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Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
34,397 backers pledged $2,134,374 to help bring this project to life.

Unlocked: Caterpillar Armored Transport

Great work, Kickstarter! You've passed the $1.5M level and unlocked the Caterpillar, a transport designed specifically for use by pirates. The specifications are below. At the $1.75M level, your next unlock, you'll expand hardcore flight sim support to the game: flight chairs, multi-monitors, Track-IR, MFD panels and more!

Builder: Drake Intergalactic
Crew (max): 5
Mass (empty): 68,000 Kg (heavier due to armor)
Focus: Heavy Mercantile (Pirate)

Drake maintains that the Caterpillar, a sprawling, modular spacecraft which appears at least somewhat like its namesake, is for legitimate commerce and extended search and rescue missions... but at the end of the day, the Caterpillar is truly the evil twin of the Freelancer.

Designed for supporting pirate operations, the Caterpillar features a large cargo hold for carrying loot, heavier armor than other freighters in its class and room for five crew able to serve in boarding operations. Despite its heavier armor, the Caterpillar isn't a bulldog... a succesful operation will require a fighter escort.

Upgrade Capacity: 8
Cargo Capacity: 20 tonnes

Modifiers: 2
Max. Class: Anti-Matter
Thrusters: 2x TR5, 8 x TR2

4 x Class 2: Equipped 2 x Behring M2A Laser Cannon
2 x Class 3: Non Equipped
2 x Class 4: Equipped 2x Behring M5A Laser Cannon (turret), 1x L-Sys Mark III Tractor Beam


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    1. Dihydrogen Monoxide on

      René Morten Jensen : Also, just in case you didn't know, if the game hits $5.5M it will unlock the Bengal Class Carrier upon launch.

    2. Dihydrogen Monoxide on

      @ René Morten Jensen : Yes they are going to be in game. The unlocks are to not only let people know what will be available later but are goals to have these ships available on launch instead of added to the game later on.
      The more ships that are unlocked now, the more that will be available right away. Once you earn enough to buy/steal them that is.

    3. Monty on

      @Rene - yes !!!

    4. René M Jensen on

      Are all these ships available in game or what ?

    5. Kyuu on

      @ Nika Ah, you're quite right. I didn't realize they had split the difference between the 1.25m and 1.5m marks and unlocked the M50 at 1.375m, making it one of the two promised ships.

    6. Missing avatar

      Nika Cholokashvili on

      They did unlock 2 ships... Its this caterpillar and M50 whose details were announced earlier. If you read carefully you will notice they just announced the details of M50 at 1.375 mil but it is going to be ingame at launch because of 1.5 mil mark...

    7. Missing avatar

      Brian Rossman on

      @kevin spamming your inbox with awesome. From what I've read these new ships will be available at launch. Basically the more money they have the larger the staff they can support so the more they can get done before their projected release date of November 2014. I personally like the updates they keep tossing out. I just wish I knew more people into this style of game to heckle about backing it.

    8. Anders T.N


    9. Anders T.N

      Ready from lunch ;)

    10. Kyuu on

      @ Kevin They will be available at launch. There won't be ships asides from the current pledge ships available outside of obtaining it in-game. Asides from some special prizes.

      @ Crosspel Seriously? Unsubscribe from the email updates. The rest of us are enjoying the updates.

      @ CIG I am afraid Sony2016 is right. We were supposed to unlock 2 ships at 1.5m.

    11. Dan Ormond on

      Multi-monitor?! Now that sounds awesome!!

    12. Missing avatar

      kevin on

      So will these ships be available at launch, will we kickstarter people be getting them, or some combination thereof?

    13. Missing avatar

      kevin on

      @crosspel yeah don't you hate it when people keep telling you that something you want, and are getting keeps getting better. It's like a car salesman who tells you that you actual got a rebate they forgot to tell you about, and you get more money back.

    14. Donik on

      Crosspel, I don't know why you're crying. Most of us enjoy receiving every single update and piece of information we get. If you don't like it, unsubscribe from email updates or create a filter.

    15. Evistarator ~Persultassent Mens Sana~ on


      Remove emails update notifications

    16. Missing avatar

      Crosspel on

      I'm so glad this kickstarter is ending soon... It's spamming my mailbox for days now... Three updates a day, everyday? Seriously?

    17. Darkk on

      @ Jens: The other ship was unlocked at 1,375 mio. @ Bros: Thnx.

    18. barbarian_bros on

      @Dark : One is there :
      Hades System :
      Trise System :

      they said we unlock systems fasters than they could illustrate them... bu all missiing systems would be added in the next days...

    19. Missing avatar

      Sony2016 on

      Sorry, but you promised two new ships, not only one ship.

    20. Darkk on

      Where are the 2 unlocked systems? :-)