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Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
34,397 backers pledged $2,134,374 to help bring this project to life.

An Update from Chris Roberts


Thanks to everyone backed us over these past 24 hours. We had our biggest day outside of the announcement day. Kickstarter alone brought in $155,270, hitting 30% of its goal in just 24 hours from when we launched! Remember that the more we raise the more content I can pack in from the outset and louder message we send to the world that Space Sims are very much alive. 

So thank you to everyone that backed for the first time, or backed again because you’re such a big supporter! 

It makes me proud, humble and determined to make the best game I possibly can as you all deserve nothing less. 

As we showed yesterday by listening to feedback on providing Kickstarter as an option we hear you loudly on the ship specifications. We’ve had the general specifications worked out for a while, but I’ve been holding off on sharing as I want some early conceptual work to share along with the descriptions because I believe a picture is worth a thousand words! 

But as you would like to know sooner rather than later our plan is to publish the descriptions once the upgrade feature is functional on the main RSI site for the non Kickstarter backers of the project, which the web guys are aiming to have online by Monday. 

In addition we plan to do a Reddit AMA on Monday. We'll provide a link here when that is live. 

Finally if you go to the Star Citizen section on the home page you will see that it now connects to our game overview and FAQ. This will be the living document that we update the game’s design and feature list as we describe them and also will be where the FAQ will live. Please check it out!  

Chris Roberts


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    1. Missing avatar

      Tranquility on

      @Ivo - not just TrackIR but Oculus Rift too.

    2. Ivo on

      Just a question for the dev team. Will the game feature any sort of head tracking support, namely trackIR?

    3. Missing avatar

      avi thomas on

      should be on the list of stretch goals

    4. Missing avatar

      avi thomas on

      @Dave would love to see a Mark Hamil cameo.

    5. Missing avatar

      Harry on

      Shut up and take my money! :D

    6. Paul D on

      Thank you for the update and thank yiu for listening. Through Kickstarter it is great to see the return of a period when Game Developers are empowered to create the games they imagine.

    7. Missing avatar

      T. Brandes on

      It's been a very very long time since i've excited about a game...

    8. bleachorange on

      I just read in a FAQ about carriers. Here it is, and the page so you can find more. Keep in mind this is unofficial, but all comments are from someone affiliated with the Devs to my understanding.

      General ship FAQs
      RSI Facebook:
      “We’ll release more information on the ships soon! If you think of it like Privateer, the Aurora is the Orion, the 300i is the Galaxy and the Constellation is the Centurion…”
      “The Constellation is the top of the line fighter; think the Centurion in Privateer. The big carrier is a “Bengal class” and we aren’t selling those…you’ll have to earn one in the game. You will always have your pre order ship - no way to lose it permanently. You can also buy other ships and upgrade your starter as the game progresses.”

    9. Missing avatar

      Dave blanchard on

      @Chris Think you can get mark hamil to do some voice work for you?

    10. Missing avatar

      Lucas Smithbauer on

      Requesting carriers and perhaps even space stations managed by players. Could be cool. I've been playing Planetside 2 and I absolutely love how player driven it is. I wasn't sure if this was to be the goal or not, but in either case - I support this game!

    11. bleachorange on


      I'm not sue about the carrier, but there will be ships (think millennium falcon) where you can pilot and buddies can walk around or man the guns or vice versa. Watch the 58 minute video on YouTube, it'll tell you more.

    12. Missing avatar

      David on

      there is no game out, or in development that i want more. Are there going to be turret options for the space carrier? Like using the turrets to defend carrier from bombers? What about piloting/commanding the carrier?

    13. Missing avatar

      MichaelB on

      Thanks for providing a digital option.
      I was holding off on that because I could not find that on your site - and I still don't see it there.
      It may attract more people if you make receiving the physical items an option - not everyone wants to fork over more money for shipment.

    14. bleachorange on

      @ avi Thomas

      Apparently you will be able to disable individual thrusters for advanced maneuvers and re enable them later when the maneuver is complete.

    15. Missing avatar

      avi thomas on

      Will there be an option to turn off flight assists like what they did for Independence War?

    16. Tor-Eilif Hargaut on

      Fry; It's because it's looks cool, and because it can handle atmospheric flight, even though this will not be something we can do at launch.

    17. Greg K, of the ∞ on

      @bleachorange, thats exactly what I wanted to know, thanks

    18. bleachorange on

      Also, just got word from the developer, owning multiple ships is a YES (you can swap between them like in a garage is the plan) but they aren't yet sure on the number they can support per player.

    19. Missing avatar

      Fry on

      Ok, looks interesting enough for a pledge. Small technical niggle, though. Why would a space ship have what appear to be externally-mounted cooling fans? They wouldn't do much good in a vacuum.

    20. Missing avatar

      Michael Gunter on

      Sweet! Sorry for asking again then, but I didn't see it with a quick search. Would have thought a detail like that would (maybe "should?") have been mentioned in the pitch video. That merits a pledge boost :) Thanks for answering so quickly!

    21. bleachorange on


      Yes this was answered in comments on the site, Oculus Rift and multiple screens will be supported.

    22. bleachorange on

      Sweet! Freelancer was the best space combat/trade/sandbox sim I ever played, and I'm glad to see the concept resurrected from yesteryear. EVE's point and click didn't do it for me when I saw my room mate playing. Too dull.

      Here's to Chris and team, and Star Citizen!

    23. Missing avatar

      gorg_graggel on

      oculus rift is a positive :)

    24. Missing avatar

      Michael Gunter on

      Not sure if this was asked before, but are there plans to make Star Citizen compatible with the Oculus Rift? One look at the inside of the cockpit and my immediate thought was "I want this viewable in a VR headset!"

    25. Askger on

      Don't forget the upgrade option on the RSI site, I alone know 10 backers who want upgrade to the 125$ pledge :)

      Shut Up and Take Our Money! ;)

    26. Missing avatar

      DancingOmelette on

      The $5 backing reward for people who are already backing on the site was a great idea. I've backed through your site, but I donated more money than I have for any other kickstarter, simply because I'm so excited about what you guys are doing. I've had a dream in my head of the perfect space sim for years now, and from what I've seen you guys have pretty much the same picture in your heads, and you're actually making it. The footage you've shown is incredibly impressive. I hope this kickstarter gets ALL the money :)

    27. Seumas Froemke on

      I was a huge proponent of doing this via Kickstarter in the forums and I'm glad to see it was a success -- not even seeming to have lost steam due to the dual-fundraising efforts (which I thought would negatively impact it). I really hope this pans out for you. Hell, for all of us.

    28. Donik on

      Thanks for the update! Excited to see the specs on the ships!

    29. Igor Zinovev on

      Oh man, I feel dumb. For anyone else wondering about stretch goals, go to the RSI site:

    30. Papa_Dragon on

      Chris, except Reddit AMA, do you have any big interviews coming up?
      I just cant stop looking for any new piece of info about this project. :)

    31. Igor Zinovev on

      Is there something in that fancy book of yours about stretch goals? It's gotta be somewhere around the second part of the book.

      Seriously though, congratulations and good luck!

    32. Shepard on

      great news, thanks for update Chris!

    33. tarasis on

      Thank you Chris & team for listening to us and responding.