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Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
34,397 backers pledged $2,134,374 to help bring this project to life.

Unlocked: Goss System & Tuesday Updates

Posted by Cloud Imperium Games Corporation (Creator)

We've reached the $3.4 million unlock: the Goss System! At $3.5 million you'll earn another system and learn more about the games' docking mechanics. Let's get there soon!

Goss System

Full Size

Ownership: UEE
Planets: 3
Planetary Rotation: Goss I 50 SED, Cassel (Goss II) 244 SED, Goss III 309 SED
Import: Food, Energy supplies
Export: Elements.
Crime Status: Low-Med.
Black Market: Kidnapping, Theft.
UEE Strategic Value: Blue 

Description: Generally regarded as one of the most visually stunning systems in the Empire, the Goss System is a binary star system situated in the forefront of a massive emission nebula. Permanent bands of turqouise, gold and deep orange paint the sky from any location in the system. 

All three of Goss' planets are inhabitable. The bulk of the system's economy comes from tourism, but Gossians pride themselves on being self sufficient. Long-haul traders will find few bargains here, as the system produces little worthy of export and gathers its raw materials internally, mining and harvesting resources from the inner planets as needed. 

The main destination is the lush, thriving resort world of Cassel (Goss II.) The surface is largely tropical rain forests dotted with stately pleasure domes constructed to support tourists and dozens of launch arcologies that house the descendants of the original Goss settlers. Goss I is a low-atmosphere world with abundant heavy metals. Scattered pockets of well-paid miners are a reasonable market for luxury goods and black market items, although the systems' strict export policies prevent shipping raw materials out-system. 

The Olympus Pool has dark side, too: the same nebula that delights tourists also acts as an effective curtain for several deep space pirate clans. Pirates are generally careful not to interfere in the tourism on Cassel... but the brilliantly colored sky is believed to hide multiple clan operations facilities and supply chain master points. 

WARNING: gravity effects of the binary star have rendered portions of the system untenable to starships not carrying Level 7 shields or above. Consult current gravity maps before attempting transit! 

Next, at $3.5 million: "Formerly the most distant UEE colony it grew to notoriety as the first contact point with the Vanduul. The attacks became so frequent that the settlers ultimately abandoned it." 

Kellog System 

As a bonus, here's concept art of yesterday's locked system, Kellog, showing the jungle planet Xis: 

Full Size

Citizen Card 

Here's the Silver Citizen Card, which is included with pledges at the $250 level! 

Full Size

Linking / Upgrading Pledges 

We're confident that most pledges from the backup site are now linked. However, we've also heard reports that a small number of pledgers have had issues with their upgrades not appearing correctly. Please contact Sandi if you are seeing either of these issues and she will update our database manually.


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    1. Missing avatar

      BigNick277 on

      I have to admit, I'm really disappointed with the way the silver card looks. It's kind of bland... And I was expecting brushed metal effect like with the bronze and gold cards at the very least. I expected more for a card that's limited to a $250 bracket. Especially when the bronze card looks better than the silver card.

    2. MemoryKill on

      @neohelios it will ship with tons of them, a whole universe remember. With this we are unlocking EVEN MORE unique systems, because with moar $$$ = more time and effort into creating moarrrrrrr content for us :).

    3. NH@KS on

      I don't get the systems thing. are we unlocking systems to add content, or just unlocking systems to get a sneak peek into already existing systems? I thought the sim was going to ship with dozens of systems already.

    4. Sam7001 on

      @Johan Ljungman Nope, not just you.

      Any chance the silver card can get a black center or something with a little more color like the bronze card?

    5. Kevin Felker on

      These updates have been incredible, but until I see the promised RSI Constellation design, I'm on edge!

    6. Missing avatar

      Johan Ljungman on

      Is it just me or does the bronze card look much better than silver? :-\

    7. Missing avatar

      kevin on

      Thank you for having the smaller sized images in the update (with the option of larger/higher res ones too)

      So I would like to know what are the penalties for death in this game are we talking a respawn after time with the ship we died in, or are we talking something like EVEonline?

    8. Skylead on

      I guess that is also the death penalty if you don't have insurance, since if you die and lose all your upgrades you are essentially at level 1 again (assuming no insurance)

      Should be an interesting balance

    9. Ron Au on

      Ahhhhhh- 'there' it is. There it is, CR. So that's how you're going to structure the game without a levelling system.

      Sure, there are no levels and winning is based on skill, but in terms of creating 'high level areas' and 'low level areas' you've created a clever way of doing it. Instead of a (sort of) arbitrary statistic like a player level, it's going to be based on how well upgraded your ship is- which will still be based on how much time, effort, money, etc you have spent on it- just like with what you'd have with a player level. What a clean and clever way of going about it :)

      Chris Roberts you have an amazing mind.

    10. Tom Page on

      Hell yes! We are smashing through these stretch goals. Confident we will make $4m easily.

      Everyone make sure you do a final push for backers, think about who you know that would like this game, and post it on their FB page!

      Deploy deploy!

    11. Missing avatar

      Tiberius Gracchus on

      I wonder what secret blunder or adventure awaits in the high gravity region of this system?

      Great update!