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Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
34,397 backers pledged $2,134,374 to help bring this project to life.

Star Citizen versus Squadron 42 - Cast Your Vote!

Posted by Cloud Imperium Games Corporation (Creator)

Hello pilots! America has voted and now so can you. We’re taking the election theme to heart and offering you our own form of voting to help push us towards our stretch goals. 

The big question: which part of the game are you most looking forward to... the intense single-player action of Squadron 42 or the vast and complex open world of Star Citizen? You can cast your vote in the form of a limited edition fighter skin which will be available in the finished game. 

$5 will get you a set of military markings for your ship designating your allegiance with Squadron 42... or the same amount will get you an explorer skin, outfitted with the Star Citizen jump point logo. Unlike a real election, you’re welcome to vote twice! You can add your skins through the Roberts Space Industries site or by using the reward customization feature on Kickstarter! 

So get out there, pick up a skin and start recruiting your friends to call the Star Citizen world home!

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    1. just jase yeah on

      Theres usually zero advantages of reading youtube comments, and this kickstarter seem to attract the same kind of negative, bitchy grognards.

      Either leave your donation in or pull it out and save the rest of us your insufferable whining.

    2. Daniel

      @endo I disagree with your assesment. addons are accepted for what they are without being called 'boring'. It's when stuff are portrayed as something it isn't that people starts becomming wary. Especially when it is then combined with being offered something they can't even see a sketch of. Other projects can show just fine what they are offering with different models and such as addons without trying to make claims of it being something else, like a vote.

      @Monty Did you see the wingcommander movie? As much as I love the games, the movie was something that made me cringe my toes, so I'm above thinking anything Chris touches automatically turns into gold.

      I'm somewhat surprised they didn't even mention in the latest update that they might have made a booboo with the wording on this update. It's as if they are totally ignoring the reaction from customers, or just don't notice it. Neither scenario bodes well for their customer care I feel.

    3. Missing avatar

      Endothermic on

      If they just offered more skins pople would complain it's boring, we want something more interesting.

      Try and make more skins fun and interesting by "pretending" it's a vote since the US elections are on then people complain that they wern't simply just offered (boringly).

      If they don't offer much on the rewards then people would complain about not too getting much for their money.

      If they offer more things for people to get with their money (such as 2 more skins) they complain about having to spend money to get them.

      Welcome to the internet where no matter what you do people complain about it :|

      Really people are saying if they didn't try and have fun with the whole "pretend" vote thing because of the election for the skins then you wouldn't be complaining.... if it was just here's 2 more skins $5 each then no issue with it...?

      Guess it's lucky then that when they made the kickstarter they didn't think it might be kinda fun for people if they try and make it seem like they were being invited to the universe instead of just pledging for something by wording the pledge levels something like:

      Pledge $10 or more: And become a CIVILIAN (insert rest of pledge info).
      Pledge $30 or more: And become a SCOUT (insert rest of pledge info).
      Pledge $60 or more: And roam the universe as a BOUNTY HUNTER (insert rest of pledge info).
      Pledge $125 or more: And enlist in the military as a COLONEL (insert rest of info)
      Pledge $125 or more: And travel the stars as a FREELANCER (insert rest of info).

      otherwise you would of never pledged... or pledged then just complained about it :|

      Note to CIG, don't try and have fun with things okay, people don't like it!..... ummm.. hmmmm..... I guess that means you shouldn't try and make the game fun either :|

    4. Clay on

      Guys, this isn't really a vote. You get that, right? It's just a fund-raiser that rewards people with a skin that they will be able to purchase in the game for game-credits later. To make it fun, they made it into a 'vote', but as Chris says, you can vote for both. Most people have...skins are cool and we want to throw money at this game.

    5. CiderPunk on

      vote? what a crock. unsubscribed from updates!

    6. iMik on

      This is from forum

      "What? Am I the only one who thinks that the whole ‘voting’ is only a joke (you know election in US)? That there are 2 extra skins for pledgers to reward them for spending extra $10 (or $5) to support the game?"

      So maybe we shouldn't take this so seriously.

    7. Monty on

      Sorry David - meant love the idea - besides I simply cannot envisage anything that Chris would put his name on that would look bad !!! and I love the my apologies for the confusion...

