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Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
34,397 backers pledged $2,134,374 to help bring this project to life.

Add-Ons are here!

Posted by Cloud Imperium Games Corporation (Creator)

You've asked and we've listened!

We've added instructions on how to do both digital and physical add-ons through Kickstarter on Star Citizen's home page.  We owe a big thanks to the folks at Uber and Obsidian for figuring out a smart way to do it inside the Kickstarter pledge system and to our community to pointing it out to us!

Here are the details on how to customize your reward tier even more.  -

Add the following prices on to your pledge using the Manage Pledge button at the top of the Star Citizen Kickstarter site.

Digital Add-Ons

  • Digital Electro Skin Hull Enhancement +$5
  • Add-On Ship: Aurora +$25
  • Add-On Ship: 300i +$55
  • Add-On Ship: Hornet +$110
  • Add-On Ship: Freelancer +$110
  • Add-On Ship: Constellation +$225
  • Digital Download: Star Map +$5
  • Digital Download: Full Star Citizen Soundtrack +$10
  • Digital Download: 42 page book “The Making of Star Citizen” +$10
  • Digital Download: 42 page book “Engineering Manual for Modders” +$10
  • Digital Download: Star Citizen Novella written by Dave Haddock, the man behind the Time Capsule and Spectrum Dispatch lore. (delivery TBA) +$15

Physical Add-Ons

Please note that shipping is required for tiers below $125 in the US. If outside the US shipping required if not already included with the tier.

  • Fold up glossy full color map of the game universe +$10
  • CD of game soundtrack +$20
  • Hardback bound 42 Page Book “Squadron 42 Manual” +$20
  • Hardback bound 42 page Book “Engineering Manual for Modders” +$20
  • Hardback bound 42 page book “The Making of Star Citizen” $+25
  • Spaceship shaped USB stick +$30

Ok, what do I do now?

When the Kickstarter campaign concludes you will receive a survey that will allow you to select how you would like the add-on money assigned.

For more details please check out the detailed instructions on the RSI site

There will be more stuff!

We'll be adding some more digital and physical items next week, and for those that would prefer to add on some of the new items on the RSI site as opposed to Kickstarter we will add those as options on Monday.

Thanks to all our backers for their amazing support so far! 

Have a great weekend everyone!


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    1. Firedorn on

      The pissing match aside, I still wanna know what "digital elements" are included with my USB stick of the $125 tier.

      No one ship will be better than the other in every scenario. There's no sense in that and I don't believe that's the direction this game will take. In any case, if people feel like they're being taken for a ride and that the game will be pay-to-win, they have a right to their opinion. Mine's stated, I'm staying. Others can go. While I'd rather backers stay, because every bit helps, the whole spirit of crowd funding makes it that people can express their concerns and stay/leave however they choose. What I'd prefer, is some sort of official reply to such concerns.

      I don't think these "benefits" will be long term. They're just a little something to give you a kick start into the future of your career as a Star Citizen pilot and not a permanent edge. I don't think I'll be forever piloting the same ship. It only seems fitting, since we're here giving this game a kick start into existence and only the players that stay and work on it will determine it's future.

    2. Dean on

      how big is the full color map?

    3. Cyco-Dude on

      like i said, if the game sells only 500,000 copies the number of backers is a very small 8%. we'll say 10% by the time the funding is over. ok, so 10% have a handful of credits (nothing you can't get in a few missions) and some have a different ship. you seem to think backer will always have better ships? you can only get so many upgrades before you max out. keep in mind that players that don't have the time to play can always purchase in-game credits for real money (i suppose you take issue with that as well?). in due time, the person that starts out in two years will have all the same equipment as someone who pledged for it now.

      i wonder if you've taken skill into your arguments? if you pledge just $30 to get into the alpha, that means you'ld have 1-2 years of additional experience over the player who starts out when the game is released. is that pay to win also?

      i wonder if you've taken ship upgrades into account? a 300i (a "lesser" by your argument) could very well best a stock hornet in a dogfight assuming players of equal piloting skill.

      i wonder if you've even looked at the ship specs? you seem to think the ship you get with the $250 pledge is automatically the best ship in the game. but is it? what is "best" for one person may not be "best" for another person; these ships have defined roles. furthermore, the bigger ships may have more powerful engines to support more powerful guns, and have more armor, but their turn rate is slow. a lighter ship with less armor could have the advantage in a dogfight; it depends on player SKILL. one ship is fragile but fast, the other is more durable but harder to fight with. one is not necessarily better than the other!

      the claim that the ship you receive with your pledge is equivalent to "pay-to-win" is absurd, like most "pay-to-win" claims. they all seem to disregard the other facets, they all seem to disregard player skill as a factor. i guess i'm just screwed...i could only go for the $60 tier...all those people in lancers and hornets and constellations will be "better" than me in my puny 300i...

