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Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
34,397 backers pledged $2,134,374 to help bring this project to life.

Unlock: Krell System

FIVE MILLION! At 5.5M you’ll unlock the Bengal carrier, add professional motion capture to Squadron 42 and get an exclusive RECORD BREAKER skin and 1000 credits for every backer! Then at six million (can you do it?!) we will launch with 100 systems, a full orchestral score and will make the first Squadron 42 mission disk, Behind Enemy Lines, available for free for all backers upon release (a 16-mission campaign in the style of The Secret Missions.)

You can watch the end-of-campaign livestream here.

Krell System

Ownership: Krell
Planets: 9
Planetary Rotation: Krell IV (PRIME) 5008 SED
Import: Unknown
Export: Unknown
Crime Status: Unknown
Black Market: Unknown
UEE Strategic Value: Black

Human shave yet to official set foot in the Krell System. Located on
the opposite side of Xi'An territory, Krell is home and namesake of a
traveling species that the UEE has had no formal interaction with. The
Xi'An, however, have had a tempestuous relationship with them for the
last seven hundred years, ultimately culminating in a devastating
century-long conflict loosely translated as the Spirit Wars.

Advice for travelers seeking to visit the Krell is few and far
between. It is entirely unknown what goods they might be interested in
trading, what they produce natively or what they would even consider
black market items. It's also unknown exactly how to reach them… or
just what reaction the Xi'An star patrols would have to a human
traversing their territory for the purpose of doing business with
their ancient enemies.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Krell on November 19, 2012

      *rules his new system with an iron fist*

    2. Jonathan Ashford on November 19, 2012

      Oh, and by the way: Thanks for the "Forbidden Planet" / Robert Wilcox reference. Greatly appreciated ;)

    3. Jonathan Ashford on November 19, 2012

      Okay, I'm bled dry now. This is the first Kickstarter and the first commercial project I pledge any money to, but it's been a dream long time in coming. All those happy hours in my childhood, make them come alive again in a new world with new possibilities - and hopefully that old WOW!-feeling. And if not I still have cool swag and a T-Shirt ;)

    4. Keeper32 on November 19, 2012

      Did you guys put something in the water?
      I mean I just doubled-ish my previous pledge just because (115->215)
      You guys are mean!
      But, you know, in a good way.

    5. Missing avatar

      Valentin on November 19, 2012

      11 hours for 150k? We got this.

    6. Commissar Mums on November 19, 2012

      "Human shave yet to official set" I laughed a little :)

    7. Stormfury on November 19, 2012

      @May Player - I don't think they know yet and I really would like to know that answer as well because I may need/want different accounts for the ships I bought.

    8. Stormfury on November 19, 2012

      @Corpselocker - I'm with you. I took the plunge anyways, though I really wish they would give us some details and compare it to the Hornet.

    9. Joshua Bowman on November 19, 2012

      Chris Roberts Ustream is chugging something terrible

    10. Urs Schaub on November 19, 2012

      hmm still cant see my backup site pledge on RSI,
      hope you get that sorted, before it ends....wanted to upgrade my pledge...
      but impressive none the less,hope chris army can deliver. :-)

    11. S. van Hengel on November 18, 2012

      Cant decide what to pledge anymore.
      Half the ships are missing specs and concept art.

    12. Rosia on November 18, 2012

      The vanduul fighter doesn't. Include what's in the pirate pack like the tractor beam and docking collar

    13. Corpselocker on November 18, 2012

      I just would like more reassurance to go from a $100 pirate to a $300 Vandaal...

    14. Rosia on November 18, 2012

      I think the vanduul fighter is a single person fighter.

    15. David Kennedy on November 18, 2012

      pretty amazing to watch the totals during these final 24 hours. In just the past hour alone the total amount earned has increased by ~100k. Incredible stuff.

    16. Corpselocker on November 18, 2012

      Well, I still would like info on the Vandaal ship. The pirate ship totally fit the bill for what I wanted. If the Vandaal is more of the same, but bigger, I am there. I fear, though, if I give up the pirate package that the Vandaal ship will REQUIRE many people to run effectively.

