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Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
34,397 backers pledged $2,134,374 to help bring this project to life.

Party Time! - 24 Hours to Go!

Posted by Cloud Imperium Games Corporation (Creator)
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t's party time! Join Chris Roberts and the Cloud Imperium Games team live as they count down the last 24 hours of the record-setting Star Citizen pledge campaign! You can access the video streams and chat feeds via the Roberts Space Industries front page.

New Ships

For today and today only, we're making a number of the ship unlocks available for sale: the Gladiator bomber ($150), the ORIGIN M50 ($150), the MISC Starfarer Tanker ($17), the Retaliator Heavy Bomber ($250) and the Idris Corvette ($1,000.) Again, we need to stress: these ships are for sale to raise money to build the game. They are not unique to this pledge drive: you will be able to buy them (without lifetime insurance included) using credits you earn in-game when Star Citizen is released.

In addition, the UEE has captured a Vanduul carrier ship and we're selling the contents on the open market! 300 Vanduul fighters, which will never be available on the legitimate market, are now for sale. If you want one in the game you're going to have to hunt, disable and capture it

Finally, we know we're selling a lot of extra ships in this final drive… so: if we reach $5 million, backers will have lifetime free garaging for their ships. It's hardly fair to ask you to buy extra ships to reach our stretch goals and then turn around and charge you in-game credits to keep them around.

AI Video

We'd like to share one last gameplay video with you as you make your final upgrade choices. This is a short video of the AI attacking and defending a Bengal carrier. It demonstrates intelligent collision avoidance - a dense asteroid field, other space ships, including a large capital ship plus offensive and defensive roles. Note that this is very early pre-pre Alpha. There was a bug with laser bolt speed in this build and they were incorrectly capped at a very low speed. That is not how they will behave in the game. But we thought the video was awesome enough to show you anyway!


You begged for shirts and we've finally listened! We've created two cool shirts for sale to backers in these last hours of the campaign: a Star Citizen "Citizenship Must Be Earned" design and a Squadron 42 "Cal is my Wingman" option They're $25 each. Backers over $1,000 get the Squadron 42 shirt for free and backers over $5,000 get both! Show your support for Star Citizen by adding it to your wardrobe!


We're pleased to announce that Star Citizen will indeed, come in a box! $125 pledges will get a green box while $250-and-above pledges will get a grey box personally signed by Chris Roberts! We have mockup art below:

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    1. Isane on

      So does this location stay open forever now until release and can we increase , our pledge here or is what is here at Kickstarter set in stone for now ? Just wondered as I haven't done this before just wanted to back the game ?

      Or do all the pledges here get moved elsewhere and managed differently i.e. to the main game site ?

    2. Missing avatar

      Rev on

      Well, $6000000 o_0

    3. Robert Shaun Anderson on

      @Guy-Justin Nuyda: Pledge ships are insured, which means you'll ALWAYS have them, no matter how many times you get blown outta the sky.

      Whereas normally, a player has to purchase a ship using credits, and if their ship is destroyed, it's GONE, including all upgrades and cargo. The player will have to pay for a new ship.

      Presumably, YES, a player can end of with no money and no ship. Whereas a backer will always have their pledge ship as a safety net. I predict there will be ways for a broke, shipless player to earn credits and start over. One way could be to be hired as a crew member or turret gunner on another player's ship.

      There's been speculation about in-game ship insurance, which is purchased with credits and will replace lost ships, but that hasn't been confirmed.

    4. Guy-Justin Nuyda on

      Question: the "pledge" ships are insured - does this mean if I break it (it get's destroyed/stolen/boarded and forcibly taken from me) I'll get it back? What happens to those without insured ships? Can you end up with no money and no ship?

    5. Sprucebeard on

      Question: What are the Vanduul Fighter stats?

    6. Jason Hsu on

      @Michael: I feel CIG should tear a page from Three Rings Design's Puzzle Pirates and how that game handled crewing larger ships. That is, you can set sail with a ship of any size with just one person, but you only get a limited amount of AI helpers (they get replaced as actual humans board your vessel). So there's a possibility to fly a large ship, but it won't play at its full potential without other humans.

    7. Michael Van Sise on

      The question that I have is whether or not you can hire NPC crew members for the larger ships, to man turrets and whatnot. I imagine the Bengal carrier will have a certain amount of npc crew, I do not imagine players are going to be yellow-shirts directing traffic in the hangar.

    8. Missing avatar

      Jason Argo on

      Something I get from the videos is that the backgrounds appear strikingly paper like 2d (even if they're not). And the contrast to the 3d close object visuals like ships and asteroids makes me feel a bit sick. Though it looks great at a fixed angle, is it easier on the eye to have a plain black starry background like the old space sims? Or hopefully its a case of fine tuning the image effects.
      What it might actually be is the 3rd person view which i never use in gaming for sims, i dony know.
      Anyone else feel the moving background is a bit odd?