    8. Tomalie on

      @Monty "bought both - looks good" Did you find artwork or anything that shows how they look? If ya did, please share. Would love to see what they look like before I purchase. :)

    9. Missing avatar

      WhiteWolf on

      hmm...I start to feel bad vibes about ths dev. I kickstarted early and read the first updates with interest when they reached their target and above. but now..the last 5 updates all is about getting more and more money.

    10. Monty on

      ok, the reason I am confused at the reaction to this, - feel I had better explain - is because there was a poll taken on the RSI site asking people what they wanted - and as you can see as you go down the page - 39% of the people who voted, asked for extra add-ons "More smaller "addons" like the electroskin (39%, 2,049 Votes)" - I voted for this, and consequently have purchased both......

    11. Monty on

      @Daniel - huh? Of course you are spending money... that is the point - it is also the point that you can choose whether to have fun with this and purchase or not ! Facts accepted.

    12. Daniel

      If you order physical goods through kickstarter and they get checked at the border for import toll/taxation, it's considered as being a regular purchase from a regular company. That's the lesson I learned from my dealings with the law system in my country through the dozens of projects I've backed so far. You can claim it's not a purchase till you are blue in your head; the law of my nation will dictate that it IS a purchase no matter what you claim.
      So stop pretending, and accept facts.

    13. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      what's with all the hate and whining? this clearly is just a semi-serious little update and if you don't want to spend 5 or 10 bucks for the skins (like me) THEN DON'T! jeeesus christ.

    14. Monty on

      bought both - looks good - oh and if you were a member of the Obsidian order you gave money to be a member and received nothing in return, to get stretch goals !! - and PE - which I backed -and am looking forward to, showed a picture and a lot of talk... nothing more.. no game play, but a single picture of concept image.. this has shown more than ANY ks of the GAME and the ships - and I have backed a few !! These things are OPTIONS - add-ons - they are NOT required to play or enjoy the game - they are what many backers asked for on the poll... so if you don't want them, then don't purchase them - FREEDOM of choice ! - but at the very least please be accurate in your comments....
      There are simply a bit of fun..... and a choice ..
      Oh and asking them to be careful does not help, because that not only is a slight towards RSI - but also to those of us backers who made the CHOICE to join in the FUN and purchase them... just as you have the choice not too...

    15. Missing avatar

      Jin on

      Careful guys, If I come on kickstarter instead of steam or origin it's exactly to avoid this kind of crap.
      I understand you need money to make a great game but there's other ways to raise interest.
      What's next ? 4$ for an armored dog that follow you barking?

      I'll give it the benefit of doubt for this one but next bs like this you lose my pledge

    16. Ron Au on

      If you don't understand the reason people think it was a bad move, this is the point that's being made:

      Me: The thing is- if they'd just said "Look! We added 2 new skins if you feel like getting them!" without all the 'vote' kerfuffle, I'm sure none of us would be here saying how crappy the update was. It's the way they failed to interpret what people wanted that... well, failed.

      David Keller: I think its just on how its worded is all. If they had said we have two more skins that can be added for 5 dollars each, we wouldn't be having this same discussion. Or the promising of a huge reveal and nothing being revealed as well.

    17. KinnArchimedes/@Bland_Boy on

      @Yong I don't think they can do this without serious risk of alienating/pissing off people that already backed them on the rsi website.

    18. Yong on

      I think sell(or vote) a skin for $5 is not the correct way to increase the amount of existing pledges..
      just add more reward to higher pledges like other projects did please.

    19. Missing avatar

      James on

      it's certainly interesting to see how quickly this game reached it's goal and how much it's struggled to go beyond it in the way the devs were hoping. i think the way excitement is generated, or at least continued to be generated, is the active discussion of new content and updates on real prototypes/proofs of concept. the novelty of a project can be one thing, as was with the original double fine adventure... but i think consumers have gone beyond that novelty at this point and are much more interested in tangible involvement. yes, project eternity literally pre-sold dlc for a game that hadn't even come out yet but they definitely put in the effort to continually give insight into lore and mechanics far beyond the initial pitch.

    20. Missing avatar

      Endothermic on

      "As much as some kickstarters would like to think otherwise, this is a retail store"
      Kickstarter doesn't seem to agree.

    21. Fluffy Fiend of the Obsidian Order on

      As much as some kickstarters would like to think otherwise, this is a retail store. And they're selling information. You want to now what happens to projects that don't give out enough information, take a look at

      People want to know what they're investing in. When the crowdfunding is over at they go to private investors and try to make some more money, do you think they're going to say "Hey, check out this game we wanna make where we'll give cool ship skins to our players for $5"?

