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Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
34,397 backers pledged $2,134,374 to help bring this project to life.
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      Iron Tarkus on

      I can't wait to jump into the alpha and beta! Its the only thing that will sedate my nerves me until the full game releases. I am so excited for this game, and I am not one to jump into hype normally. In the mean time I need to save my money and shop around for a new joystick. (Theres a product I haven't bought in a looooong time :P).

    2. Ricardo de Jong on

      @William Beattie Aah thank you. I got confused there for a minute, considering the actual RSI website shows its only for a month, 2 months etc. I am guessing they updated this to the Lifetime :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Krzysztof on

      I've spent over 100$ for this game for me it's the most expensive game I've ever bought! I can't wait - I 've always dreamed about such game .... I'm palyin Pardus (broweser MMO) becouse it rimanded me about privater ... :) now I will be able to flay :) ! Right now I'm collecting $ for Oculus VR and some flight controler :) it will cost but I have time ... So hear is mine advice be prepered - colect controlers etc. I'm sure it will be worth it ! :D I can't wait so please work fast and work well ;)

    4. Azryte on

      Can't wait for the finished game, though between PA alpha, beta and full release and the alpha and beta for this I think I can pass the time.
      Will the prices for the ships stay the same as on the main page? As I wanted the constellation
      But didn't have enough to get rear admiral, and $225 for a single ship?
      Can't wait to see the end result.

    5. William Beattie on

      @Ricardo de Jong - Every pledge ship earned before the drive ended is covered by lifetime insurance and you get free storage for it. You can also upgrade your ships or buy new ones for the next year and if you were an original backer you will still get those bennies.

    6. Ricardo de Jong on

      Lifetime insurance? does that count for every pledge level or is at a certain price and above?

    7. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      I virtually never pre-order a game, and often wait for them to be on sale before buying. Yet I spent 7 times more on this than I normally consider as the most I'd pay for most games, and thinking of throwing more money at RSI over the next year (as long as any ships really do have lifetime insurance for the initial funding backers. Earlier it was just upgrading a ship to a different one would retain the lifetime on it, but new ones wouldn't).

      But if it's all that it's being touted to be, all that we're dreaming that it will be, then it will be worth every cent and more. I hope my computer will be up to scratch to play it in all its glory. Also, I hope that they'll have some LAMP references and easter eggs in the game. Something that those of us who watched the livestreams (or later learned about LAMP) would be able to nod our heads about and grin while others would miss the joke.

    8. MemoryKill on

      Thanks for confirming guys i hadnt really heard much about that before with all the updates xD! Sounds good, AND we get a whole year extra to add physical or digital rewards or upgrade out pledge? Thats great! I cant quite afford the $125 tier atm but i will be able to a few months :), awesome.

    9. Jon Rumball on

      Query on pledge insured ships, will the insurance work if you get a different ship or just that one? In addition is there a webbie up yet for this and how are we informed of our collectables etc like game code etched?

    10. Joost Heijgelaar on

      Job well done team. Proud of you all :)
      I'm looking forward to the development process and see this game 'grow up'.
      Even the concept art to 3d engine transition is looking extremely impressive and I can see fantastic potential and scope for this game.

      Can't wait to see what they can do with it!

    11. Missing avatar

      ProtonAx on

      Typo in my previous post.
      comments section of -> comments section and

    12. Missing avatar

      ProtonAx on

      @ JDWarner
      Those time limits wouldn't work. Star Citizen is an action game, and you will likely be killed by NPCs or PCs a couple times a day unless you are staying out of the cockpit. I've previously outlined potential solutions to the insurance fraud problem both in the comments section of the RSI forums, so I'll wait to get into methods to prevent fraud until the RSI forums re-open. What you have suggested would be useful in dealing with repeated fraud, but requires RSI employees to waste a lot of time when they ought to be adding content or GM-ing events. Automatic measures to counteract fraud on lifetime insured ships is needed.

    13. sindree on

      im just looking forward to playing our game :)

    14. Missing avatar

      JDWarner on

      The main concern I have with "lifetime insurance" is griefing. Consider the following:

      A person who backed & added on the Origin M50 could repeatedly suicide-run the base hull config straight through however many Constellations as he liked, with no personal repercussions. The M50 can probably catch nearly anything in the game, so there's little defense against this strategy.

      That's a very negative-sum result. The griefing M50 player loses nothing, while other people are losing significant investments of time, Credits, and/or real-life money.

      One possible way to limit (not eliminate, but limit) this would to have a "processing & shipping period" for insurance claims. Say 48 hours to a week, instead of instantaneous "hey, here's another ship!"

      Systems could also potentially be in place to detect "insurance fraud" of this sort, with automatic or real-life investigations into flagged accounts whose ships have a strange likelihood to die in very similar ways, repeatedly.

    15. Missing avatar

      Michael Stocker on

      Also the question: will pledge(s) and/or Accounts be linked together (RSI + Kickstarter)?