    9. Michael Van Sise on

      @Andius Being that a Corvette is a small capital ship, I imagine it will have a bridge that you can walk around in first person like a miniature version of the Bengal carrier in the trailer. Flying it will probably simply mean walking to and manning the helm station or something, not sure if there would be a weapons station or whether people will have to man individual turrets, probably both. It is a multiperson ship, more so than the Constellation.

      In combat instances, friends are supposed to be able to man turrets and jump in the fighter that comes with the Constellation or pilot the Constellation while you jump in the fighter, not sure how it applies to whole ships in a hangar though. Not sure if they have even figured out the details of how this works yet, the game is very pre-alpha at this point.

    10. Michael Van Sise on

      Please disregard that last one. :P

    11. Michael Van Sise on

      @Robert Shaun Anderson and @Sisero: On the main site they added Digital only Hornet and Freelancer tiers that are both $110 like the Pirate tier.

    12. Jason Hsu on

      @Michael: Thanks, that's helpful. I asked about the interior space question because it's an area of gameplay that Freelancer didn't address, and that game was [in]famous for being massively scaled back from its original design spec.

      An older question I never saw answered is whether the game will use a trade lane system for intra-planet travel similar to Freelancer. Kind of concerned from the description of instanced combat zones that the game may not support directly travelling between planets within a system or nebula.

    13. Missing avatar

      Andius on

      Hey so I am wondering about ship control. I own both the Idris Corvette from the RSI page, and the hornet from this kickstarter.

      The Idris Corvette is something my clan Great Legionnaires actually pooled together on and I am kind of wondering. Can I give other people in my clan access to it.?

      Also, if I am take my Idris Corvette out for a spin with my hornet in the fighter bay, and we get into a fight. Will someone else be able to pilot my hornet, or can I hand over control of the Idris in space?

    14. Robert Shaun Anderson on

      @Sisero: The $110 Pirate pledge comes with a ship AND equipment to facilitate PIRACY. The Cutlass and its raiding gear are guaranted and can never be lost.

      The Hornet and Freelancer DON'T come with extra equipment or upgrades, which is presumably the reason why their pledge tiers provide 5000 credits, whereas the Pirate only 2000. It's a reasonable assumption that the Pirate's tractor beam and docking collar are worth 3K in the game. Pirates never have to be buy their gear again, which is an incredible deal.

      So don't complain that wannabe pirates are getting ripped off, because -- if anything -- they're getting an unfair advantage over the Colonel and Freelancers. Because if I had the option of less credits in exchange for guaranted equipment and upgrades, I'd happily accept them over one-and-done starting credits.

    15. Michael Van Sise on

      @ Jason Hsu The first question was actually mentioned on the live feed. Chris Roberts said that he was not against multiple characters on the same account, beyond that he was not that specific.

      As far as I know you will be able to walk around on player ships with interior spaces, first person boarding operations are going to be a planned in game feature. The Constellation has all that interior space for a reason.

      I am pretty sure you have to get the limited addons on the RSI site

      Do not think they have released stats for those ships yet.

    16. Jason Hsu on

      Wish Cloud Imperium answered questions a little more frequently around here. Namely, I still want to know:

      1) What is the relationship between an account and an in-game character? Will one account have multiple in-game chars? Are ships shared between them?
      2) Will it be possible to walk around on PLAYER ships with interior spaces (such as Constellation) in first person?
      3) Can a Kickstarter backer buy limited count digital addons on the RSI page?
      4) What are the specs on the Vanduul Fighter and Idris? How difficult will it be to attain the Idris (and other buy-with-credits craft) in game?

      If anyone has seen one or more of these questions answered in a previous post or on the forum, i'd sure love to know the answer before the campaign ends.

    17. Sisero on

      Anyone know if the text on the pirate pack is right. Is it really getting 3k less credits than the others at that level?

      Also I would like to see a physical reward version of the Pirate option.

    18. Michael Van Sise on

      @Kattenkrad To clarify what I mean, they might sell out of the Idris Corvettes before Kickstarter ends, in which case merely adding $1,000 to your pledge on here will not guarantee getting one at the end of the campaign.

    19. Michael Van Sise on

      @Kattenkrad You probably have to pledge for the Idris Corvette on the main RSI site, as I am looking at the addon digital checkout page and they have already sold 56 of the 100 that are available.

    20. Ronald Watts on

      Aww, bugger.. I was really hoping to get a $17 tanker... Oh well..

    21. Missing avatar

      JOCool72 on

      @Bill Gu - Don't think they had the sound feed recorded, just footage. Still really cool at the end with the Vandull Fighter crashing into the carrier!

    22. Bill Gu on

      Does the video have sound for everyone else? I can't hear anything.

    23. Missing avatar

      JOCool72 on

      So are the Vanduul Fighters already sold out?!?

    24. Graham Tyson

      They have said they are not doing any more ships now so I doubt it :)

    25. Kattenkrad on

      @Graham Tyson Thanks! I hope they don't add a destroyer in the last hours that compels me to get that too !

    26. Graham Tyson

      For Idris you need to manage your existing pledge and add an additional $1000 onto it. After KS they will do a survey to say what the additional funds were that you pledged over and above your tier.