      ...yeah right.

    4. Mark M on

      To be honest I would happy with everyone getting a lifetime insurance style thing on the basic ship chassis, allowing on destruction of the ship for the possibility of any upgrades and cargo to be looted and you can buy insurance to get compensated for cargo or upgrades lost. (And by upgrades I mean anything that wasn't included on the original chassis can be looted.)

    5. James Floyd Kelly

      @Cyco-Dude, don't be such a fanboy. I'm not "shitting on the game" as you say... I'm pointing out my disappointment in how funds are being raised. I'm entitled to express my opinion just as you are entitled to defend something you've never played. This game screams BROKEN and it's not even out yet. But you go right on defending the ability for one group of players to purchase in-game benefits and more advanced ships while others have to start with the basics. Don't you worry, though -- the game is funded. You'll get your "Pay to Win" bonuses when the game is released.

      If other players can get insurance on their ships, great! That's as it should be.

    6. Cyco-Dude on

      if you don't like it so much, then leave...don't sit around here shitting on the game because you don't like how the crowd funding is going. you're crying about an "advantage" that a VERY few number people will have for a relatively short period of time. and since you missed it, players who don't pledge will still be able to get ship insurance...that is not limited to backers only.

      understand the people who pledge for this game are allowing it to get made in the first place. some people have the means to give a lot, others not as much. i doubt they spend $250+ because they're "greedy". yes, people who start the game in three years will still be able to "catch up" to those that pledged and started early.

    7. James Floyd Kelly

      @Banzai -- at +$225 for the Constellation, it BETTER be "that much better" than any other ship! Why the price difference between ship add-ons if one ship is just as good as the next? Yes, the Constellation requires four players for maximum potential, but someone buying that is sure likely to find 3 other players who want to take advantage of the bigger ship (and bigger probably means more armor and more weapons).

      I addressed this and many more issues in a writeup for Wired today --

    8. Sichr on

      while I still hope that is not the case :)

    9. Sichr on

      IDN, I always have headache when I see Day 1 DLC pack that sorts out very different game for great number of players.Other side of the coin...those rich enought to pledge/buy upgraded version with great ship and credits would make interresting social stratification in ingame universe.
      For me, this is more about greed and people who rather pay than play. Like @James to win,
      Question is how much time and effort it takes for other players to equal Day 1 advantage. If the trend is that they will not likely have a chance to to catch the train, the game itself is like fixed and not worth playing.

    10. Missing avatar

      Banzai on

      @James Is the Constellation that much better? Unless we have links of more details and pics to each ship it still seems like the, 'top-of-the-line class' needs to be manned by multiple people to be fully effective.

    11. James Floyd Kelly

      @keremix, thanks for the support. I find it a bit humorous that the game already has its fanboys (like Cyco-Dude) who will defend the non-existent game to their deaths without having ever played it. The game may very well be the most fun thing every produced, but it may also be the most broken from the start. It doesn't matter if 6% of the player base have a head start or 1%... it's just the idea that a game is released to the general public and there will be a small number of players with an immediate advantage on Day 1.

      And Cyco-Dude's question of whether a few thousand credits will upset the balance? No, it won't. But giving some folks insurance on their ships while others must rebuild their losses from scratch? Yes, that upsets the balance. Giving some folks an immediate top-line ship on Day 1 WITH thousands of credits to buy more armor and weapons? Yes, that upsets the balance. And if some players get a better "starter ship and a handful of credits... it's not affecting anyone else's game!" -- Utter BS. The game takes place in a persistent universe -- a player with an advantage (even a small one) IS affecting others' game.

      And I see that they're sending out a request for more Add-On ideas! Yes, let's keep finding ways to give a small percentage of players a Day 1 advantage -- that's how you build a game's reputation as fair and balanced. The opening of the KS page states "No Pay to Win" -- yeah, right.

    12. Cyco-Dude on

      you agree with nonsense then. actually look at "those who can pledge more money" and you'll see the $30-60 tiers VASTLY outnumber every other tier. besides, how many backers will there be compared to people who buy the game in two years? lets say 500,000 actually buy the game (which isn't a lot)...the number of unique backers is what, 6%? yeah, 6% of people that have 1000-2000 more credits (2-3 missions worth) are REALLY upsetting the balance lol.

      it's not as big a deal as you think it is, really. this game is made or lost on the funds WE give. a small token for our investment is more than fair. if it's a different starter ship and a handful of credits, so be it. it's not affecting anyone elses game!

