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Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
34,397 backers pledged $2,134,374 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Missing avatar

      BigNick277 on

      I have to admit, I'm really disappointed with the way the silver card looks. It's kind of bland... And I was expecting brushed metal effect like with the bronze and gold cards at the very least. I expected more for a card that's limited to a $250 bracket. Especially when the bronze card looks better than the silver card.

    2. MemoryKill on

      @neohelios it will ship with tons of them, a whole universe remember. With this we are unlocking EVEN MORE unique systems, because with moar $$$ = more time and effort into creating moarrrrrrr content for us :).

    3. NH@KS on

      I don't get the systems thing. are we unlocking systems to add content, or just unlocking systems to get a sneak peek into already existing systems? I thought the sim was going to ship with dozens of systems already.

    4. Sam7001 on

      @Johan Ljungman Nope, not just you.

      Any chance the silver card can get a black center or something with a little more color like the bronze card?

    5. Kevin Felker on

      These updates have been incredible, but until I see the promised RSI Constellation design, I'm on edge!

    6. Missing avatar

      Johan Ljungman on

      Is it just me or does the bronze card look much better than silver? :-\

    7. Missing avatar

      kevin on

      Thank you for having the smaller sized images in the update (with the option of larger/higher res ones too)

      So I would like to know what are the penalties for death in this game are we talking a respawn after time with the ship we died in, or are we talking something like EVEonline?

    8. Skylead on

      I guess that is also the death penalty if you don't have insurance, since if you die and lose all your upgrades you are essentially at level 1 again (assuming no insurance)

      Should be an interesting balance

    9. Ron Au on

      Ahhhhhh- 'there' it is. There it is, CR. So that's how you're going to structure the game without a levelling system.

      Sure, there are no levels and winning is based on skill, but in terms of creating 'high level areas' and 'low level areas' you've created a clever way of doing it. Instead of a (sort of) arbitrary statistic like a player level, it's going to be based on how well upgraded your ship is- which will still be based on how much time, effort, money, etc you have spent on it- just like with what you'd have with a player level. What a clean and clever way of going about it :)

      Chris Roberts you have an amazing mind.

    10. Tom Page on

      Hell yes! We are smashing through these stretch goals. Confident we will make $4m easily.

      Everyone make sure you do a final push for backers, think about who you know that would like this game, and post it on their FB page!

      Deploy deploy!

    11. Missing avatar

      Tiberius Gracchus on

      I wonder what secret blunder or adventure awaits in the high gravity region of this system?

      Great update!