    27. Missing avatar

      Oliver Vantini on

      Chris had better start signing them boxes already. That's a ridiculous amount for him to do. ;)

    28. Kattenkrad on

      If I want the Idris via Kickstarter, do I select high admiral as the pledge level? Or manually input 1,000.00 into that box? I already have a kickstarter pledge so I don't think I can use the main RSI site..

    29. Missing avatar

      Thorfin on

      The starfarer is actually $175 not the listed $17

    30. Missing avatar

      Boris on

      these videos ....
      "i'll be in my bunk"

    31. Spyke Alexander

      @Phil: Sure you can make multiple KS accounts, but I've never had a problem with any Kickstarter and figuring out which add-ons I paid for post project.

    32. Robert Johnson on

      Does anyone know how characters are going to work in this game? Ex: Can you have more than one character per account, and do each of these characters get your pledge ship.
      Just curious in case I want to have one character that is a filthy pirate and one that is more of a trader.

    33. Maurice Boothe Jr. on

      @Viking - They're talking about you.

    34. Spyke Alexander

      Pledging for limited number items *has* to be done through the RSI website.

      Registering for subscriptions also has to be done through the RSI website.

    35. Benjamin Walter

      can i register for the subscription only on the main page or here as wall?
      The main page seams to be offline

    36. ErekoseDM on

      for limited unless you can get them in an email message or pm saying its cool just to do that add $
      it might get problematic.

      the fighter you mentioned is this a few mins ago:
      Captured Vanduul Fighter (add-on ship): $300 111/500 Backers

      so still some time on it.

    37. ErekoseDM on

      finally got onto the RSI digital add ons page after many reloads and distractor pages,
      but there is no "Shut Up and Take My Money" [$5] add-on on the page. >_<

      it doesnt appear to be a limited number kinda thing, just limited today. would the standard method of: Add $ value to KS pledge, wait forever til surveys, convey in the surveys what the bonus $ was for method be the best one here?

      or is better to await it showing up on the RSI side specifically

    38. Missing avatar

      JudB on

      My question about the pledging more than the reward tier, how does that work for limited number items (like the fighter they announced only 500 of)

    39. ErekoseDM on

      @Nicholas Sylvain-Obsidian Order
      thanks for the skin info and direct to update 37 info.

      seems about right to have a digital glitches skin ^_^

      if the skins are animated having something like a 'cloak' that starts on one side of the ship but then glitches halfway and goes backwards would fit.
      a 'deal' from a Ferengi or equivalent alien race.
      or lightning on the edges of the ship so it imitates your ship being disabled (however itll look) to con pirates into attempting to board, then you hit the space-Nos and the electroskin button and escape.

    40. Missing avatar

      David Hackett on

      I second Scott's comment.

    41. Missing avatar

      Scott Morrison on

      Just a note after watching the video. You're putting a lot of time and effort into getting the physics and engineering right when it comes to the ships so I'm finding it strange that you're calling the weapons fire in this demo 'laser bolts'. Lazers move at the speed of light and are only visible when they hit you or are reflected off something. These are clearly not laser weapons even if they are going to move faster in the finished game . It kind of breaks the realism. I would suggest renaming them as some flavour of particle beam weapon or as a plasma weapon.

      Hopefully constructive criticism.

    42. Herman Duyker

      According to the main site, ORIGIN M50 Interceptor (add-on ship) is $80, the MISC Starfarer Tanker (add-on ship) is $175 (and not the $17 in the main text above).

    43. Nicholas Sylvain on

      @ErekoseDM - M50 is in Update #37. the Shut Up ... is an additional skin (details unknown) meant to commemorate the website problems RSI had and CR has said proceeds will go to website upgrades :)

    44. ErekoseDM on

      what is the "Shut Up and Take My Money" [$5] add-on?
      (off the main page's NEW - FINAL DAY ADD-ONs)

      does anyone have the stats of the ORIGIN M50 Interceptor, or that link to unofficial page with the stats on an excel like spreadsheet/chart

    45. Missing avatar

      H@rm0n on

      @Alan : In other words, you still need to have a insurance for all your ship upgrades and cargo, also when you use a ship purchased here on KS or on RSI. The free life time insurance will only cover the basic model of your pledged ship(s) if you die somehow .... explosion - collision - black hole ..... so many ways to die in space :p

    46. Missing avatar

      Alan Beall on

      Thanks, @Nicholas. I had been wondering about this.

    47. Nicholas Sylvain on

      @Alan - all ships purchased through RSI or KS will have free lifetime insurance for the base ship(s) only. In-game ships will be insured normally (CR mentioned on livestream that you will get a couple months free insurance and then have to pay after that). Insurance will be paid for with in game credits.

    48. Missing avatar

      Alan Beall on

      This post made me wonder about something. If it has been mentioned elsewhere, please forgive me. Are all ships purchased in advance insured? If so, does that mean later ships purchased or found are not? How much does it cost to insure ships? Credits? Real money?

      Thanks for the information or a pointer to where it exists.

    49. Missing avatar

      TwiggerTwo on

      poor site server,
      mercilessly pinged to death by 71,000 raving fan boys