    13. keremix on

      @James Floyd Kelly

      I totally agree. I am considering to be out as well. I will probably buy the game eventually, but I would rather back games which comply with basic standards of old fashioned gaming. One of them, in my opinion, being that everyone who owns the game plays the same game in every sense

    14. ErekoseDM on

      @Curt J. Sampson
      Lifetime Insurance already exists for every single pledged ship it couldnt be a balance issue unless they code it specifically so (unlikely). it being locked into only select ships and only for a set period of time before the game even launches is more prone to be the balance issue.
      it just one less area to grind away at earnable credits.

      im pretty sure someone brought up the issue/exploit of allowing their lifetime insured pledge RSI constellation ship to be stolen repeatedly (probably by friends/alt account) to gain credits quickly and easily. Cargo and weapons systems were going to remain missing IIRC but that loophole (and others like it) were still TBD and fixed up to not destroy the future game balance when the issues transpire. i havent followed the comments section as much as others have, perhaps it came up again or in some of the Q&As. (maybe they cut the whole Lifetime Insurance option out the game already, havent followed as closely as other KSers)

      the fact that i dont want to spend $250 in real cash (a year+ before a game is released) to get an RSI Constellation with Lifetime Insurance on it and would rather earn credits within the game to get the same ship (or a custom built ship not available pre-launch), but would likely get locked out of the Lifetime Insurance going the in game route seems off balanced. im not saying to lower the ship prices like many have complained about, keep them as is the RSI donors are already paid up on the tiers that aspect is fair, and those values will effect the in game values. Either a Digital Add-on or an in game way to pay for Lifetime Insurance on non launch day ships would keep the same fairness for all Star Citizens.

    15. Missing avatar

      Curt J. Sampson on

      Lifetime insurance sounds as if it could upset the game balance.

    16. Firedorn on

      Was wondering if the "USB stick with the game and all digital elements" (from $125 tier) included all the items starting with "Digital Download" (books & soundtrack). If not, then what do these "digital elements" mean?

    17. Tham Jen Jie on

      i thought the game universe will be keep expanding (unlimited)? but now you have a "Fold up glossy full color map of the game universe +$10" ??

    18. ErekoseDM on

      a great Digital Add-on would be "Lifetime Insurance" on one extra ship in addition to whatever pledge ship you go with.

      To get "Lifetime Insurance" on one of the ships we can create ourselves after the game gets going or purchase in game from someone else's great designs in game would be worthwhile to me. especially if i could transfer it to a different ship once i gain enough credits to upgrade my main alternate ship.

      i already hate dealing with insurance IRL im sure this will translate if my spaceship gets caught up in an asteroid storm just going from one station to another grinding for credits in my free time.
      ive many fond memories of just these events occurring, but theres no reload save option in an online game.

      with my vehicle IRL im insured for my main car, and also any other cars i get behind the wheel of as long as its not GTA. why does digital space insurance have to have more complex rules? im not dealing with any digital geckos or Flo-Bots.

      i know i can keep paying into the insurance in game each station/planet stop but a Permanent Insurance solution for a non-starter/pledge ships is what im after.
      or if i can sell the pledge ship in game and keep the "Lifetime Insurance" on the main ship i travel in.

      maybe $10-15 = "Lifetime Insurance" on an additional ship that can jump to a new ship once i can finally afford it with in game credits. Maybe lock it into the backer repair bots everyone will get (KS/RSI backers) if you transfer the bot to a new ship that ship has the "Lifetime Insurance" on it. [Hopefully the backer repair bots are also account bound in the event of Starship destruction or Ship Robbery. no clue if it has been covered already. but it would be pretty weak to lose the bot in the first 20 mins trying to figure out how maneuver the ship or to some camper+griefer strategies]

      an excellent point on the starter starships value

      @CR/Creator CIG corp
      how do we calculate shipping for physical add-ons (for tiers less than $125, that have already included shipping for a physical item[Citizens card])?

      im sure a usb drive or a glossy star map ships cheaper than 3 hardbound physical books.

      looking forward to more digital and physical items next week before i start deciding what to bump up the pledge for.

      an alternate Digital Add-on that would interest me is the single player expansions that are planned for down the line. im way more interested in the single player mode, a digital add-on for all future single player expansions could be worthwhile as long as it doesnt get mental with the $ values.

    19. Missing avatar

      paydirt76 on

      Something to remember folks...