      Did I understand it right, that I have the possibilities to pledge more money before November '14, and I'd get a higher reward (e.g. I've pledged $ 270 and am 'Rear Admiral' - if I say spend another $ 250 next say summer, I'd become Vize Admiral, and so forth) ?

    16. Ivan Dubois on

      Y hope there is a good Compart Melee combat, por example assaul mission.

    17. Missing avatar

      Christian Müller on

      My congrats too! That amount of money is amazing and i hope it will all go into the game :) Now go ahead and bring me back my best times from childhood :D I'm so into it

    18. Monty on

      Congrats.. you guys deserve every penny !

    19. Missing avatar

      iamsnakemaster on

      1.5 million pledged in just over 24 hours. That's crazy

    20. Missing avatar

      Steve on

      Greg, Yes. at the closing bell, there was $6,238,563 donated between the sites.

    21. Missing avatar

      Greg Polander

      So can anyone confirm we made it to 6 mil? The update didn't exactly say. Thanks.

    22. Jon Nebenfuhr on

      Congratulations, Guys!
      Now the real fun will begin after you sort out the funding an order issues and vent off the pledge madness. Make sure you get Sandi that heater.

    23. Arrionso on

      Fantastic job you guys! I'm really happy to hear that we can still up our pledge as well! I may end up upping mine a few tiers depending on how my situation at home changes. I really have my eye on that Bounty Hunter one.

    24. Missing avatar

      Omnifarious on

      @R Potter - *nod* I might just do that. :-) Thanks.

      For all the others... yes, my complaint was about Linux support. It had nothing to do with the controller exactly.

      I have an old analog joystick I haven't a prayer of connecting anything to anymore. But a modern USB analog joystick would've been fun to figure out how to get connected under Linux. It probably 'just works' (tm).

    25. Missing avatar

      Fritter on

      @Michael Guy
      If you made some kind of pledge before the campaign ended, you will be able to upgrade your pledge if you see something you like in the future. Right now, the Constellation design document is the only one they've finished and released. As a side-note to your question, the Aurora is a basic single-person fighter, and is pretty much outmatched by craft like the 300i and Hornet. The 300i will be a "BMW" kind of luxury craft, with sleek lines. The hornet is the main ship that they've shown off in a lot of the vids (along with the Vandul fighter).The Constellation is a top of the line ship in its class (A "Millennium Falcon" kind of ship). Here is the design document for it:

    26. Missing avatar

      Fritter on

      @MemoryKill Normally, in-game, you would have the option of buying insurance with in-game credits so you would get part of your ship's value back when you die. With the pledge ships, it wouldn't really be fair if the ship you paid $60 for got blown up within 10 minutes and all that money went down the drain. So, with the pledge ships, you will automatically have lifetime insurance for the base ship hull. You still have to worry about insuring your cargo and equipment, but you'll never 'lose' your pledge ship. Also, getting in on 'ground-floor' means the people who pledged before the crowd funding ended a few hours ago. So you will get the lifetime insurance for your ship.

    27. Bhering on

      Didn't get the 6 mil tier stating that the Bengal would be unlocked for persistent gameplay. At 5.5 what was it unlocked for?

    28. Michael Guy on

      I'd be more inclined to upgrade, if i could actually see what the visuals are for ship designs at the time of purchase/upgrade. it doesn't have to be a full-blown cart and back end,

      For instance, the Aurora vs the Constellation, what is the visual difference between those ships, and ships you'd see at the top end scale of the game ?

    29. Paul Roberts on

      If we pledged only on Kickstarter will this eventually be linked to your RSI account (having only just registered over there tonight) or is this something we will need to request?

    30. Michael Van Sise on

      @MemoryKill Insurance means you cannot lose your pledge ship, even if it gets destroyed or lost during gameplay. Any new ships you acquire in-game can be lost in combat if they are not insured. Insurance costs in-game credits as far as I know, not actual money. People that join after the campaign will not have the lifetime insurance on the pledge ships that we do.

    31. MemoryKill on

      What are insurance policies and what does he mean by "got in on the ground floor"? I pledged $60 on here, does that mean i qualify? I dont quite understand lol.

      Anyway, just wow at this, so so proud w00!

    32. Missing avatar

      Joe on

      I have never been as excited for a game as I am for this game.

    33. Missing avatar

      Paul Horrigan on

      @Casey Tompkins: You clearly are new to the gaming area, CD projekt Red are a truely fantastic groub who make games packed with content, quality and an understanding for what the gamers around the world actually want in there games, and there fans adore them for it, not like the crazy fans of some other companies, i men true love for a great group of people. Dont speak of things you have no clue about mate :)

    34. DoombotBL on

      We did it my god. 6 million! Well if this game delivers on everything I have read thus far it's gonna be a doozey. Godspeed Chris Roberts. Godspeed.

