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Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
34,397 backers pledged $2,134,374 to help bring this project to life.

$3 Million - An Update from Chris Roberts

Hi everyone!

Three million dollars! It’s hard to believe we’re already here, far above our initial objective and well into some of the stretch goals, with still 10 days left in the campaign. It’s all thanks to you, our incredible fans. I am impressed every single day when I see the dedication you have already given this project, spreading the word and building a great and supporting community. It’s going to be a daunting—and rewarding—task for the team to continue to build the game knowing how much this community believes in us. And it’s a task I’m proud to say we’re up to.

Sorry to have been quiet for the past few days. I just got back from Montreal, Canada, which is likely to be one of the locations where we will build Star Citizen, along with Austin, Texas and Los Angeles, California. It may seem inefficient to have the team spread out but I’m actually a big fan of distributed development. The tech prototype was built by a small team spread out between Austin, Frankfurt (Germany), Los Angeles, Montreal, Monterey (Mexico) and San Francisco

The concept is to focus on where the talent is and not try to fit the talent to the location. So a lot of my old Origin and Digital Anvil compatriots will be based in Austin, in LA the focus will be some of the high end conceptual design (leaning heavily on the deep pool of talent from film like Ryan Church and Jim Martin) and some engineering. In Montreal we’re likely to be building some of the backend persistent server infrastructure and web front end. I’ll be spending time in each location and heavily using Skype! The idea is to break the various components of Star Citizen into discrete parts that are the responsibility of focused “tiger” teams – dogfighting, shipboard FPS, planet side buying / selling / chatting / mission acquisition, persistent server backend and so on. This way it keeps the various elements of the project manageable and the responsibility of small, tight teams. It’s always been my experience that small teams tend to be the most effective, so the idea is to utilize the small team concept in such a way that it can scale for a project with the ambition of Star Citizen. Think of it as taking the multi-core / threading approach to development as opposed to the old way of just increasing the speed and size of one big processor.

Enlist your Friends Update

There have been a few updates while I’ve been off working on the development and hiring plan. And a couple of them have caused some discontent amongst you, so I wanted to set the record straight.

The pledge referral program was actually something that was part of the spec of the custom crowd funding plug in we built and was meant to launch day 1. Unfortunately, due to our launch issues it was never deployed and it has taken this long to get up and running.

Before we started the campaign we had talked to Alienware, NVIDIA and Logitech, who were all very excited by what Star Citizen represented for PC gaming and were eager to help out with some free swag to give away with some of the pledge tiers. We thought it would be much more fun, and allow a wider range of the community to participate if everyone had the chance of winning the bad ass Alienware gaming rig, rather than bundling it with some custom $15,000 pledge level. So we thought that tying it to rounding up as many friends to play with you would be a great way, especially as we want to encourage co-op play and building up your squadron (which is another feature we will roll out once vBulletin is active)

We know that a lot of you are concerned that you won’t be credited for everyone you encouraged to join the fight for high end PC gaming and space sims. Don’t worry! We’re building a referral input to the My Account screen on the RSI site that will give you the ability to retroactively specify if someone has referred you, so everyone can get credit even from the very beginning of the campaign.

We hope you like it. It was designed for fun, and to give everyone a chance to win some cool swag (who doesn’t want an Alienware desktop, Oculus Rift or a GTX680?).

I’ve also had a few questions about the contests we’ve run previously. For legal reasons we’re not allowed to identify the winners unless they give us permission… but if you won a signed Wing Commander or an Anvil Gladiator bomber, you have been contacted by our staff, so make sure to check your spam filters in case there’s a surprise stuck out of view!

Ship Concept Art

We know this high on everyone’s list. Both Ryan Church and Jim Martin are working away on this and have been for many weeks. I hope to have the first set, which will be Ryan’s RSI Constellation work, be in a state to share by the start of next week. When you see the work you will understand why it is not something that can be done in a day. All Star Citizen ships are designed to a level of detail, ergonomics and functionality that no one has ever attempted before in a space game. It’s not just about a pretty drawing – if it was I could have shared something weeks ago. It’s about fully designing the interior and exterior, how weapons and missiles are deployed, where the engines and various thrusters are located, how they articulate, where you would sleep, how the P52 fighter launches and re-docks, where you eat your meal and where you shower. The plan is to share a full RSI brochure on each ship, with exterior and interior renderings, not unlike you would see from Boeing or Lockheed Martin in today’s world. I can tell you the work in progress is very cool and I think you will all be excited once you see the first set. But please bear with us all five ships can’t be done in the next two weeks – it is a multi-month process. But that’s part of the fun of backing Star Citizen; you’re going to take the journey with the development team, see work as it happens and be constantly engaged. It’s not just about the initial campaign – we will be updating and sharing during the whole development process.