      Chris raised $1,500,000 before he ever came to Kickstarter with the project. The money he raised previous is non-refundable. If he allowed people to get in on the premium starships on the cheap, he would have a lot of unhappy backers on his hands.

      This is why he had to go with the seemingly high prices on certain add-ons.

    20. justin on

      It would be very nice to know what these ships looked like first before paying for them.

    21. Cyco-Dude on

      @David Keller
      all tiers above $2,500 get all five ships and all three hardback books (check the rsi website). also, you need to add the regular $60 tier (you only have the digital in that list).

    22. isotone on

      Nice one thanks for the info

    23. Robert Johnson on

      Now if only I wasn't so broke. Oh well, I'll be happy with my 300i

    24. Nicholas Spalding on

      @DavidKeller Yes... and maybe no. Yes you will always have the ships, but it sounds like if you want you can just go into a private server with your friends and dog fight. would the ships be uniform, pre-decided for each team, or you just pick your ship? I couldn't really see a private server with your friends requiring you to use you ship from the main universe. People do just like to blow stuff up once in a while :D

    25. Missing avatar

      Jobarra on

      @isotone: From what I've read so far, the pledge ships are ships that anyone can get in the game. The difference with the pledge ships and the non-pledge ships is that pledge ships will always have insurance on them. Non-pledge ships will need to buy insurance in galactic credits so that the ship itself is replaced if it is destroyed. The pledge ships don't have to worry about buying the insurance each time. The insurance only covers the ship itself, not the upgrades or cargo.

      In other conversations Chris has mentioned that the cost of the pledge ships in galactic credits will be no less than what the pledge ship costs when converted to galactic credits. So if you have a constellation, then it will cost AT LEAST whatever $225 converts to in galactic credits(and I believe he stated it would very likely be more expensive once the crowdfunding phase is over with). Nothing has been mentioned about what insurance costs, but I would be surprised if it was a cheap flat rate. I would imagine more expensive ships would cost more to insure. So I would assume insurance would be a fairly large continuing cost based on the costs to acquire the ships, otherwise, why have it?

    26. isotone on

      So no in game option of buying insurance? If there is any player interaction in this game that is a huge advantage!

    27. Tomalie on

      You will be able to buy all the ships in game with game earned money. The benefit to buying them this way is that they have insurance for life, and won't need to be purchased every time your ship blows up.

    28. isotone on

      Hi guys, I'm a bit confused, are these extra ships going to be available in the normal progression of the gameplay without an extra pledge, or are we moving into pre DLC kind of territory where ships are not included? Granted a few special ships or skins for pledgers are ok but it looks like it is more than that now? Gameplay advantage at the start is fine for people that want it but a permanent/persistent advantage is a HUGE turn off for me and I will probably drop out if that is happening.

      I just pledged for the game, that's all I want, no frills, but at the same time I want that game to be the full experience, and not have to stump up my pledge in the future to get what I thought was included. I actually thought (as I do in a lot of these KS games) that the minimum pledge for the amount of game you are getting is pretty low, this could be a (very unpopular) way of recouping some of that miscalculation by including extra bits of the game in extra pledges? say it ain't so?

      Sorry if that's whiny, the game and most of the updates look like a dream come true, the detail and depth are already incredible, just worried about some of the details of this latest approach.

    29. Lasse B. on

      I asked this in the forum already, but it might get answered here.

      Questions about the digital add-ons:

      - will the star map be a high-res .PNG file?
      - will the soundtrack be a lossless FLAC compression?
      - will we be able to add these add-ons after the fundraiser is over?

    30. Judicator on

      A reward matrix like the one of SCI Carmageddon Reincarnation would be great:

    31. Cyco-Dude on

      sounds like a good idea to me.

    32. Cyco-Dude on

      so they add more options for people to get the items they want and have been asking for, and that's something that's bad? what are people supposed to get with their pledge, nothing but thanks? since when can you ever buy wins, skill isn't a factor? and i don't even know where to begin with your last statement...

      i hope you'll at least keep an open mind, and check it out when the game is actually done.

    33. Lars Ivar | AoUA on

      If it hasn't been suggested before, then I'm suggesting a table showing which items go into each reward. Wasteland 2 did via a set of FAQs at the bottom of the Kickstarter, others have fancy graphics, some had a some form of additional document. Since it appear that the text is wrong in some of the rewards, this could be a really useful thing to have.

    34. Roland on

      @James, not to mention constellation is not the best ship in the game. What's the fun in starting with a best ship in a brand new game? Many people actually said they want a fair start button so they get basic ship and work their way up even though they pledged a lot.