    35. Corpselocker on

      Eargh! How can we be citizens of the stars if we de-evolve into racial and nationalistic wars :(

    36. Missing avatar

      H@rm0n on

      Loved The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director's Cut and The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Director's Cut and have completed em both, top notch rpg games :)

    37. Marek Tvrdy on

      @Casey Tompkins - I do not know how much experience you have with polish developers, but it's a fact that Czech and Polish devs and testers are very good for a very reasonable price. Our team (CZ+PL) is currently working for a very big international company because "western" and asian devs were unable to produce accetable code and properly test it. Yet we "cheap entry level people" did what "advanced expensive western devs" were unable to do so. Yes, I'm feeling VERY offended by your words.

    38. Missing avatar

      H@rm0n on

      Hmm something is missing atm, wonder what it can be ??? ah now I know ; kickstarter updates , news flashs , live steaming , stretch goals achived both on KS and RSI also new messages to be read on both sites and so on ^^ but most of all, the possibility to go read up on all the ships and stuff on RSI website :)
      Been so caught up in this campain and been so excited about this dream project that something is missing now :p ...............................

    39. WP - Member, Mutant League on

      Today we changed PC gaming \o/

    40. Missing avatar

      Patrik on

      I hope you're right. Thanks for that comment Michael :-)

    41. Chad Fenwick on


      I can't wait when I'm able to play the game!

    42. Missing avatar

      SpiderHack on

      @Patrik, there is no problem with this funding format when it comes to getting 'long' text updates 1~2 times a day. Considering we were actually able to watch them type up the posts that went live in the 24hr window when they were on the streams. It only took one person a dozen or two minutes to write each update.

      Plus more importantly, there are stages of development. They for the last month have been in the PR stage, with 'some' development. They will take a few days off and then transition to the development stage pt2 , where they only plan on doing monthly or biweekly updates.

      They even talked about this last night on the streams.

    43. Missing avatar

      SpiderHack on

      @Casey Tompkins, then you haven't been paying close attention, they have been saying since the beginning that they have other investors that would back the game once they reached 2 million in backing from crowd funding. Since they have reached 6+ million in crowd funding alone, then they will be able to get well above and beyond the investment they were initially expecting (hence why the stretch goals added new features) because they will be able to hire more people. They expected it would cost 12~16m to make the game with 2m worth of early funding. They also will now get way more than just 10~14m in venture capitol. And...

      Most importantly , they don't have to make the engine, They have the engine, they only have to make customizations to it. Which will really help cut down on the manpower needed to develop the game.

    44. Casey Tompkins on

      @Matt Park: Please tell me where you are from... I would LOVE to find seasoned professional developers / artists + equipment + office space that come so cheap that I could get 100 for $6.2M... Unless they develop this title with entry level people in Poland or India and have 0 other costs to launching this title, I don't see them having anywhere near that many people hired on KickStarter funds.

    45. Missing avatar

      R Potter on

      @ Chris Friedel: His complaint has nothing to do with the controller but rather the fact that Linux is not supported.

    46. Missing avatar

      Patrik on

      @Joshua, Joseph, I completely agree with you. I just think that many projects (especially this one) have gone beyond the point of what is really necessary communication/advertising/previews/...
      I sure like to be informed and get some background story (some people more, some less), but when I get 1-2 emails per day that are several pages long I really think my money is going someplace wrong.

      It's the problem of this funding scheme: Of course the investors have to be given something or the funding wouldn't work, but many projects overdo this, when it really would make more sense to cut those marketing etc expenses in half and use the money to make the game better.

    47. Joseph Stover on

      @Patrik But think about it this way, since people did care about the lore of the game RSI was motivated to create the back story, the art, and the concept behind all of the different star systems (something that they were going to have to do anyways). Now this part is done. So yes ,even though a few hours were wasted on writing all of the E-Mails to all of the fans, we have the start of several star systems already done. If nobody wanted this then right now then RSI wouldn't even be this far with the systems and everybody still gets paid the same regardless.

    48. Missing avatar

      Chris Friedel on

      @Omnifarious I think we're all confused as to what you are talking about. This game is being built specifically for your "analog joystick", but will also work with a mouse, a keyboard, an xbox controller, a flight chair, a freakin Oculus... whatever you throw at it. You have backed a lot of projects... do you not read about the projects before backing?

    49. Joshua Bowman on

      @Patrick You're misconception is that by writing these emails, they're somehow wasting time which is incorrect. All of these emails have been written in a funding drive to raise awareness and interest in investment by interested parties. These emails are part of a business strategy to showcase the amount of content that will be in the final product. As such, any emails from this point will be used to keep those investors updated on the progress of the game. This is the business and public relations area that is a requirement of any funded game, the difference being that we're helping with the funding so now we're included in these updates.

    50. Missing avatar

      Patrik on

      @Aaron: Sure, it's about man-hours. It's one of the most expensive resources there is. Each hour there's someone writing an email it costs 20$/hour or even more, and its time or money that could have been used to actually develop the game.