      No they'll say, hey, check out this cool space sim game that runs off the real physics simulation with high quality graphics and a universe filled with these races, and this back story, and we want to add these single and multi player elements, etc, etc....

      Because investors want to know what they're buying into, and you know what? Kickstarters are investors, just in relatively small amounts. Someone mentioned Project Eternity, and that's a great example of a project that gave their investors what they want, information about the game they're trying to make.

      Everyone here has extremely high hopes for this game, and high standards, which is why its disappointing to see updates like these that just feel like cheesy grabs for our cash without giving any information in return. We want/expect more from this project, and not getting it is a let down. It had a strong start, because of all the information they had to offer up front. Now they need a strong finish and that's going to require much more than a few ship skins, or hats, or whatever other items they want to try to sell now.

    22. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      Well, I'm good to go. Bought myself both skins. ;-) Happy to give a little extra to try help meet stretch goals.

    23. Missing avatar

      Joni Heikkilä on

      I bet they were having this image done for the big poll they just made, but didn't finish it in time. Instead they used the graphics for this update and the referral campaign update on the RSI site. Didn't work out so great, since people took it this seriously here.

    24. Shepard on

      Bought both skins, cause I want to support both SP and PU.

    25. Tomalie on

      If you wish, you can donate money without a reward. No need to wait for additional items or Kickstarters.

      You can donate as much as you like, right now! :)

    26. Missing avatar

      Watist on

      I cautiously agree with you matthew but at the same time fundraisers can get annoying.

    27. Matthew Cason on

      I bought both skins, and did it without a second thought. Why? Because I believe in this project and I want to see it flourish. That's what it's here for! That's what Kickstarter is here for! This is an investment in one of the few really exciting prospects on the gaming horizon, NOT an excuse to put your hand out and say 'GIMME!'. If you don't like it, lump it. As for me? I've backed this game. If a second Kickstarter or a second round of funding opens up between now and 2014, I will back it again. And again. And again. And again. Because I want to see it made, not because I want stuff.

    28. Missing avatar

      The6uest on

      Or how about the vast open world of Star Citizen as a single-player game?

    29. NickK on

      "This is pretty lame, I hope it is not a sign of future direction for this project as it almost makes me regret supporting my pledge."

      Me too. Lame overpriced 'DLC' and the game isnt out yet. This is a bigger con than the oblivion horse armour.

    30. bleachorange on

      that second link got mangled. Just look at the KS Update #14. You know, the one right under this one.

    31. bleachorange on


      ...everyone here is taking this whole "vote" thing way too seriously. You wanna vote without paying?
      or HERE:

      This is just something fun they put out at election time. Personally, I'll probably like the military skin more, but I'm more of a Freelancer person. Grow up people, and actually pay attention to what's going on. You can have a say and not invest any more than you want. You wanna drop? This makes you uncomfortable? That's cool. We'll be playing the alpha and beta to balance the game out so you can buy in at retail release. Have fun!

    32. Fluffy Fiend of the Obsidian Order on


      I think that's definitely part of it. Their update reads: Hey, vote on your favorite part of the game! (ps: You have to pay $5 to vote) (pps: voting gets you a skin) (ppps: you can vote twice and give us $10).

    33. Matthew Peck on

      Is it just me, or is there a decidedly Soviet feel to those posters?

    34. Tomalie on

      I think its just on how its worded is all. If they had said we have two more skins that can be added for 5 dollars each, we wouldn't be having this same discussion. Or the promising of a huge reveal and nothing being revealed as well.

    35. Missing avatar

      Wes Cilldhaire on

      @daniel, if you can't tell the difference between a donation and a sale, you shouldn't. The fact that you've donated to a lot o projects does not automatically grant you the wisdom to tell the difference, and as your own comments suggest you do not have this wisdom otherwise you wouldn't be whinging about RSI being kind enough to give you choice and a reward for a meager $5 donation. If you so enjoy confusing donations for sales though, you're more than welcome to donate some money to me :) I'll give you a better reward than a ship skin and I promise I won't try to make it fun by pretending it's an election or in any other way emulating real life current events :)

    36. Michael Campbell on

      Geez, so much whinging.
      If you don't want to spend $5 to show your preference on your ships skin, then don't
      If you do, then go ahead.
      How is this hard? How is presenting more options greedy? Grow up guys.