      I don't understand why people see this sort of game as some kind of competition. The focus is on PvE not PvP as Chris said. There are people who can spend 2 weeks playing it nonstop and will get top ship when starting from zero, and there are those who have family and work who can only play leisurely few hours a work. I wouldn't call that unfair, it is just how it is, as long as they have fun who cares?

    35. Roland on

      @James, it has been said repeatedly, time and time again bigger ship != better and there will be a Alpha testing phase specifically designed for ship balance. Constellation is only at its full combat potential if it's fully crewed with 4 people, if you count head counts, 4 hornets or auroras will likely out maneuver it.

    36. James Floyd Kelly

      I'm out. Sorry. For me, this game is now turning into a Facebook-like game where I can simply buy my powers/wins. The game is 2 years out and it seems to be already unbalanced and leaning towards those who can simply pledge more money. If early backers will be starting the game with gross advantages over someone who simply purchases the game on release, that's not a game I wish to play. $5 for a digital strap that should be standard for all players? $225 for the Constellation ship that is certain to be overpowered early in the start of a newly released game?? This is just getting out of hand.

      Congrats on the funding but this game in no way resembles the Wing Commander or Privateer games I played and enjoyed.

    37. Judicator on

      Dindn't you guys think to make the collector box available as a physical addon as well?
      It would be nice also to have the game on a DVD.
      I think many of us just would like to have a boxed release of the game

    38. British on

      (I guess I'm too slow)

    39. British on

      @Raphael: It's even written in bold green at the bottom of the "detailed instructions" page on RSI:
      "When the Kickstarter campaign concludes you will receive a survey
      that will allow you to select how you would like the add-on money assigned."

      But wait, there's more !
      Here's what's written in your Account page on RSI:
      "Your Kickstarter pledges will be linked to your RSI account when the Kickstarter drive is ended."

    40. Raphael Walz on

      @Jen: Yeah, thanks, I just thought about it - since ultimately the RSI and KS pledges will be merged, my main pledge on the RSI site should count towards the "Must have minimum 30 $ pledge for digital add-ons" here as well- After all, the "The Kickstarter" pledge here on KS is a pure digital add-on as well.

      It'd be nice to have an official answer to that though. Also, I hope I'll only have to pay shipping once for my RSI and KS pledges. Shipping to Europe get get quite expensive.

    41. Missing avatar

      Jen on

      @Raphael: Check out the main comments page. RSI responded to "Van der Goten Sven - the new add-ons will be available on the RSI site on Monday. But if you cant wait you're pledges will be combined so you'll be good here as well."

      Hope that helps... :)

    42. Raphael Walz on

      I am truly greatful that you made it possible to get these addons - but it's too bad that the digital add-ons require at least a 30 $ tier (as per the RSI instructions) because I pledged via the RSI site and when Kickstarter opened I chose the "The KIckstarter" pledge. Now I wanted of course to elevate my KS pledge to be better able to reach the KS stretch goals but all the digital add ons I'll have to pledge via the RSI site because that's where my main pledge is.

      Still, thanks very much.

    43. Cyco-Dude on

      @Matthias De Ridder
      fill out the form if you haven't already, or email

    44. Matthias De Ridder on

      What is the status about linking the backup site accounts? I can't upgrade because my pledge is not listed on the official RSI site yet.

    45. Eternal Che Kurono

      Quick question, In the VICE ADMIRAL tier, Is the hardback Squadron 42 manual already included with the hardback The making of Star Citizen? The only one not include in that tier is the Engineering Manual for Modders? Is this correct?

    46. Missing avatar

      Jen on

      Thanks Cyco...hey, do you know, or anyone else ;) , if your skin pack is usable on all your ships? Or do you need to buy it for every ship instance?

    47. Cyco-Dude on

      it's the modder's manual, as per the rsi website. also, chris said this about the kickstarter hornet tier in this very comments section:

      "Yes the Hard Cover Star Citizen Manual listed in the Wingnut pledge is actually the Squadron 42 Hardcover book (which is described in the previous CIG post). You will also get a Star Citizen manual. It was a mistake in the pledge description but you can't fix it once its published!"

      which also leads me to believe the manual in the lancer tier is the modder's manual. you'll also get a regular (game) manual.

    48. Missing avatar

      Jen on

      Can I get a clarification please...

      Does the Freelancer pledge come with the Engineering Manual for Modders or the stated Star Citizen's (Squadron 42) Manual)?

    49. Kris Kennedy on

      Thank you for your quick response. I knew I had missed something :-)