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Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
34,397 backers pledged $2,134,374 to help bring this project to life.

Final Countdown & Final Stretch Goal

We've come along way! With 48 hours to go, we're at well over $4 million and we've already set the record for crowd-funding games! The final few stretch goals are near… the campaign couldn't have gone any better.

It's time to reveal how the campaign is going to end. Over the next 24 hours you're going to get a number of updates about all aspects of the Star Citizen project at the Roberts Space Industries website. Everything from art to music to team member introductions… the sort of things you've come to expect over the past month, released quickly! Then, at the 24 hour mark (1 PM CST on Sunday) the party really gets started.

We will be live-streaming the end of the campaign live from Cloud Imperium's temporary offices in Austin, Texas! You'll watch Chris and the team broadcast the final hours of the campaign telethon-style until this is all finally over. We'll be answering fan questions, giving away prizes and generally having a great time… and since we'll be in Austin we've arranged for some special guests from the old days of Origin and developing Wing Commander to stop by and swap war stories!

We're also going to be offering several limited-time special-offer ship packages. We want to stress beforehand, though, that these are ONLY to support the game. Every single additional ship we offer for sale in the next 48 hours will never be sold for cash again… but they will be available through gameplay. If you decide to pick one up, it should be because you want to support Star Citizen and not because you're worried it's a ship you'll never have otherwise. Check back soon to see the new ship options!

Wait, what's this? Breaking news! A message bearing the golden seal of the Imperator himself: Congratulation Citizens! Your dedication to the cause is impossible to deny. Working with the imperial fleet shipyards, I have secured one final lofty stretch goal for you: if we can reach the previously impossible $5.5 million level, then the Bengal carrier will be playable in the finished game. It will be very difficult to earn a Bengal… but when you do, it will be an amazing base for clans, squadrons and guilds. Can we get there?

You heard the man! $5.5 million to fly the Bengal carrier in Star Citizen. Here's to a great 48 hours!


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    1. James on

      Looks like they need bigger pipes on the main site... cant get to it too many people.

    2. Daniel Seger on

      Buying the bengal must cost a huge amount of cash so im not really worried about people buying these in heaps and showing of their power unless they have the support of atleast 20-50 people 24/7,andi also think that if people buy them they are gonna be a big target for pirrates and others trying their luck

    3. WP - Member, Mutant League on

      For the Imperator of Mankind !

    4. Missing avatar

      EagleTigerSix on

      I thought there was a reason not to give large carriers to players. A big clan controlling this thing with all its goodies and fighters would be too influential and simply overpowered.

    5. Christopher Gunn on

      @Kody At the RSI website, the number next to "Raised:" is the kickstarter and RSI amounts combined. The RSI site is currently at a little less then 2.9M.

    6. Kody Tench on

      aren't we at 5.5 million now? the other site is over 4 mil and we have 1.5 mil here.

    7. Damien Letham on

      @Memorykill: The 1.5mil goal on KS says "two additional flyable ships on launch (total of twelve)". Though there are also 3 goals on RSI which each added a ship, so that could mean 15.

      Then again, the reason there are so few is 1) massive polygon counts, and modeling of interiors, and 2) a large amount of customisatopn, so it takes a while to develop each one.

    8. MemoryKill on

      Moar ships awesome!

      So...for the worry of sounding stupid lol, how many "flyable" ships will there be in game on launch, like if we go through single player etc, are we talking 100's or dozens? Just a little confused because so far it looks like there is only going to be the ships in game that we can see, but surely not, these are just EXTRA ships being added at launch, on top of lots of other ships?

    9. Ross Webb-Wagg on

      How many ships can we own? And is there a Hanger option to access ships that you already own in the carrier?

    10. Missing avatar

      avi thomas on

      Technically I think Mech Warrior Online and the Community Assisted Racing Sim Project have raised more than Star Citizen.

    11. Jason Teeple on

      Wounder how much real money that carrier will cost? If it where a one time thing.

    12. British on

      @Roland: That's very true :x
      Still, that "comprehensive" page is off.

    13. Roland on

      @British. wait, 4.5mil is for CRUISER not carrier

    14. Roland on

      @british may be carrier can mean other smaller carriers?

    15. British on

      @Martin Solis: Hanging with CR for a day is the $10000 pledge ^^

    16. British on

      So hum, I'm a bit lost.
      On this update CR talks about the Bengal carrier being unlocked at $5.5M, yet on RSI's "Comprehensive Stretch Goals" page, the carrier is at $4.5M...

    17. Iron Jason Hahn ~Komurin~ on


      Damn you, for even having the slightest possibility of that happening :P
      haha no would be awesome for you buddy!!! :D

    18. Martin Solis on

      I live in Austin!

      Can I come hang out? Just for one day?