    37. Daniel

      @Wes try and read your comment again: I'll point it out here where you stepped wrong: "you REALLY shouldn't be here":

      You state this while having backed 2 projects on kickstarter. Towards people that have backed 5 times as many (or in my case, 50 times as many) projects. Money has nothing to do with this particular faux pas by you. But you stating that people that are way way more active than you in the crowdfunding scene don't belong in that scene just because they disagree with the decisions done by one the 2 projects you decided to back is a bit much.

    38. Missing avatar

      Wes Cilldhaire on

      @Daniel how is that even remotely relevant? You donated more therefore you have a right to assume this is a retail outlet? That makes no sense dude

    39. Daniel

      @Wes comparing amount of projects you backed with the amount of projects I backed makes such a comment coming from you as being rather misplaced.

    40. Missing avatar

      Wes Cilldhaire on

      I think people miss the point that Kickstarter is about FUND RAISING not a retail outlet. If you think receiving a tiny token of appreciation for your DONATION is offensive you REALLY shouldn't be here - wait for the finished product to hit the store shelves

    41. Fluffy Fiend of the Obsidian Order on

      @Sven & Roland

      You're free to buy your 2 skins for $10, and other people are free to drop their pledges.

      Hurray for freedom!

    42. Tomalie on

      Could we at least see a preview of what the skins could/might look like?

    43. Roland on

      @Gilbert This is not KS only. In fact I am going to pledge at RSI because minimum $30 base pledge requirement

    44. Gilbert Palau on

      I see what they are doing. They are incenting the 19,806 backers to pay $5 or $10 more so they can reach the 1 million marks. $10x19806 = $198060 which puts them at $1,185,151.

      If 19806 backers bought 1 skin it would give them $99030 which added to the total ($987,091) they have it would put the kickstart at $1,086,121.

      They are doing this because the kickstarter is not growing any faster and they want to reach the $1,000,000 goal.

      That is all there is to it.

    45. Roland on

      I don't understand why you guys were offended. It's not an essential gameplay item, does not offer advantage and they do not force you to get it, it's entirely your choice. You are free to ignore it.

    46. Dave on

      Regardless of the intent of the paid poll, $5 for a skin pack worries me that the end game will be a skeletal shell that requires significant additional investment to flesh out. I've backed a number of KS projects and this is the first that's sucked me in but is starting to leave such a bad taste in the back of my mouth.

      If RSI want an example of how to respect their backers, take a look at Project Eternity. Regular updates, lots of details on the game and lore and most importantly stretch goals that didn't feel like desperate grabs for cash.

      Looking forward to RSI turning this ship around and reforming the trust and excitement that made me pledge in the first place.

    47. SMH on

      WHAT? People are getting upset about this?! Really? I am ashamed. If you live in a state of mind where this is some sort of horrible raping ploy, the only good advice I can think of is to go outside and have some fresh air.

    48. Daniel

      Well, I can see I wasn't the only one that felt offended by that update.

      The problem, as I see it, is not the update by itself (although it is incredibly poorly done), but the fact that it's just the most recent result of trying to pull out money from already existing backers.

      Someone here stated that we should compare this to games made by regular publishers.. Hmm.. ok, let's try that: We have a base price of 40$ for the game (30 and 35 are early purchase incentives, so nothing unlike what you would get from purchasing it from, say, Steam on release), and then you get all the addons. Comparing this to regular company business means the addons are actually DLC...

      Maybe it's just me, but a lineup of DLC THIS big, and at prices going to over 100$ for a ship model is pretty steep if it had been in a regular published game. You guys sure you STILL want to compare it those? Cause from where I am sitting the comparison is starting to look really bad by now.

      Oh.. And voting can be done in polls, as have been done already countless times by other projects. There are actually dedicated sites just for that kind of purpose if one wants to.

      Seriously, I'm considering dumping my 125$ pledge because of the red thread that is starting to emerge in the way they seem to want to do business. Had it been a random no-name fronting for this project I had left laready a long time ago. The ONLY thing still keeping me for now is the fact that Roberts has quite a name to loose merit on if he messes up.

      I'm still heavily considering dropping or entirely dumping my pledge now before the project is finished. I'm not entirely sure yet, but things aren't looking good so far.

    49. Ron Au on

      Hope you're taking on board all this feedback and rethinking your strategy, CIG.