Stretch Goals

We’ve just hit $1,000,000 and the Corvette on Kickstarter and $3,000,000 on the main site. I can’t begin to tell you how excited this makes me… but I really want to get to at least $4,000,000 overall as this will allow us to do more sooner, especially on things like the modding tools. It may seem like a stretch but if you look at other Kickstarter’s they all had a huge surge in the last few days. When it comes to game projects, we’re definitely the leader in amount of dollars pledged per backer, thanks to you. Some of the stretch goals can be covered by upgrading, but we need to also get new backers in. I know you’ve all been spreading the word. Keep it up and we can get there!

Future Updates

We’ve already given you a preview of the base Citizen Card and will be sharing the other over the coming days. I also plan to do a few write ups for you – I always get a lot of questions about instancing, so I’m going to try and describe the process in one concise update. There will be some more video from the prototype in the near future… And of course a ship brochure!


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    1. Pierre Nilsson on

      @Andreas Nikolaeff, those fans are hydrogen collectors that scoops up fuel as the craft moves through space. I think it was explained somewhere on the main site.

      That said; I also think it looks a little funny. :)

    2. Andrey Nikolaev on

      What are for the fans on the nose of fighter? Space fighter. And why are they rotating? In space. And why the rate of rotations changes? In space. Don't believe. You have enough fans. Remove those, please.

    3. Jon Uzel on

      I have to agree with June, G+ hangouts work fantastically for group efforts like that.

    4. arthureloi on

      Lol sorry commented on the wrong update =D

    5. arthureloi on

      +1 for the hula girl and custom photo

    6. June Tate-Gans on


      I might be a bit pedantic for saying this, but save your shekels on Skype -- there are far better corporate solutions for what you'll need. You might have better cross-site coordination by using Google+ hangouts as your VC solution. They were built for long distance multi-participant communication like you describe, and are in fact, used heavily for just that purpose.

    7. Firedorn on

      @Chris Roberts
      You were in Montreal and didn't come see me? What's up with that?

      In any case, thanks for the update. I know a few peeps that wanna see some more ship art/screenies too. Some people have trouble understanding core concepts and need to see pictures for some reason. =P

      Also, working in many locations at once to gather the right talent is the best thing, especially when it's so easy to work remotely. As I type this, I'm sitting at home while the office line is ringing on my VoIP phone, connected the our head office 20 minutes away (via WiFi VPN).

      Gotta take this call. Take care guys and gals. Have a wonderful weekend!

    8. Fluffy Fiend of the Obsidian Order on


      Heck ya, Star Citizen + Oculus Rift would be the greatest game experience ever. Here's hoping they support it.

    9. Marius Zemaitis on

      Thank you Chris for sincere post. You're really amazing. And I agree "Quality" needs time to make. And don't worry about funding, if you ever run into problems - remember there is great community behind you eager to help instantly. Thank you all for making this happen.

    10. Pierre Nilsson on

      Tom Page,

      Agree 100% with this.

    11. Pierre Nilsson on


      Yeah, we poured over the different vids and the GDC presentation (loved the stuff) but there is, and correct me if I´m wrong, just three ships in the videos: The carrier, the fighter and the bogie-ship.

      All looks superb but I must admit: the reason I love space sims like these is because I think space fighter-designs are cool! It´s a huge immersion-thing for me and my friends and therefore I´d like some more ship-pics before the pledge period runs out. (So I can convince them some more)

      On the other hand: I realize that the designers want to have the designs _just right_ to knock our socks off when they release them and with a suitable level of geeky details. As a geek who spent hours and hours pouring over a schematic of the Millenium Falcon with my buddies, discussin the hypothetical strength and weaknesses of the design, I appritiate the level they are striving for. ;D

    12. Tom Page on

      The ship art sounds AMAZING.... but none of my friends will back without seeing at least one picture of the ships. Its like shopping blind at the end of the day.

    13. Johan Munkestam on

      I post my message, read the latest message from Oculus Rift posted right now - and they mention you guys - awesome!

    14. Johan Munkestam on

      This game demands Oculus Rift - perfect usage of the head-mount as the ship is static ahead (as one is seated) but one have full head-turn ability for the dog-fights.

    15. CDSAfghan on

      I just discovered the videos today! I'd already upgraded my pledge to $60 and now I'm even more convinced this is gonna be awesome.

    16. Granite on

      I wouldn't worry too much about the funding Chris. I'm betting on you pulling in at least $500k in the final 24hrs, in addition to whatever you get between now and then.

    17. TanC on

      I would LOVE to get my hands on an actual ship brochure! Is there a way to make it available to all backers? On both RSI and KS? Maybe have it as an add-on?

    18. PeeZocker Inc on


      Have you showed them the videos on the RSI site that show physics and stuff? There are several game play trailers there.

