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Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
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Meet Martin Galway!

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This is the first in a series of posts which will introduce you to the crew behind the development of Star Citizen. 

 Chris Roberts and Martin Galway go way, way back: they attended high school together in Manchester, England, and Martin was there in 1983 when Chris made one of his first commercial sales to Optima Software (Martin aged 17, Chris aged 15). After a few years at Ocean Software carving out his legendary status as Commodore 64 musician,Martin came to Austin in 1988 as a contractor, to help develop Times of Lore; two years later he returned permanently to take a job as Origin Systems’ Audio Director. From then on he was responsible for increasingly complex audio projects including sound effects, music and, as the Soundblaster took the market by storm, speech. Sharp-eared Wing Commander fans may recognize his voice as a Kilrathi in the original Wing Commander II demo! Martin’s audio work at Origin would go on to be an instrumental part of Strike Commander, Wing Commander III, Wing Commander IV and others. He headed up content creation on Origin’s first CDROM game, a port of “Ultima 6″ to Fujitsu’s FM-Towns PC. To hold all the digital speech samples for the game, Martin’s PC had the largest hard drive in the building at that time - a whopping 320MB. 

 Martin joined Digital Anvil shortly after it was founded in 1996 and was responsible for the audio on all of their games, in addition to earning an on-screen screen credit in the Wing Commander film! Long a champion of getting ambient background sounds exactly right, the scope of his work can be best appreciated in Freelancer’s vast and varied universe… and his voice shows up once or twice, too! Martin’s fame predates his work on Origin’s classics, though: he may be the single best-known composer for the Commodore 64 and has a rabid following in that community. His “chiptunes” for that early system are known worldwide and are routinely sampled and remixed today. 

 On Star Citizen, he’s back in the sound engineer chair again, creating and mixing everything needed for the GDC Online demo shown on October 10th. It’s an incredibly complex task: something as simple as the sound the player’s boots make while climbing the ladder into the cockpit might require combining half a dozen or more samples. He’s already developed great ambient, directional noise for things like the UEES Paul Steed’s engines, so that they shift from speaker to speaker and fade away as your fighter passes around them. Its deep rumble confirms you’re in the presence of something gigantic. In short, every single sound you hear in the finished game will have over two decades of Wing Commander and Freelancer experience behind it!

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    1. Missing avatar

      lovfro on

      Thank you Mr. Galway for the music to Parallax

    2. Lane Todd Denson on

      Awesome. Just promise that Star Citizen's music will be composed on a SID chip.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jan Wouter Arendsen on

      Can we get an updated version of Comic Bakery as an easter egg or playing in a bar on some planet? Still part of my regular chiptune playlist ;-)

    4. Shane James Michael Hillen on

      Did Martin compose the music used in this kick starter trailer? If so where can I buy it?

    5. Patricia on

      Always great to be introduced to the crew behind the scenes.
      Looking forward to another awesome soundtrack :)

    6. Björn Fernkorn on

      I would die for Joy if the game could be steered by an Xbox controller :)
      (Excuse my bad English Please)

    7. bleachorange on

      Martin, I look forward to the sound of... well, everything. Thanks!

    8. Missing avatar

      Rad on

      Love Martin Galway's music, and listen to various remixes & reinterpretations of his songs quite frequently.

      I hope he's also going to do the (part of) the game's soundtrack, not "just" SFX work?

    9. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      Great info. Looking forward to meeting more of the team.
      I also loved the idea of having radio stations for our ships playing awesome music. ;-)

    10. tarasis on

      Wow I didn't realize Martin Galway was connected to Origin & Wing Commander. I know his music from the chip tunes days and indeed still listen to some of it to this day. Good music overcomes the means of its generation :)

      Thank you Martin for years of pleasure and its great to see your are involved in this.

    11. Icinix on


      Also - the lesson here is its ok to balance to your monitor precariously on top of other things.

    12. Ivan Malyushytskyy on

      Shouldn't 99% of the game be played in total silence of space?

      (I know I know, fully realistic "space" combat in a vacuum would be a bit boring but still!)

    13. Iron Jason Hahn ~Komurin~ on

      @Lars radio would be awesome!

      I do love these updates, keep up the ambitious work!

    14. Darren on

      Im very happy to see Martin is part of the new time. I grew up with the commodore 64 and the tunes that have made him a legend.

      @lars, radio stations sound like an excellent idea.

    15. Nemo Pohle on

      No way... Martin Galway. I recorded the Wizball music to tape in the 80's - seems I need to consider the soundtrack pledge now ;)

    16. Chris Conley on

      Oh wow. I've never even seen a Commodore in person but I know his music. This is seriously awesome.

    17. Aletheides on

      @Joel: Microsoft Intellimouse 1.1A. Have a couple in a drawer due to the buttons stopping to work correctly after a while.

    18. Missing avatar

      Lars Gronholt on

      can have radios stations available to ships playing all of Martin's classics, please? Wizball especially :D

    19. Inquisitioner on

      They should offer a joystick that'll go awesome with the game in some tier.

    20. k1DBLITZ on

      Good to see focus on the game's audio. Sadly, most games overlook this area. Any chance we will be able to leverage aftermarket sound cards with hardware accelerated audio, or will it all be done in software?

    21. James Floyd Kelly

      I've got such fond memories of Wing Commander, but I absolutely LOVED Freelancer. I still wish I had my original Gravis joystick purchased just for these games.

    22. Roland on

      Awesome, audio is just as important as visuals and people tend to overlook that aspect. Glad to know someone very qualified is working on it.

      I attended an academic conference and someone was demonstrating how to capture the audio profile of soundscape such as fire, waterfall, and turn them into mathematical description which can generate unique and neverending sound of fire burning or waterfall splash. To me that is very impressive.

    23. simone[Lechuck on RSI] on

      very nice read! wait to see all the others from the team :D

    24. Missing avatar

      Joel on

      what versions of Microsoft Mice is are those? (1.0 1.1A) ???????