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Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
34,397 backers pledged $2,134,374 to help bring this project to life.

$5.5 Million - On to the Stars!

Posted by Cloud Imperium Games Corporation (Creator)

$5.5 million! You've unlocked the Bengal carrier, added motion capture to Squadron 42 and earned the exclusive Record Breaker skin.

When we set out to crowd-fund Star Citizen we asked for two million dollars, the absolute minimum with which we thought we could build a solid game. And then we planned stretch goals so that we could include everything else we imagined. We expected three million, hoped for four million, dreamed of five million and so on. And the absolute top option, the impossible dream, was six million.

Six million was what it would take us to build the game we were imagining with all the bells and whistles we wanted included. Well, here we are with just over eight hours to go and that impossible goal where everything is unlocked is suddenly in sight. At six million you'll launch the game with 100 systems, a full orchestral score and a free copy of the first Squadron 42 mission disk, Behind Enemy Lines.

It's not as sexy as unlocking the carrier, for sure, but would certainly be pretty amazing if we met every one of our goals. So let's push this campaign all the way to the last minute. We can make this march!


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    1. Jon Nebenfuhr on

      More details will be coming out on how to upgrade your pledge later after RSI deals with issues for those people that were having trouble getting their pledges in due to the overloading of their servers. Some people were getting charged and not seeing their pledges reflected in their accounts. At the time the pledge was winding down they had a lot of emails to deal with for that.
      The Subscriptions are to pay for additional community support team members so they can keep the communication lines between the devs and users going smoother and build a game that we, the funders, want to play. See this post on more info:

    2. Kyuu on

      Er sorry, you have the ability to upgrade your pledge for a year from today.

    3. Kyuu on

      Not sure why you did that. Not only is the subscription explicity not for the purpose of upgrading your pledge, but you could've just done it the old fashioned way: tuck away $10-$20 a month and then, after saving up the requisite amount, upgrade your pledge via the RSI site. They DID say that backers can upgrade their pledge at any time between now and when the game releases.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jon-Paul on

      After my initial bounty hunter pledge i decided to add the monthly subscription for the next year or longer. While no promise was made I did so with the hope of upgrading my ship to a freelancer or even a constellation. Hopefully there will be a way to work this out.

    5. Missing avatar

      Lorenz Jugel on

      And it's done. I am very much looking forward to the next two years. Congrats to Chris and everyone at CIGC!

    6. JD Collie on

      Grats on the funding; onward to resurrecting Space Simulation in all of it's glory!

    7. Joel Cobbs on

      I hope we make it to 6 million! I really want that full orchestra score!

    8. Kev Miles on

      100 systems and the badass soundtrack... that just made my day *.*

    9. Missing avatar

      Mike L

      Wow, 6M+. i think I'll stay off the main site and leave that to those trying to pledge...

    10. Zak Morris on

      Site crashing - sad panda for not being able to check outs specifics for buying the new items mentioned above... very-happy-panda that they hit 6M, this game is going to be epic.

    11. Missing avatar

      Ken Casterlin on

      Been debating all month whether or not to hop in on this and I finally decided (with 60 minutes to spare) that I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to pass up a PC Gaming-first movement like this. Thank you for helping push PC gaming further out of the shadows. Take your time with the title now that you have the funds you needed and good luck!

    12. David Kennedy on

      There's so much activity on the RSI webpage that parts of the site are crashing!

      Yay 6mil!

    13. Robert Shaun Anderson on

      @Yuse Lajiminmuhip: The MISC Freelancer and DI Caterpillar are freighters.

      I think the Retaliator strategic bomber could be used as a freighter as well, if you choose to load its bomb bays with cargo.

    14. Yuse Lajiminmuhip on

      If there isn't a freighter, I'm sure someone will design one.

    15. Missing avatar

      Dustin Shaffer on

      6M, sweet! As lame as it sounds, a full orchestral score was one of the features I was most eager to get!

    16. Missing avatar

      B-Co on

      Kickstarter and RSI combined, people paid an average of $70! That is incredible and proves we WILL pay for what we believe in!

    17. Agenttrap on

      6m! now you have no excuse to make a bad game :p

    18. Missing avatar

      Cédric Gysel on

      Congratulations to surpassing the 6mio goal.

    19. krm398 on

      thought I saw somewhere we could order a freighter, might make a decent asteroid miner...but cant find any mention of it, and the live chat is full, and every link I tried on the site throws a server error up..oh well maybe it was my imagination, finally got to the add ons page and it wasn't listed.

    20. Missing avatar

      Daniel Silvia on

      @Arthur, I cannot officially confirm this, but 'mission disk' is more of a branding name, it was what they called added content because the term 'dlc' didn't exist (and wasn't appropriate) for the time when it was first used (such as for Privateer: Righteous Fire).

      Knowing that, it is most definitely going to be made available to you!

    21. Dark Soul on

      For those who went digital outside US, will we also get the Squadron 42 mission disk? or a digital equivalent?