    19. Pierre Nilsson on

      Would be easier to "sell" the game to friends if there were more to show. Friends loved the trailer but couldn't get them to pledge until there is more sketches on ships and stuff. Oh, well, you got me hooked all the same. :)

    20. Cyco-Dude on

      might get one more in, who knows. releasing sketches...not likely to happen, otherwise they would've already done it. there are ship specs that have been posted for a week; use that to make your decision. specs are more important than looks, but i guess some people are vain when it comes to stuff like that...

    21. Starkillr on

      @RA Brian

      Agree that when done correctly it's great, my concern is the "done correctly" part. Not saying it can't be done, just that its a risk to manage.

    22. Martin Kirchner on

      @craig its the other way around. all KS pledges also work towards the RSI main goals but not the other way round, though its been indicated that unreached KS goals might be done anyways if the pledges on the RSI site are high enough.

    23. CrazedHatter - OO's Lunatic in a Hat on

      Waiting for the ship art is like exquisite torture, I hope you know that sir. :-P

    24. Bill Gu on

      Chris, I am very looking forward to the concept art of the RSI Constellation. But from what you have wrote, it seems that we'll probably only see the concept art for that ship before the campaign ends. Would it be possible for the team to release some sketches for the other pledge ships as well? It doesn't have to be super detailed like the one for the Constellation, but just some sketches so we know what they look like. I think alot of us are starved for information, and even a few pictures can help us figure out which ship (or ships) we would like to pledge for.

    25. Craig Janssen

      Will the money from the website be applied to the stretch goals on Kickstarter? I would assume that would be the case as it was for many of the other Kickstarter projects. I don't think I have seen an answer as of yet. Anyone know?

    26. Brian on

      @Starkillr - I work on a very large software project (much larger then Star Citizen) and we're spread out. Done correctly this works very well, you can have teams even do fun competitions.

      Today's not the world it was years ago - distributed software development allows you to access talent all over the world and works quite well.

    27. Martin Kirchner on

      @Starkillr thats not how distributed software development works really. I guess it would be harder to work in silos than together :-)
      It means you'll have to do management properly but thats not a bad thing either, in one big team you might be mislead to neglect that and it will most certainly bite you in the end.
      But thats just my limited experience in SW development, I've never really worked on a huge project such as this one (not even remotely as big :))

    28. Starkillr on

      With respect to the disparate teams, aren't you worried they will be working in silos and when it comes time to bring it all together it will be a disaster? Hopefully you are keeping a keen eye out for that as this is a key risk of your approach.

    29. Manny on

      @Stefan: APB promised to revolutionize PC shooters. I always try not to get caught up in the early hype for games, but it was too perfect - I was in love! I supported APB and "legendary creator of Lemmings" Dave Jones through beta and launch, defending all criticism... and then two months later, the company went bankrupt and my "grail game" was sold off to a crappy F2P company where it still lives on, a zombi-fied reminder of what once was.

      SO! Lesson learned. I want Star Citizen to be different, and while I realize there are no guarantees in business/life, I'm hoping that the SC team can assuage at least some of my fears.

      TLDR: I bought into the hype on APB and it tanked in 60 days. Convince me that SC won't break my heart again.

    30. Sir Pledge-a-lot on

      Thanks Chris. Hope this made some things clear for the nonbelievers.

    31. Aletheides on

      @Manny s: Chris Roberts passion for space games are very well known. He would not start such a project unless he has plans to finish it. So I would not worry. Instead, see it as a journey and an experience to be able to take part in the creation of a legendary classic game from the very beginning :)

    32. Hovercraft on

      And when we talk about art, the picture you use as a background at Facebook/Twitter looks great, can we get it as a wallpaper?

    33. Kevin Felker on

      I am dying to see the RSI Constellation and the P52 fighter concept!!! It's going to be a long weekend!

    34. Hovercraft on

      Ship brochures sounds great. Will they be included in some of the manuals? Or Maybe you'll create new add-on, a book with ship brochures/alien races etc? Star Citizen Ships Development Document and Xi'an description looks great (art/colours palette) so I'd be highly interested in getting it as a book.

    35. Missing avatar

      Stefan S.DJ. on

      How could have you been burned by APB, if you call it a love affair ?

    36. Dustin Carpenter on

      Really looking forward to seeing the ship brochure come together over the coming weeks.

    37. Manny on

      I want this to succeed so much, but I got burned pretty badly by my love affair with APB... Is there anything else I should know, to reassure me that I'm not just setting myself up for tragedy again? ;) I'm already in as a "Digital Scout," but I'm torn about whether I should throw more money at you.

    38. Skylead on

      Can't wait to see the engineered ship designs, best of luck breaking the 4 million mark