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Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
34,397 backers pledged $2,134,374 to help bring this project to life.

We've hit $750,000! Everyone starts with a AMX-1 Repair Droid.

Nice work, everyone! We've hit $750,000 on Kickstarter which means that every backer through both Kickstarter and the Roberts Space Industries site will start the game with an AMX-1 Repair Droid! 

That means it's time to set our sights on the next goal: when we hit $1,000,00 on Kickstarter we will add the RSI Idris Class Corvette as the largest playable ship in the game! And just to sweeten the pot, we'll give every backer an additional 500 credits.

Larger than a bomber but smaller than a ship of the line, corvettes occupy an interesting space in the pantheon of warships. While they lack the heavy armor and the capital weaponry of a cruiser, corvettes are more maneuverable and are highly configurable. Even the least expensive models feature numerous upgrade slots and multiple hard points for turrets and missiles. Corvettes are also frequently used for boarding actions; a single ship can support a team of marines capable of taking the fight to the decks of larger warships and stations.

We're also closing in on the first of the overall stretch goals. When the whole campaign reaches $2.5 million there will be an additional flyable ship, the Anvil Gladiator bomber. We're about $120,000 away from the Gladiator at the moment, so keep those pledges coming!


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    1. Mark O'Toole on

      Just a word of advice: I'd nix the 'droid' use. Android and Droid are Trademarked by Lucasfilm, which is now Disney.

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      Brian Weatherill on

      I'd really like to see a combat system something like microsofts "Allegiance"
      It had solid physicsish based gameplay, ship customisation and very solid gameplay

    3. Missing avatar

      brokentofu on

      Woah bro easy on the capslock.

    4. Missing avatar

      Imp0815 on


    5. Missing avatar

      Christian on

      Congratulations are in order in deed, I hope for more information and pictures of the ships (or maybe I've failed to find them). Like the stretchgoals, and I am seriously considering adding additional funds to see the Constellation next to my scout in my hangar. I do how ever fear that it will somehow make the game less enjoyable (like putting in a cheat code) since it's the largest ship you could get or am I wrong in that assumption as well? I know I know, assumptions is the mother of all ****-ups...

      On another note, will there be playable carriers (you know, more than one fighter in one ship, say for instance 6-10) that you could get for your "guild" or what you would call it...

    6. Chris Vigil on

      @mosteo I don't think Linux support is possible at the moment due to the game using Cryengine. But I wouldn't rule it out in the future, there is a version of Cryengine the utilizes OpenGL (the PS3 version) and there does appear to exist an unreleased port of Cryengine for Linux (…). Hopefully Valves Linux efforts will spur Crytek to a more Linux friendly position.

    7. TheRealCuran on

      96.78 % of overall goal achieved. Thought that will still take some time at the current pace... The missing 3.22 % equal a bit over 80k USD after all.

      The next KS goal is 76.85 % complete. Keep spreading the word, and I think a realistic end goal could be past 3M USD.

      Calculated by (2012-10-30 16:00:01+0000)

    8. Missing avatar

      PsychoticMormon on

      Does anyone know how death is going to be handled. Is it going to follow Eve, where your ship dies it's lost, or something else?

    9. Missing avatar

      BigNick277 on


      Actually, the 2.5mil stretch goal has not been passed yet. If you look at the marker, you'll see that the number on RSI's main site now includes the total amount raised between both RSI and kickstarter. They only just changed that last night as before the site went down for maintenance, the RSI sites total was 1.6mil. Look at they amount raised section again and you'll see the disclaimer saying that value represents total amount raised between both RSI and KS. So we are still only at 2.4mil overall total.

    10. Missing avatar

      Rifugio on

      It's Great to hear that larger multiplayer ships are being planned and the following may may well already be on the road map, but if there is enough demand for same ship co-op it would be great if the multiplayer crew stations involved more than being a turret gunner. Manning a turret can be rather repetitive, and quite nauseating if you are trying to hit targets that are not near the line of flight and your pilot is wildly maneuvering.

      It would be a significant achievement to incorporate elements we already see in two seat attack aircraft, such as multifunction displays for the second crew member (and possibly additional stations).

      Creating stations that can manage different tasks and allow the pilot to offload some of their workload it could make a very interesting same ship team experience.

      As examples the ‘navigator/weapons officer’ role in a two seat fighter/freighter could include:

      1) Assigning waypoints, plotting courses, jump and evac points, nominating targets and adding to the situational awareness of the pilot.
      2) Providing enhanced locking/tracking information including subsystem targeting
      3) Managing damage control resources if available - specifying priorities for system repair.
      4) Allocating and optimising ship resources, power, shielding etc.
      5) Managing ECM and countermeasures - not just to block missiles but to actively mess with the targeting capabilities of enemy vessels causing “static” and jamming comms to AI ships.
      6) Activating, targeting and tracking special ship weapons such at missiles and torps that are more sophisticated than point and shoot dumb fires.
      7) For larger vessels with more than one turret - co-ordinating the automated turrets for preferred targets and manually taking over them as required.
      8) Tractor beaming and asteroid mining resources - deploying special mission or mining packages. Somewhere down the line perhaps allowing EVA for some missions.
      9) Managing comms and communicating with AI wingmen and other assets such as resupply ships or coordinating with the carrier that you will be coming in for refuel and rearm - perhaps acting as C&C if specialised ship for the role. The ability to assign targets to other AI ships and recommend to players could introduce a very different squadron tactical dimension.
      10) Taking control if the pilot has taken a hit and losing blood and consciousness.