    22. Missing avatar

      Thomas Mathoi on

      Ad 20 $ to the pledge. I love this Projekt. I have not played PC for a long time, but I will buy a new hardcore machine for this game.

    23. Missing avatar

      Avatar on

      Thanks again @barbarian_bros. I have followed part of the streaming event, but it is hard to get all he info from a single source at the moment. Really looking forward to a fully updated wiki/wikia page.

    24. Alexander McConnell on

      oooh, and what sizes do they come in up to 2XL?

    25. Alexander McConnell on

      Question I have a rear-admiral pledge with 15 usd shipping extra included, I'm interested in getting a t-shirt, will I have to include extra shipping if I want one?

    26. barbarian_bros on

      @Avatar : Chris Roberts said in the Live, that there will be only 2 or 3 Bengals available for capture... he doesn't wan't a space full of played heavy carriers. There will be very few bengals available for capture but... there will be fewer teams with enough power and skills to capture them.

    27. Sean Boggiano on

      Well I'd say a full orchestral score would be pretty damn sexy

    28. Missing avatar

      Bryan Jackson on

      Just doubled my pledge! So excited to be a part of this.

    29. Missing avatar

      Avatar on

      Thanks @barbarian_bros. It would probably be too expensive anyway. I just wish they would disclose more info (read somewhere on the live chat that there would be two carriers available, but couldn't figure out what clans/squads would have to do to get them.)

    30. barbarian_bros on

      @ Jason Teeple :
      For ships needing crew larger than one : you can play alone, with IAs as crewmates. But they will do only basic tasks. Chris Roberts said (in Reddit if I remember) that if you are in the constellation, and want to launch the embarqued P52 fighter, then YOU have to pilot it while IAs can operate the laser turret and auto-pilot the Constellation (with limited initiative) and you can give it basic orders (direction to follow, target to hit, 'cover me'... )

      But if you play with friends they could takes the IAs roles in your ship.

    31. Joey Feldberg on

      Please take your time and polish the game, make it exactly what you imagined it to be.
      I know we all want to play the game asap but I rather wait patiently for the best game possible.
      I have beta access Anyway :P

    32. Aaron Labertew on

      Know what would be pretty awesome to see offered at launch? A poster with all the playable ships on it to scale. I'd pay an extra $20 for that.

    33. Jason Teeple on

      I still like to know how it works. Like do u need ppl or u got ALs flying those ships....

    34. barbarian_bros on

      @Avatar : you can't upgrade from Idriss to Bengal. No one could buy a Bengal...
      You'll have to capture one from the UEE Navy ... which should not be easier than capturing an US Navy aircraft-carrier.. (and after that, space may not be large enough ot hide yourself from Imperial Army Vendetta)

    35. Aaron Labertew on

      Bengal Carrier (assuming it's the one in the Pitch Video) is 1 km long.

    36. Darren on

      Just upgraded from my $60 pledge to the $250 pledge tp have the constellation. Definitely the most money ive spent on any game (not including games with subs like wow) but from all we have seen it definitely looks like it will be worth the investment.

      I just only wish that more information was shared about those 5 or so ships that were introduced as addons in the last 24 hours. Hard to throw money at a ship with just a name and a price and nothing more. Probably for the best as $250 is already over the limit I wanted to spend.

    37. Missing avatar

      ralf wagenleitner on

      May I have a tech issue? I'm in for the 60$ pledge.. but thinking about having the Origin M50 fighter.
      How much must I invest? - 60$ + 85$

      Or does it make sense to go for the 37$ and add 85 bucks there?

      I'm lil confused ;)

      Btw: go on .. we will have so much fun! .. Thx! Robert .. wish you will have much space soon!

    38. Florin Petrescu on

      Any fps or rpg element's in the game?

    39. isotone on

      Awesome. I really hope this turns out to be the kind and size of game that gets a huge expansion every year after release.

    40. Missing avatar

      Christopher P Forner on

      i capped my support at $800 id give $1000 but now im broke....Fawk yea we did it this game will be epic

    41. Kilrathi on

      I'll have you know we're much more than just this "playable race" to which you refer.

    42. MemoryKill on

      Amazing <3, so proud to be part of it!

    43. Geoff Ballington on

      Please implement 'engine/thrust kill'.

    44. Missing avatar

      Lamhirh on

      if we hit next milestone, will you add Kilrathi as playable race? :P

    45. René M Jensen on

      100 Star Systems, thats a pretty crazy amount tbh, if then there is a lot of stuff to do in each of them :O wow.

      Has there been any information about how big that Bengal Carrier is?

    46. Tom Page on

      100 Star Systems is far better than the Bengal Class Carrier! Absolutely amazing!

    47. Missing avatar

      Steve Andrews on

      Will the record-breaker skin be available to all who have pledged?

    48. simone[Lechuck on RSI] on

      Guys will the new skin be free?