    17. Rosia on November 18, 2012

      Yeah RSI and kickstarter will be combined into one account. Asked RSI when they first did the skin on RSI. Now all my add ons are on RSI and my main pledge is on here. So it's easier for me to keep track of

    18. Rosia on November 18, 2012

      Totally pledged the 100 for a pirate :D

    19. Missing avatar

      Thor on November 18, 2012

      Anybody knows if it is possible to be a citizen AND a pirate on one account? Something like - log in and choose the character you want to be?..

    20. JTD121 on November 18, 2012

      @Corpselocker - I think they will be 'concurrent', so you can have pledges on both, and get both. I believe the KS pledges will be 'merged' after it's done, and any rewards that double, or extra because of both pledges, will be sorted afterwards, too. Quite the dinner break! :-)

    21. Corpselocker on November 18, 2012

      Also, I want to merge my purchases. I want to keep my scout, but buy the Vanduul ship on the site. Will I be able to merge my purchases?

    22. Corpselocker on November 18, 2012

      I'm still looking for info on the $300 Vanduul ship. I'm sitting at $130 (Scout + Pirate package), but I can't compare anything. Heck, I'm still feeling I have to go back to $110 to do digital pirate because I feel I'm spending a lot of money for a card, but losing 1000k credits and the rule book.

      Give me info, please!

    23. Ectheilon on November 18, 2012

      This is exactly what I kind of system I wanted, great job! @Krell, coincidence? :)

    24. jordanjay29 on November 18, 2012

      Does this mean we get the tablet application, celebrity voice actors and everything else promised for $5 million?

    25. Cyco-Dude on November 18, 2012

      definitely not for a small're going to need some manpower if you want one of these things!

    26. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Krell on November 18, 2012

      I am pleased with the name of this new system :3

    27. Socrates on November 18, 2012

      oh please yes full orchestral score!

    28. Cyco-Dude on November 18, 2012

      sounds pretty mysterious!

    29. Shepard on November 18, 2012

      I dont believe carrier can have AI fighters, description of the ship specifically says its for guilds and clans. So its a guild capital ship.

    30. Dré Kozar on November 18, 2012

      Does anyone know with the carrier if all fighters will have to be player-operated, or do ya think we'll be able to get AI flown ships to compensate for a smaller crew?

    31. Ron Au on November 18, 2012

      Would love to gather a 100-player sized group in an instance and all exploring this system cooperatively. Sure some of us may be natural enemies (pirates vs bounty hunters, etc) but in the end, those differences pale in comparison to the unity we have as a race, as humans, and ultimately as players. It'll be a great stand we make against this unknown species. The Xi'An are supposed to be allied with the UEE as well, so technically the unknown species are our enemy as well. We could move through the system with an unstoppable force and fill out our presence there :)

    32. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Glazman on November 18, 2012

      How is the website not fixed yet? :/

    33. robert guess on November 18, 2012

      THIS is so damn awesome. i am extreamly excited about this game now... i have absolutely no idea how to begin to explain the 750$ i just spent on this game to my beloved wife... right now i dont care. but i know i will... i know we can get to 5.5m before the close of the telethon... i have very high hopes for the 6 million dollar level... BENGAL CARRIER? YES WE CAN!!!!! THANKS TO ALL OF THE SC FANS WORLD WIDE THAT HAVE PLEDGED TO MAKE THIS GAME REAL...

    34. Rosia on November 18, 2012

      I hope RSI comes back up soon I want to update my add on pledges on that page.

    35. Oscar Tong on November 18, 2012


    36. Aaron Labertew on November 18, 2012

      man, we'll hit 5.5 easy at this rate! :-D

    37. Bill Gu on November 18, 2012

      60? I think 70 is for 5.5mil.

    38. Vice Admiral Francis on November 18, 2012

      5.5M is probably doable with 16 hours to go!

    39. Missing avatar

      Tecnomage on November 18, 2012

      One live stream is here but don't expect much for a while they just took a dinner break

    40. Quant on November 18, 2012

      @Bhering, 70 systems currently

    41. JTD121 on November 18, 2012

      So....Did I miss all the fun? No more? :(

    42. Missing avatar

      on November 18, 2012

      id like to get to the live stream but i cant access any RSI page, This website is offline

    43. Bhering on November 18, 2012

      So how many systems is the game currently launching with?

    44. Missing avatar

      Hung Fuen Mak on November 18, 2012