      If 'cloaking' technology exists, then there can be a whole bunch of additional activities related to detection and tracking; but again this sort of investment really hinges on the demand and payoffs for co-op same ship gameplay.

    11. Missing avatar

      alejandor on

      What about a stretch goal related to Linux support? Or is this out of control because of the engine used? Perhaps then wine integration?

      I frankly don't care (that much) about in-game content, that would be added anyway by the developers in due time if the game is a success. But things that make a big difference because of funding, that I care.

    12. Cyco-Dude on

      i can see and understand them pretty clearly...

    13. Roland on


      I agree the stretch goals needs to be more visible and clearly explained

    14. Missing avatar

      Ziegenpeter OotG on

      Maybe it would be clearer for some to show also the combined stretch-goals (KS+ Mainpage) on this Project-page. And more clarity on behalf the descriptions :D
      Because, there was a time, i thought that the the time period, which is mentioned after der "Access Alpha/Beta" goals is a subsciption period. But then someone told me it is the development-time for the Game. So for me: Longer more informative Sentences in the stretchgoals, so that they could not be misleading :D

    15. Missing avatar

      Anjelus on

      Congrats on the first stretch goal RSI. I'm looking forward to the next one

    16. Missing avatar

      Scott Carlson

      Oh, and if the original, less granular stretch goals are any guideline, the Bengal-class carrier was ~$6 million, IIRC.

    17. Missing avatar

      Scott Carlson

      Zach -- right now, Corvettes won't be delivered as pilotable ships on launch at all. If we hit the stretch goal, they will. As for bigger things? My guess is, that there's a destroyer and maybe a cruiser on one of the later stretch goals.

      As with most of the content in the stretch goals, these are all features that Chris wants to deliver, regardless, but can't promise upon launch without the additional funding. If we fall short of the stretch goals in the crowdfunding phase, the stretch goals that design the game outward are simply the first things on the list for new content design supported by launch and post-launch sales and ongoing revenues.

    18. Missing avatar

      Watist on

      Has it been noticed that 2.5 M goal has been passed.

    19. Cloud Imperium Games Corporation Creator on

      Scotty - Have you looked at the main stretch goals at

      More missions, systems and playable ships are all part of the stretch goals. The repair droid was just something we thought would be fun for Kickstarter to kick things off. We have to balance out stretch goals out as just adding a new flyable ship is a LOT of content and work due the detail and complexity that the game is aiming for. The same applies to more missions, and especially more systems.

    20. Missing avatar

      Scotty on

      As somebody who had pledged and is going to love this game I do have to say that the stretch goals are completely terrible. Shouldn't the stretch goals mean you add more stuff to the game, more content, more solar systems, more NPC dialogues etc? As it is, it seems we are just getting a gift that already exists in the game that we can buy with cash in time anyway.

      Check out Project Eternity's idea of stretch goals. Now THAT is how you do stretch goals.

    21. Missing avatar

      Zach on

      So is the Corvette the largest ship able to be piloted period? Will we not be able to pilot super large capital ships / carriers? Just curious on these things. I can see how their menuverability may be diminished along with their speed but lets be fair that's to be expected! at the same time they could be used to create some interesting and epic combat.

    22. Freddy on

      This is awesome !!!!! :D :D

    23. Missing avatar

      Fritter on

      So, Chris said before that we could go up to a destroyer sized ship in the future. Is this corvette smaller than that, then?
      And also, is this going to be the largest ship in the game, period, or just at launch?

    24. Dadalos on

      corvettes have always been the favorite class of ship for me. they realy are so versatile and im looking forward to having them in game. that being said I would like to agree with CSDare's post as nice as having my fave ship class be included id like to see more of an development in other areas than the teck available. I mean personally id spend hours just exploring the ship im on checking ship maintenance making sure that everything is in top gear when those dirty space pirates try and jack my cargo ships payload XD. i understand that combat will be the primary focus for most people but im more excited about hauling needed cargo around and exploring new places. also ive not seen any mention of alternative combat like cloaks or hacking or even space anomalies to explore.

      much longer than i expected. but im so exited about this game once i start talking about it its hard to stop keep up the supurbe work and see you all in the next update XD.

    25. LeoCeballos on

      Whoa! Whoa Chris. Repair BOT. AMX-1 Repair BOT. I'm pretty sure there's Lucas folks keeping an eye on this project on some level, and if you'll ask FASA (Battledroids) or Motorola they'll tell you to stay away from the D-word unless you're willing to deal with some Sith lawyers.

    26. TanC on

      The real prize is the AmEx card you'll get to use to purchase the Repair Droid. Thus AMX-1.


    27. CSDare on

      I realize that space simulators are a fundamentally different class of games than, say, RPGs, but at the same time I'm hoping to see a broader range of promises for the stretch goals than simply "new ships and gear." One thing I enjoyed about the original Wing Commander games was the interaction with other crew members -- not to mention the Kilrathi aces you'd shoot down. Can future updates speak more strongly to the modes of gameplay, the characterization and writing, and the overall campaign and plot of Star Citizen? (Obsidian's recent Project Eternity kickstarter is a great model for the latter.) I'm already a backer, but I'm curious to discover whether the heart of the game will involve more than just tech specs. Thanks!

    28. Mataelstrom on

      We made it! Go for next goal :)

    29. chris-ballantyne on

      Yeay! Let's keep those pledges pouring in. $2.5 millon here we come. :0

    30. Donik on

      Oh man, I'm stoked. I want that corvette!!!

    31. Missing avatar

      Angelo on

      Can we walk inside the corvette then? Or is the team of marines in separate "pod" modules?

    32. Darkk on

      Yeay *clap clap*