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Starfarer Unlocked and Sunday Afternoon Updates

Posted by Cloud Imperium Games Corporation (Creator)

We'd like to begin by wishing everyone a happy Veterans Day (or Remembrance Day) to everyone today. We're continually honored when we find out about men and women in uniform who have chosen to support Star Citizen and we can't thank you enough for your service.

The big news today is that we've reached the $3.25 million overall mark and, as promised, we're releasing the details on a new ship: the Starfarer tanker. Hopefully this description will help explain what all this extra money is going… expanding the Star Citizen world beyond the boundaries of the original Privateer or Freelancer and letting us make it a more vibrant, living universe. Keep going: you'll get another star system at $3.3 million!


Builder: MISC (Musashi Industrial & Starflight Concern)
Crew (max): 2
Mass (empty): 125,000 KG
Focus: Tanker / Refueler

The MISC Starfarer is the galaxy's standard fuel transporter. Starfarers are ubiquitous on both sides of the fueling process: their massive tanks allow for both the collection of space borne fuel from gas giants and extrasolar sources as well as the transport of active fuel from refinery stations to the primary market. Though the stock model lacks refinery equipment, the Starfarer does have docking mechanisms allowing it to conduct in-flight refueling operations with most spacecraft classes.

The most common Starfarer modification ships liquid foodstuffs in the same tanking system. A visually distinct long-haul bulk goods version mated to an alternate cargo chassis also exists, although it has proven far less popular than the more rugged Freelancer lineup. An armored tactical variant, the Starfarer Gemini ("Star-G") is produced under contract by Aegis for use by the UEE military.

Upgrade Capacity: 8
Cargo Capacity: 75 tonnes
Modifiers: 4
Max. Class: Anti-Matter
Thrusters: 2x TR4, 8 x TR2
2 x Class 2: Equipped 2 x Behring M3A Laser Cannon
1 x Class 3: Equipped 1 x Talon Stalker Image Recognition missiles
1 x Class 4: Equipped 1x KP M2A Laser Cannon (turret)

Similar to… Diligent, Clydesdale

Citizen Cards

Today you can see the bronze Citizen Card provided at the $125 level. Users can choose between a "Colonel" and a "Freelancer" card, a way to display their support for two of Chris Roberts' earlier franchises. We think the cards start looking a lot cooler as they look more metallic… so just wait until you see the real metal cards available for higher pledgers!


We know a lot of you old spacehands aren't fans of social networking and that's entirely understandable. That's why we always try and post the latest news to RSI first. Still, we're proud of the fact that we're almost to 10,000 "likes," which is a metric that speaks volumes to outsiders… so, if you haven't liked the Star Citizen Facebook page, we'd truly appreciate it.


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    1. Missing avatar

      efovex on

      Aww c'mon, you might as well make the bronze cards of metal as well. That stuff isn't expensive. Doesn't have to be actual bronze obviously, just any metal is better than plastic.

    2. British on

      I agree with the concerns about the tonnage... 75 feels too low.

    3. Missing avatar

      Comrade Suhov on

      Polycarbonate can easy mimic look of most metals: bronze, gold, zinc.

    4. Pascal Dupre on

      Like John Robertson I would also like to thank you for remembrance, I'm not a vet yet but I'm glad that peoples acknowledge the sacrifice that peoples makes for their country. I'm more than eager to play that new game, I might not be able to be a piot in real life but at least i'll have a chance to fly some virtual bird ;)

    5. Missing avatar

      Baudelier on

      I'm guessing that the cards are going to be aluminum anodized the appropriate color.

    6. John Robertson

      As an old retired Air Force Viet Nam vet I want to thank you for the remembrance. This generation has sure respected the military more than the generation that greeted me when I returned. I am an old core Chris Roberts/Lord British fan and scraped up enough pennies to get a copper card. Looking forward to flying in a Chris Roberts game again.

    7. Missing avatar

      Wes Cilldhaire on

      Also, The 'gold' and 'silver' pledges seems a bit small for receiving an actual gold or silver card... I'm guessing the only metal cards will be the platinum and titanium?

    8. Missing avatar

      Wes Cilldhaire on

      @Spyke yeah I know, I was thinking that making the metal cards would eat a decent chunk out of the pledged amount anyway. Just, would have been awesome :) Still looks good though

    9. Kjell Ims on

      Sooo... you can't say "so just wait until you see the real metal cards available for higher pledgers!" without giving exact details about which pledgers/levels will see REAL metal cards.. this was news to me and I'm a gizmo fan enough that I might increase my pledge to get one thats real metal... for completeness, the ones that are not real metal, will they be plastic or paper stock?

    10. Evistarator ~Persultassent Mens Sana~ on


      As far as Sandi has said: 1000 and up (100% certain) 500 (trying)

    11. Uxion on

      Which cards are going to be made of metal?

    12. Kay Sindre Skogseth on

      Is there possible to get digital version of these at the lower level?

      You see I would love to use one of these as a background on my visa card!

    13. Spyke Alexander

      @Wes: With the increased cost of copper I don't see how the cards could be actually made out of the metal itself (or embossed with). While still a "cheap" metal it is nearly twice the cost today as it was three years ago.

    14. Missing avatar


      Agree with Roland. A 60+ tonne space vehicle that can only carry 75 tonnes seems really inefficient in carrying capacity. It is in space, so you could easily make the capacity 500+ tonnes and all it does is impact accleration and agility. I'd suggest making each cargo module a 75 tonne capacity (sort of like a modern box car shipping container) with the ability to have frames that can radially support up to seven containers (one center and six in a radial pattern around the center one). The "cab" of the "space truck" can be operated independently of the trailer or containers, and maybe the "cab" component has 75 tonnes of storage all by itself. You could conceivably have slow haul shipping that adds another rack of seven containers behind the first one for 1000+ tonnes of long haul freight. Worried about pirates? The shipping company could have a policy of detonating cargo if captured. That makes those shipping containers pretty much unappealing to try to hijack without some kind of specialized jamming or command override codes equipment.

      This actually raises the interesting mode of interplanetary shipping where containers are guided and then released from a "cab" to continue their trajectory until getting to a rendezvous point where another "cab" docks and takes them to the next jump. There is no need to have a "cab" connected for the entire boring journey of shipping containers.

    15. Tim Lengert on

      Looking good. And hats off to you Dave and everyone else today who are and have been in the Canadian military. Happy Remembrance Day.

    16. Roland on

      Anyone notice 75 tonnes, if transporting water, is only about twice the capacity of everyday oil/gasoline trucks?

    17. Missing avatar

      Dave blanchard on

      As a member of the canadian navy, thanks for the words.

    18. Missing avatar

      Wes Cilldhaire on

      So.. the bronze cards aren't going to be real metal?