    19. tarasis on

      To fly that cruiser would be awesome in the extreme. hopefully we'll get a great influx from the 48 hours to go reminder emails :)

    20. Missing avatar

      Valentin on

      I've been doing linear fits of the pledges for a few hours, and the currently predicted amount at the end is at 5.3 million- and constantly rising. A quadratic fit says 8.5 million. If it keeps up like this we'll definitely get to fly that carrier :)

    21. Iron Jason Hahn ~Komurin~ on

      Mhm I think if it was 5 million, we would actually have quite the chance to reach that goal!!!

    22. Jens Ernstmeier on

      Ok, about 8.500$ missing.... but damn i love this universe of Chris

    23. Missing avatar

      Brian Weatherill on

      @jens Youre not mad, I've stumped up about 3 times more for this than for any previous kickstarter.. Chris has done an amazing job of reeling me in and I have high hopes if he can keep this enthusiasm going for 24 more months.

    24. Jens Ernstmeier on

      @ Fabian: you know, pledge of $60 is already a Origin 300i, but anyhow, you are still right...
      So,if kickstarter reaches 1.500.000 within 22.00h our time, i will raise my pledge. Stay tuned.

    25. Thomas45 on

      Would be amazing to get this.

    26. Stefan Jepsen on

      Citizens at Heart. Make it so

    27. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    28. Missing avatar

      kevin on

      @arthur really if you are in a successful clan. Then if you save up enough you might get one yourself. Though what would be really awsome is if some of these ships were quest reward (like the you have to stupid or foalish to even consider this) I would so spend a month doing the most difficult quests in the game if I could lay my hands on one of those.

      Actually that is a good question will ships be quest rewards, and if they are can you lose them? I mean even if they are the hardcore quests like "enter the alien space, and take down the squadron of heavy carriors they have amassed, and we will give you a carrior" I would hope there ie not only a accept button, but a "try and talk me out of it button"

      @mayplayer I know the galactic empire shall be a reality, and the statement "military, we don't need no stinkin military"

    29. Fabian Winkler on

      @Miroslav RSI said that they will link the kickstarter pledges after the kickstarter campaign

    30. Fabian Winkler on

      @Jens Why not. A Freelancer sounds way better than an Aurora :) First thing I will do is the same as in Privateer. Load the cargo bay full of Uranium and make me some cash.

      I live in Ludwigsburg. That is almost the neighbourhood of Marbach

    31. Missing avatar

      Miroslav Lulic on

      How can we link the kickstarter pledge to the main website account we created after?

    32. Jens Ernstmeier on

      @ Fabian: congrats to you! So, i really will think about it.
      And greetings from Marbach to Stuttgart

    33. Missing avatar

      Cezary Mierzejewski on

      @SCLINK: Dude, not having an account is like playing Starcraft without Battle.Net account, go make one already! account will work as your in-game account as well!

      About being able to buy them on KS, no idea, probably yes.

    34. Missing avatar

      Christian Schaller on

      I hope having reached this milestones you manage to add Linux support to the game :)

    35. Fabian Winkler on

      @Jens Ernstmeier I also got a MISC Freelancer :)

      I would like to see the picture in this update as a wallpaper. Or better I would like to have a picture of the inside or outside of the freelancer. My little Firefly.

    36. Jens Ernstmeier on

      What are your current pledges? I am really thinking about a raise from 60 $ to 125$, because of the freelancer...
      Am i crazy, or what? Get me some medicine

    37. Espen on

      That would be so f****** AWESOME!!!!! Can you imagin standing on the bridge and knowing that you are actually flying it. :D

    38. Missing avatar

      S C Link on

      Will we be able to pledge for these new ships here on kickstarter or do I need to make myself an account on RSI?

    39. Ellios on

      @ Will. I'm in the same boat, would chip in more if I could. Seriously considering selling a kidney to raise more funds.

    40. Will Lowe on

      Looks absolutely stunning, wish I had more cash to pledge :(

    41. Missing avatar

      Urraca on

      I need this shiiiiip!!!!!!

    42. Missing avatar

      Thor on

      What if pirates get hold of one of these Bengal carriers??? There universe won't be easy for law abiding citizens! ;)

    43. Andy O'Neal on

      Can people who live in austin join in?

    44. Darkk on

      Too bad it´s not a Stardestroyer ;-) Anyway, great news!

    45. Dark Soul on

      Congratulations on beating Obsidian's record.

      The Bengal is beautiful, I'll never be able to afford one, but I'll certainly do whatever I can to get in a clan that can.

      I have to close the browser now, this is too awesome for my body, I think I'm hyperventilating.

    46. Missing avatar

      LunacyIsFun on

      Wow, I really hope we manage to reach that goal, flying that would be amazing :D

    47. Missing avatar

      Jean Mertz on

      Well.... You did it.

      I just updated my pledge from €30 to €60. Great looking game and very effective "marketing campaign". Here's to hoping you keep us entertained even after the money has been wired, and here's to hoping even more for a kick ass game in a few years.

    48. Jens Ernstmeier on

      And my wallet goes down the drain...
      but i am so happy about this shit, that i will have to sell my car, to see this universe growing. The people here are awsome! Go on!!

    49. Martin Solis on

      Im dead serious, can I have a dead serious reply?