on a boxed title, but lost a night's sleep watching both dang counters on KS and RSI!!! Totally need our collective heads examined. Will there be Space Shrinks in the game? We ALL NEED ONE!! LOL

    22. Inquisitioner on

      Hopefully now the update spam will stop.

    23. Oscar Norlander on

      ... keep the tracker =)

    24. Tom Harrington on

      Funded at the $37 level as cash flow for my business has been horrid the past few months. That said, the contracts I've been chasing are in process of closing and I will happily throw more money at this if indeed I am reading correctly.

    25. Oscar Norlander on

      Congrats to Robert and the team and to all of us that will get this epic game. This is a awesome thing to be a part of!

      Now I need to start saving some extra vacation days for November 14, 2014 =)

      Oscar Norlander, Sweden

    26. Missing avatar

      R Potter on

      @Omnifarious The team is using Crytek. If at some point in the next two years, Crytek is ported to Linux, you should be fine. RSI doesn't really have control of that. They would not be able to do this in Unity, and the cost of building and supporting your own tech and tools is far more than we raised for them. Bug Crytek if you want it; I'm sure if they saw an audience for their games there, they would do the port.

    27. Missing avatar

      Sam on

      @Christian D. Yes we are all crazy....But I would have done so much more if I had had more money. :D

    28. Johnny Salata on

      Mr. Roberts, team @ CIG - congratulations!
      Yes, I know we've pledged and this was possible to happen thanks to our support.
      But you, at the same time, showed much care for the backer community, be it frequent updates, listening to our voice and adjusting to it or talking to us directly.
      Not to mention well-done campaign and an absolutely rocking vision of Star Citizen/Squadron 42.

      It is a pleasure to be part of SC creation.
      It is a pleasure to make this game happen.
      It is a pleasure to be part of this game's history.

      Hope this is but a beginning!

    29. Christopher Dudgeon on


      Bring on Nov/Dec 2014!!!

    30. Christoph Wagner on

      As I believe in openness I'd far prefer it if even non-backers would be able to read the news, community dispatches and so on. Input can be backer only but information wants to be free;)

    31. Missing avatar

      Christian D. on

      Are we all crazy to slap down money on a project to be release in two years??
      Probably.....But I hope it ROCKS!

    32. Christopher Dudgeon on

      @Omnifarious You will be able to use any method of control you like in Star Citizen! Be it Joystick, Controller, Mouse and Keyboard or full on Flight Sim controls. Hope that brightens up your aspirations of this wonderful game :D

    33. Matthew on

      @Daniel Thanks so much for the information ^-^ I can't wait till Galactapedia is online, I want to read up on the lore they have before launch

    34. Jedra7609

      I would keep the tracker going. Please make sure you resolve the issues with the RSI site before moving everything there. Here in the UK at least it has been difficult to get to in the last few days. Maybe invest some of the money into a few more processors on the server!

    35. WP - Member, Mutant League on

      Finally the Freelancer MMO we all been waiting for from Chris Roberts himself :)

    36. Shepard on

      I thought that it was already decided about the counter and we voted in favor of keeping the counter going to reach future stretchgoals.

    37. Monty on

      Congrats and Congrats and Congrats !!! Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this historic and awesome event !

    38. Missing avatar

      Karl Malm on

      Keep the tracker, as long as it isn't putting undue strain on your site.

    39. Missing avatar

      ...m... on

      ...fantastic work, everyone!.. go get some well-earned rest, cloud imperium crew - we'll be waiting when you're ready for the next step, eager to follow along the next three years together...

    40. Matt Park on

      Maybe the tracker could show how many developers you've hired, you'll need at least 100 to burn down all of that money.

    41. John Lacy

      I'd keep it up mate, show the world our support and your funding, really stick it to those crap heads like EA that only want to milk the talent of others while crushing dreams!

      Citizenship Must Be Earned!

    42. Víctor Fernandez on

      First of all, congratulations for the amazing results of a greatly well driven crowdfunding campaign.
      Out there are a lot of people expecting what will emerge from this. I would like to emphasize that you not only have broken the record of all crowdfunding campaigns, you have convinced to the backers to donate an average of 70$. That’s more than most people, including me, are disposed to spend on a whole finished AAA title. And that should give you an idea about “We the People” are expecting about this project.
      At this moment, not only the future of space simulators is resting on your shoulders, your work will be taken as a reference for the whole crowdfunding campaigns. If you success in creating that we are expecting that will be the most amazing spaceship simulator of the whole history on the videogames, there might be another golden era of “space operas” with the whole industry betting on all kinds of new space combat formulas. Otherwise, not only the whole spaceship games concept will be in peril, but the whole crowdfunding philosophy will be questioned.
      I’m not here to act as the killjoy of the crowd; I think my status as a backer is proof enough about my faith in Roberts Space Industries. But I think that between all those cheers that are flooding the comments is important to remember what these results really mean for everyone.
      Everything is in your hands now.

      PS: Excuse my poor english.

    43. Missing avatar

      Ray Engle on

      I was originally going to stop at just a $250 pledge to get a Constellation and ended up pledging 10 times that. I can't afford to do that kind of thing very often but in this case Chris and the team in the over night final push really encouraged me and I have high hopes for this venture. I am very excited...and am going to have a hard time being patient for the games Alpha, Beta and Final release....I want to stand on the bridge of my Idriss the U.E.E. LAMP

    44. Brian Murray

      Do we have an alpha date yet?

    45. simone[Lechuck on RSI] on

      what do you think about the tracker?me..i'm happy(at least!)to have reach such a huge number(6,damn)and i think that we couldn't have so much more money since the campaign ended...also adding other things to do could distract devs from the real goal,make the game as they planned...

    46. Missing avatar

      H@rm0n on

      @Jonty Campbell : This game is not meant for modest laptops ^^ it's meant for hardcore gaming PCs and will stretch the limits to the max !! ever on a modern gaming PCs :)

      Congratulation RSI with a very successful campaign and congrats to all backers on KS and RSI site aswell ... we did it :)